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1934 Listed in Century of Banking


1958 b&w and handcoloured photos by Alex Steel who says: "I coloured by hand with oil colours – a skill of the past!!!"



2005 November photo by Geoff Chapman

2019 January Greg Wood of Macksville wrote:  "the one on the right in the 2005 photo was originally the managers residence but is now rented out to a Government Services organisation. Dad’s roof is the small dark smudge to the right at the back of the photo.
Interestingly enough, Dad’s shop is a little old timber building dating from early 1900s I think. I am not sure which predated which but before the brick bank was built there was an attractive old residence on that site, I am not sure if it was the bank also, but anyway it was transported circa 1 kilometre along River Street to the East by bullock wagon and was used as a residence until about 2 years ago when it was cut in half, put on the back of a truck and moved out of town (to be replaced by a horrible building that looks like a big shoe box placed on a little shoe box – but that is my view of course). That house has had three different addresses – cannot happen often.
I may have some old postcards showing both the bank and Dad’s shop if you are interested. Dad has run an upholstery and camping business there since 1970 – he is now 85 and still works 5½ days a week. He will be carried out in a box.
We live in an old house 1921 in Macksville and Dad tells me that the builder of our house (BW Skinner – Builder of Kempsey and Macksville) also built your bank. It is a small world."







1888 Opened (80th Report); Business of Chatsworth branch transferred to it in 1888, and in
1892 business of Harwood transferred to it (Current Accounts July 1970)

1892 building was used as the branch until 1925.
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;

1923 photo of house purchased.

1925 Branch remodelled. Photo shows remodelled premises used from 1925 until 1967.This house was purchased in 1923 for $5,000, then remodelled in 1925 at cost of $6,000, by banking chamber, Manager's office etc being constructed on the front garden portion of the property. Existing house was then used as Manager's residence. Occupied as branch 1925 until 1967.
This placed the branch directly opposite Bank of NSW branch
Maclean branch after 1925 remodelling of 1923 property purchase, by branch premises being constructed on front garden portion of the home.  Remained as branch premises until 1967.  Photos from Maclean Historical Society.

1931 September 27 newspaper article:-
This structure no longer exists in Maclean's main street. Visitors referred to it as a building one would see in Alaska or the Yukon.
The new premises for the Commonwealth Bank are well advanced and will be occupied in a bout a week.
The building pictured here, was occupied by the Commercial Bank for many years, the manager residing above. Spacious stables were at the rear of the property.
The Maclean Municipal Council purchased the building when Ald. Stenhouse was Mayor. The frontage, regarded by some as in Tudor style and by others as just weird, was added in 1935.  The stables were used to store lumber and a few tools.
When the amalgamation of the local government councils was accomplished, the old shire hall became the centre of activities.
The Commonwealth Bank purchased the property.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking.
1945 Flood photo.
1950 flood photo in Current Accounts issue No. 1 December 1950 page 24.
1963 flood photo from July Current Accounts.  The caption reads "Drive-In Banking" and identifies then Manager, N.A. Irvine arriving during recent floods.

Further extensions were later made and in
1967 the branch was completely rebuilt.  Photo in Current Accounts July 1970.

1970 March photo in Current Accounts July edition of the staff:
        L to R back:  RS Boorman, GJ Border (manager), GR Causley
        L to R front: Miss H Cowling, PA Lindeman.

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