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91 Ford St & Hort St


Ganmain is 15Km west of Coolamon, 55km North West of Wagga Wagga, and 50km East of Narrandera. One of the richest agricultural and pastoral districts in the Riverina.
Extract and b&w photo from "The Settlers & Settlement of Ganmain", Lorna Gilmore 1992:
The Commercial Bank of Sydney was established in Ganmain in the building owned by Kelly and Lynam on 18 March 1910. The first manager was Mr W A Symington who was killed during World War 1.
By 1913 a new brick building was commenced in Ford Street opposite the Literary Institute and next to the new Post OFfice. The bank was constructed by Messrs Mitchell Bros of Cootamundra, with Mr Laver of Cootamundra the Architect and it consisted of eleven rooms.
Business increased and the need arose for a branch at Matong, which opened in 1919 and operated on Tuesdays and Fridays each week.
The bank continued to conduct business until 1943 when it was closed. The building became a private residence occupied by Mr and Mrs Noel Griffiths, until being occupied by New Zealand Loan and Mercantile.  It is currently occupied by Bruce Shepherd and Co as agent for Dalgety Winchcombe and incorporates their residence.
Staff have included W A Symington (1910), S B Crystal, Mr Robey (1911), Glen McLaren, Thompson Myers (1918), H De Barry (1919), R T Brown (1919), F H Stivens (1920), R Weedon (1921), Mr Clare, Mr C Headley (1922). M J Peach (1928), H T Adams (1929), J Alpen (1930), A S Bulkeley.

1910 Opened (124th Report);
1911 listed in 125th Report;
1913 CBCofS new building has local significance for its association with the regional architect E. R. Laver.
1919 operated agency at Matong.

1927 Inspector's Report: Ganmain

C.H. Headley, Manager. district. Intellligent.

N.T. Adams, Accountant and Teller. Medium penman, Not quick, not a good teller, but hard working and willing - in fact, slow Fair, but heavy presence.

F.G. Carpenter. Ledger Keeper. Fair to good penman. Ledgers neat and clean. Good manner and appearance. Of good promixe.

Office clean and neat.

Business adequate for staff, especially with Matong Agency, where Wales (having opened at Grong Grong where our Narrandera Branch held most business recently nearly opened also.

Town is making progress especially as regards good cottage residences.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking
1943 branch closed.
Known as the Sheaf Hay Centre of Australia, the region produces some of the finest chaff in the land by using harvesting methods that are centuries old. This is one of only a few places in Australia where the ancient crafts of stooking, sheaving, binding and hay-stack building are practiced.
2004 Coolamon Shire Council Heritage Inventory:
Statement of Significance
An interesting architect-designed example fo the single storey shop/residence style of small town buildings. Has continually housed significant institutions - commencing with the Commercial Bank. One of three substantial brick institutional buildings which contribute to the character of the east side of Ford Street. The building remains largely in its original condition.  The glass front door and awning are not original.
Physical Description
Freestanding single storey brick building in Federation style. Corrrugated iron roof. Prominent twin gables to street with roughcast render, pilasters, and Romanesque arches. Attached residence has twin timber columns supporting an extensive verandah.
Historical Notes
Originally built as an agency for the Commercial Banking Co of Sydney in 1913. Architect Mr Laver and built by Mitchell Bros, also of Cootamundra. The bank continued to conduct business until 1943 when it was closed. The building became a private residence occupied by Mr & Mrs Noel Griffiths until being occupied by New Zealand Loan and Mercantile.  It is currently occupied by Bruce Shepherd and Co, as stock and station business and residence.
The building is in fair condition with several pressing maintenance issues and one major structural problem. The structural problem is movement of the pier holding up the front corner of the verandah. This has rotated our and will continue to do so over time. Otherwise brickwork is in generally good

2008 GoogleEarth photo identified by Geoff Chapman and confirmed by a member of Ganmain Historical Society. 
Geoff emailed Coolamon Shire Council in September and received back from Liz Lawton, Cultural & Economic Officer, the above Extract, Heritage listing and photo, also advising that Bruce Shephard has passed away, and no business operates from there.  It is now a private residence occupied by Bruce's sidow, Jenny.



Germanton was apparently the original name of Holbrook. 
Bill Frost advised that the town name was changed to Holbrook due to anti-German feeling in the 1914-18 war.

1877 Opened (59th Report);

1893 January Listed in 89th Report

1911 listed in 125th Report.

Branch stamp in Sands' Gold Reckoner of 1864 from Germanton branch submitted by R G Wilmot.

Gerringong (receiving office of Berry) 1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1977 listed in Annual Report
Wellington Street

Geurie is on the Mitchell Highway between Wellington and Dubbo.
Located in Wellington Street Geurie (1 street to the west of the highway)  2 doors from the Police Station. A brick building with galvanised iron roof and with cast iron ornamentation.

1906 Opened (116th Report)
1911 listed in 125th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking when JWG Youll was manager.
1945 Alan Pitt thinks it closed then.
1959 Robert T Bryen Manager Tamworth used to talk of CBC Geurie as if Geurie was his hometown
1960s Bob Wilmot has advised Geoff Chapman:
When his father was Manager of Wellington branch in the 1960's, the Bank conducted the Receiving Office in the banking chamber of the old branch, which was leased from the then owner.
1977 listed in Annual Report as receiving office of Wellington.
1978 September Geurie not listed in CBC Pink List of Offices and Branches and Branch Agencies '032-150 (9/78) Branch Managers List'
2007 March photos by Kevin Ekerick.


1911 listed in 125th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking

1978 photo taken by J.B. Parker submitted by Ken Wood Jan 2011

1980 photo of CBC Bank premises and Manager's residence by Jenny Wood, Ken Wood's daughter.  Ashroc on states "I lived here with my family. 36 square residential living area, 2 stories. Old house next door was Mrs Hitchins. the old house is no longer there." 
Sourced by Geoff Chapman, who points out this photo is in CBC livery. whereas photo below by John Munro is as NAB, taken April 2006.
Girilambone 1970 Annual Report lists Girilambone Receiving Office of Nyngan.  Sourced by John Beer.
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