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1963 branch opened  by first Ulladulla Manager Mr Harold Lee after he opened Goodooga branch in July 1959.

1965 drawing from Current Accounts January issue .

1966 photo by Bill Morelli (converted to b&w).

2006 photo by Rowan Raymond-Jones

Ulmarra 6Km North of Grafton on the Clarence River, the town was an important river port in the late 1800's/early 1900's
Opened 1888 (81st Report);
closed 1889 (83rd Report)
Clarence River Historical Society advise that they have no record or information regarding Ulmarra branch
Receiving Office

1964 photo by Ian McAndrew who says: The Umina Receiving Office was operated daily from Woy Woy Branch, opened by RC (Russ) Henville (Manager) and WC (Bill) Morelli (2nd Officer). I was transferred from Muswellbrook to Woy Woy and became the Agency Officer (initially travelling unescorted by public bus to and from). The Agency operated from 10am to noon and consisted of one room attached to the shop (very basic).
West Street

1968 Branch opened. Manager - Ken Suttie, 2nd Officer - Warrick Hinson

1977 listed in Annual Report

2006 photo download from Spike's Woy Woy blog - "Now painted blue and called Pushy Galore. Night safe's still there but."
65 Wollongough St






1921 Opened 9th September in rented premises.  Photo from Current Accounts January 1973 and July 1961.

1925 Branch premises built.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking

1939 photos from the East and West angles taken 3rd March by C. Woolley and forwarded by Jane Woolley January 2013.

1941 flood photo from Jane Woolley who says "The one of the flood shows the bank building at the far right with waters nearly at the fence. In my grandfather’s hand on the reverse he has written ‘Ungarie March 1941’. 

The other is of my father & two younger siblings standing in front of the verandah at Ungarie.  It shows the verandah & windows & blinds in detail."

1958 photos of side and back attributed to Frank Chapman

I believe this is a photo of the residence, with the branch around the corner on the western side of the building. It was opposite the hotel which was on the northern side of the main street. 
Supplied by John Beer, who had worked at the branch on the southern side of the main street.

2008 GoogleEarth photo identified by Geoff Chapman and verified by local real estate agent.


2011 July David Jobson took this photo on one of his trips.

University of New England
Thomas Richmond Forster was born on 13 Jan 1862 in Richmond Melbourne Colony of Victoria, died on 11 May 1951 in Abington Creek NSW Australia at age 89, and was buried on 13 May 1951 in Armidale Cemetery Armidale NSW Australia. He was brought up in Sydney, attending The King's School in 1875-77, and entered the Commercial Banking Co. of Sydney which posted him to Armidale in 1887Upon marriage to Kate Sarah, the eldest daughter of F. R. White, Mr. White bought the 40,000-acre (16,000 ha) property, Abington, near Bundarra and settled it in trust on his daughter and son-in-law; Forster resigned from the bank and devoted himself to improving his property. By the 1920s the Forster family was the largest shareholder in The Armidale School; Thomas was a member of its board and was also a founder of Cranbrook School in Sydney. Forster insisted that the wealthy landed and professional classes should be prepared to pay heavily for the privilege of a private school education.
In 1936 Forster offered to buy Booloominbah from the trustees of the White estate and give it to the University of Sydney, if it would agree to establish a university college. The large home stood in 183 acres (74 ha) and was valued at £30,000. His offer rekindled the local movement which since 1924 had been campaigning for a university for Armidale. He remained the anonymous donor for much of the hectic eighteen months it required to obtain government and university support, but was a determined and significant figure in the negotiations, working closely with the local member and minister for education, D. H. Drummond. Once classes began in February 1938 Forster became a member of the Advisory Council and at its first meeting took the lead in pledging that the council members would have 'no sectarian or political bias or interests of any kind'.

2023 February Graham Short forwarded this photo of his first branch where he joined CBC on 29/1/1963.

University of Wollongong 1977 listed in Annual Report as receiving office of Wollongong.
Bridge Street Cnr Hill Street





1892 built as the Australian Joint Stock Bank;
1907 CBC opened (119th Report);
1911 listed in 125th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

1958 B&W corner view photo by Frank Chapman.

1982 calendar sketch of Uralla branch.

Side view photo © NRM design and text from

1995 c. NAB relocated to previous Westpac site in Uralla.
“Uralla moved into the old Westpac building in Uralla when Westpac closed, which would have been about 1995. I never actually worked there, but I have been inside. It was almost eerie going into a very typical Westpac (Bank NSW) branch with NAB signs all around! The old CBC building is still there, of course, used, as this says, as a private dwelling. I'm not sure whether the Bank bought the old Westpac building or they lease it.” Frank Maundrell. 

2005 colour photo by John Munro - John says the branch is now a private residence.
Originally the Australian Joint Stock Bank (1892) then the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney (1907) becoming the National Bank of Australia operating until 1995 when it became a private residence. This building is situated on the Cnr. of Hill & Bridge Sts. Note the water fountain just on the corner. It has been there for many years and is popular with the local kids on a hot summer's day.

2009 GoogleMaps photo of NAB at 35 Bridge Street (New England Highway sourced by John Beer.
(receiving office of Woodenbong)


1934 Listed in Century of Banking.
1977 listed in Annual Report

2005 November now a Post Office.  Photo by Geoff Chapman.

2010 June John Munro advised "Thought you might have been interested in these pix of the old Urbenville Premises. On the painted out sign protruding from the side of the building can be seen a faint image of the nab star with the two white strips. It is now a private residence."

2013 May Frank Maundrell advised: I had a look at the Urbenville record on the CBC website, mainly because I passed through there recently.  I believe the photo taken by John Munro is probably of the old NBA building.  CBC apparently had a Receiving Office there prior to merger, which may or may not have still been open in 1982.  It is more likely to have been conducted in the building dated as 2005 and recorded as "now a Post Office".  However, I do know that Chas. Rochow, now retired, was Manager of NBA Tenterfield at time of the merger and that he had earlier been Manager of NBA Urbenville, probably in the more substantial building photographed by John.



19490630 was 1st Report where it included “Urunga RO conducted from Bellingen Br” so it seems RO was conducted until converted to a branch. 

c.1972 Branch opened from Bellingen branch.  Premises were originally built and owned by Bellingen Council.

John Beer advised:
Urunga Manager John P Gibbs whose mother lived with John.
Ledgers were posted one day late which made it extremely difficult for Relieving Manager doing references.
1st weekend Relieving Manager was at Urunga he worked in the branch posting the manual ledgers, posting the statements on the statement machine, doing the call including the decimal book.
Relieving Manager made it very clear to Urunga staff that not one of Urunga staff must ever allow postings to ledgers to fall behind ever again.
19781003 Manager John R Bowden

19790521 2ic G C Want

19810123 Manager J A MacDonald, John Bowden transferred to Bangalow.

John Beer audited Urunga while J A MacDonald was Manager
19811001 CBC merged with NBA.  nab closed Urunga branch in nab’s policy of closing branches

2009 May GoogleMaps photo of 15 Bowra Street sourced by John Beer.

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