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1902 CBC Bank opened their Pambula branch in a room in
Thomas Brothers Federal Stores. Contractor Joe Keorber constructed the
building which the bank then rented in 1903.
1911 the Bank purchased the premises from the Estate of the owner (Mr Doherty)
1921 Further additions were added.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

1962 photo by Bill Morelli.

1970 photo by Lindsay Huxley.

1977 listed in Annual Report as sub-branch managed by L. Huxley.
1985 the bank, by then NAB, moved to new premises and the building was sold says Geoff Chapman.
2006 photo by Rowan Raymond-Jones

2008 Two photos by Jim Skinner who says: "My father used to run the agency at Pambula from Bega back in the 1940's as the full branch had been closed during the war with just the agency being maintained. (I think it may have been monthly). I can remember the interior quite well and the wonderful (for a small boy) pile of rubbish at the end of the back yard with old kettles, saucepans, etc. Yesterday (17/4/08), locals were quick to tell me about "the big strong room" but other bank style fittings appear to have been removed to provide an open area for tables - inside is certainly better maintained than it used to be. The front is now set up as a restaurant with living quarters behind and to the side. Unfortunately the restaurant was closed and we were told that the owner feels she is now too old to run it. "
55-57 Menangle Street



1873 Opened (51st Report);
Branch opened on 1/12/1873 with a safe that came from Hill End
(It could be assumed that the safe came from the recently closed
Tambaroora branch - 3km from Hill End) The first Manager was C H Barton, grandfather of Banjo Patterson.  Notes from Geoff Chapman.
Sepia photo on the cover of the CBC Australian Folksong Guide. See under 'Memorabilia' for more details.
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;

1934 Listed in Century of Banking


1960 photo by Terry Burgess.

1960 slide photo by Bill Morelli.

2009 July Google image of 230 Clarinda Street Parkes, unchanged since its CBC days, sourced by Geoff Chapman.

#1 18 King Street





1800s the area was settled in the early 1800s because it was accessible via water

Extracts from NSW Heritage Register sourced by Geoff Chapman:
This building is historically significant as it has stood for over 175 years with the use of the building changing to suit the needs of the town.  It was built as a residence for Dr Nind who was a surgeon stationed at Paterson to attend to the convict gangs working in the area.
1853 a Mr W M Read purchased the property from Dr Nind and kept a wine and spirit store until his return to England in 1858.
1858 to 1864 E W Long used the premises as an inn.
1865 to 1866 The premises were used as The Royal Oak Hotel.  It continued in use as a hotel up until 1876.
From 1882 to 1902 The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited used the premises as a branch, until in 1902, it moved to new purpose built premises across the road.

1893 Listed in 89th Report January

2016 Google picture provided by Geoff Chapman.






#2 19 King Street











1897 This is a Mansfield branch constructed between 1897 and 1902.
1902 July photo nearing completion.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

1978 Listed on CBC Branch Managers List 032-150 (9/78) but not on list dated 4/79.
1978/9 CBC Paterson Sub-Branch closed
c1997 photo by Ian Holston
1999 local builder, Kevin Hawtin, and his wife, Moira chanced on an ad offering the building. It was, by then, a home.

2003 as a restaurant.
Heritage Listed

2005 The Hawtins finished restoring the building after works:-
- two workmen spent three months with steel wool and solvents reclaiming the wooden staircase from generations of stain and varnish.
- Ceilings are patterned pressed metal, so exquisitely restored and painted that the small squares of the design look like ceramic tiles, white with a terracotta motif under a lustrous glaze.
2005 it is the CBC Bed and Breakfast and Café - it's a good restoration of high-ceilinged rooms, trimmed with warm joinery of Australian cedar and American redwood, and floors of pale kauri pine. The rooms, all with good-sized bathrooms, are big, banking chamber in 2005 is a cafe.

Photo from review of current use as B&B in Sun-Herald 28/8/2005
Click here for SMH review of B&B Dec 2005 in Word.doc format - scored 18/20

Peak Hill
1909 Cnr Caswell & Dugga Streets

1923 88 or 92 Caswell Street






1909 in 1928 as CBA





2007 ANZ

1909 in 2008

1923 in 2008


Peak HIll is on the Newell Highway, 65km from Dubbo, 384 / 442 km west of Sydney, 754 km north if Melbourne, 926km south of Brisbane, 1097km from Adelaide and 362km from Canberra. 22 km north of the famous Parkes Radio Telescope; 65 km south of the highly rated Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo.; 25 km west of the newly established Goobang National Park.  Historic goldmining town and prime sheep country in the wheat belt of central-west New South Wales.

1835 Thomas Mitchell had explored the Bogan River and the first squatters began grazing and cropping
1853 Australian Joint Stock Bank began in Sydney and was active in gold buying
1889 Peak Hill saw the discovery of gold.
The Evening News (Sydney, 9 June 1890, page7) states "The Australian Joint Stock Bank opened a branch here on May 27 under the management of Mr. Tempest, of Parkes." It can be noted that Mr Tempest must have run the branch for a few weeks from Parkes before W T Ousby actual arrived in Peak Hill from Orange due to the dates of the 2 newspaper articles. ( 9 June 1890 and 21 June 1890 respectively).
The Australian Town and Country Journal (Saturday 21 June 1890 page 16) states "Mr. William Ousby, accountant in the A.J.S. Bank, Orange, has been promoted to the managership at Peak Hill".
Thus W T Ousby is actually the first Manager at Peak Hill itself.  Advised by Gerald Barns, grandson of WT Ousby in November 2019.
1890 July 5 Union Bank of Australia opened under management of Albert Nash.
1891 AJS Bank was brick building.
1891 February 9 Union Bank purchased building site for 140 pounds
1894 March 19 AJS Bank closed following resignation of the manager, W.T. Ousley on 18th January.
Gerald Barns wrote: I have a letter to W T Ousby from the AJS bank General Manager when he resigned in 1894. It states in part "On 10th Feby. 1891 you were appointed to the Management of the Peak Hill Branch where you remained until your resignation on 18th inst." (27 Jan 1894 letter at left). I am a grandson of W T Ousby (William Thomas Ousby).
1894 July 25 decision was made to close Union Bank and it closed on August 31
1901 August 14 Bank of Australasia (BOA) opened "to prevent BOA being forestalled by CBCofS as BOA was at Narromine"
1906 December authorisation was given for the purchase for 460 pounds the brick building occupied by BOA
1909 October CBCofS opened in premises SE corner of Caswell & Dugga Streets previously occupied by Gibson Bros store later the home of Mrs. Mary Stain (about 107 Caswell St)
1910 AJS Bank became Australian Bank of Commerce Ltd.  Formerly Erkson's shop
1910 photo from State Library of NSW.  Inscription on back of photo reads: [sic] "Commercial Bank Peak Hill. Mr Jackson, Mr Sheridan, Mr Elkington and Mr Hopkins on veranda 1910".  SE Corner of Caswell & Duggan St (about 107 Caswell St)
1918 Australian Bank of Commerce absorbed City Bank of Sydney
1923 CBCofS erected substantial brick premises at about 88 or 92 Caswell Street (half way between Australia Post and 108 Caswell St). Satellite image shows a building that could be CBCofS image previously shown previously claimed to be Commercial Bank Parramatta which it is not but same image claims it to be CBCofS Peak Hill in  "A History of Peak Hill & District" book from John Beer.
1928 August 28 Commercial Bank of Aust opened in premises rented from Mr Harvey Cnr Caswell & Dugga Sts (?About 107 Caswell St?)
1929 January 23 Wales opened in premises rented from Mrs M J Doyle adjoining later Westpac building
1931 Australian Bank of Commerce amalgamated with Bank of NSW
1934 Bank of New South Wales bought land
1934 Listed in CBCofS Century of Banking.
1935 mid year Wales brick building to design of Peddle Thorp & Walker completed
1939/45 war rationalisation of banking saw CBCofS close Peak Hill branch.
1942 September 7 Wales closed with business transferred to Parkes
1942 September 28 CBCofS Peak Hill closed and business transferred to Parkes.  Bill Frost advises that it was closed during World War II as a rationalisation of banking war measure and not reopened.
1942 October Commercial Bank of Australia purchased CBC of S premises next to newsagency for 3055 pounds (about 90 Caswell St), about half way between PO & Bank of NSWales) page 223 of book "A History of Peak Hill & District"
1946 November 25 Bank of NSWales re-opened (?110 Caswell St?)
1951 The Bank of Australasia merges with the Union Bank of Australia to form ANZ Bank
1982 October 1 Commercial Bank of Australia merged with Bank of New South Wales when Peak Hill became a branch of Westpac.
1984 August 10 ex-Commercial Bank of Australia unified with former Wales branch at (?110?) 107 Caswell St. 
2007 December White Pages Search revealed Westpac 110 Caswell Street Peak Hill (on the western side of Caswell St).
2007 December ANZ location search by John Beer showed no ANZ services at Peak Hill.  108 Caswell Street seems to have been ANZ Bank, sold in July 2007.

2008 Peak Hill photos of both the 1909 and 1923 branches from GoogleEarth identified by Geoff Chapman.

2009 August
David Jobson provided 3 photos and advised: we came through Peak Hill last weekend and took these pics of Peak Hill branch.The building now belong to an Aboriginal Liaison group and is also the local Centrelink Office. The group purchased the building a few years after the branch closed in the mid seventies. It needs some money spent on it but is in reasonable condition. The upstairs residence is closed off and not used. The strongroom had staff names on the back as per tradition when sold, but have since been painted over.


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