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Lot 219, Darby's Road
(receiving office of Gunning)
Dalton is 11Km N/W of Gunning.
1923 Dalton Hall was built
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1977 listed in Annual Report
c.1930s to 1980s Gunning CBCofS conducted receiving office in Dalton Hall including 1972. 
 when John Beer relieved Mr Clement Manager Gunning.  It is assumed there was good business in this area to warrant CBCofS having conducted Dalton receiving office for so long
John Beer conducted Receiving Office at Dalton Hall.

Photo by Harold Wood.

DaysdaleDaysdale is 41Km North of Corowa.
1890 Opened 19th January (84th Report);
1893 listed in 89th Report January;
List of Managers:1890/96 - J.W. Nicholas
                         1896/98 - H.W.Hogg

1898 closed 13th May (100th Report) and business transferred to Corowa.
1920 June 21st Top photo of NBA.
1990s photo of same building.
1928 August NBA Receiving Office of Oaklands photographed 15/2/1991 in lower two pictures;

1942 NBA closed 27th April.
1942 CBC opened again 1st May as a receiving office of Oaklands in one of these buildings.
1943 January closed.

Photos from David Jobson, who comments: When I was researching all this stuff in 1992, I spent some time in Daysdale (pop.50) one afternoon seeing if any of the older people could remember the banks. A couple could, along with the set of small shops next to them in the "complex". That complex is ant ridden and will go one day soon I think. There is a pub up on the corner but the local school has recently closed.
That original NBA branch is in good nick and still occupied. There were no visible signs of anything CBC. It's a fair bet CBC was in that shop complex, maybe next door as the NBA signage is still on their spot.





1885 Opened (74th Report);
1893 listed in 89th Report January;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

1954/5 photo by John Munro who advises:  Jerry Artis was Manager then Tom Baker, 2nd Officer was Fin Lewis & later Rex Gardiner.  I was ledger keeper/junior and general dogsbody.
1957 photo by Terry Burgess.

1968 Philip Reed advised in Jan 2009:  "
In 1968 Allan Weigal was the Manager Noel Kendal was the 2nd Officer/ (Keith Sykes took over as 2nd officer November 1968) Barbara Callaughan was ledger keeper I was junior (My first year in the bank, 1968 was a great year in Delegate my home town)".
2007 photo by Greg Crotty who says:
"I was not an employee of CBC but a very loyal client at Delegate branch as was all my family.  Both my brother & sister worked for them for many years! The Delegate building which is now a Credit Union and the residence a Rural Transaction Centre" .
2011 May P.B. Kime supplied photo of CBC branch and residence taken 3 years ago and says "Delegate Community Centre operating in front (original branch), whilst the rear leased out to family as residence".
2016 August  photo from John Munro, who says: This is an up to date pix of the old Delegate Branch – now apparently a Gallery – the sign says “Borderline Gallery”  - it looks  quite smart.

2022 February updated photo from Greg Crotty.

Delungra is 29Km East of Warialda, and 33Km West of Inverell

Opened 1908 (120th Report);
closed 1909 (122nd Report)

2008 photos by David Jobson who says: "Nice little building, pity that the front entrance has been marred by the installation of the dreaded aluminium doors.  I forgot to mention that the branch is unconfirmed however there's hardly anything in Delungra let alone any other building that could've been a bank, any bank.
I'd bet my Officer's Fidelity Fund contributions on it!  I wonder what happened to that fund anyway?"
2008 November: Sorry to disappoint however the premises was built for the City Bank of Sydney 1912. This bank was absorbed into the Australian Bank of Commerce c 1918 and then Bank of NSW 1932. This was the only stand alone bank building in Delungra.
I have made an extensive search of the history of this bank premises since I bought the building in 1994.
From some research notes of the history of Delungra the CBC of Sydney only operated as an agency of the Inverell branch for a short period in the time frame you suggest. I am not aware of any photos of the premises.  My wife worked at the CBC Sydney branch at Inverell late 1950's to 1962.
Best wishes with your research.  Peter McCarthy  Delungra

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