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Fairy Meadow 2007 August: Tony Paterson says: I was Accountant there from 1977-1980. I may have an old photo of the shopfront office which I will try & locate if required.  It was affectionately known as “Pixie Pastures”. The Managers during my time were Dennis Malligan & Barrie Bamford.
Federal is a village north of Lismore.

Branch established 1909 (123rd Report).

1898 Federal Protestant Hall (Built 1898) was used one day a week (period unknown)  "to conduct banking business". 
1914 photo by C Dunstan, resident.

2007 Geoff Chapman advises: I have spoken to an aged lifelong resident of Federal.
When asked about banks in the town, she replied without prompting that;
"The Commercial Bank purchased a block of land opposite my parents business and home, in which I now live, but a building was never constructed"
The site now contains the village tennis court and park


1894 circular

Opened 1881 (68th Report);
1882 opened and closed in 1897. Branch then opened in Bellingen 6Km away (Current Accounts July 1968.
Branch opened in 1882. at which time it was the only bank branch between Kempsey and Grafton.  It operated from premises leased for $100 pa. On the Bank agreeing to raise the rent to $130 p.a. the landlord agreed to extend the yard and erect a good stable, buggy house and wash house.  The Bank also bought an allotment in Fernmount, but this was sold following closure of the branch.

1885 Inscription on headstone on Fernmount Cemetery seen by John Beer reads:-

“In affectionate memory of a loving husband and father.
George Alexander Simpson ROCHE Late Manager of the Commercial Bank, Fernmount.  
Called home 25-12-1885 Aged 26 years & 5 months.
‘until the day breaketh the shadows flee away’

1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1894 March 15 Circular No. 34 advised Bowraville branch closed with business transferred to Fernmount branch.
1896 closure advice (98th Report).
The Branch closed on 17/5/1897 at which time the business, and Manager, G B Mosman, were transferred to the new Bellingen branch.
Information of Bellingen and Fernmount branches sourced from Bellinger Valley Historical Society, which included newspaper article written by R M Hawke, then Bellingen Branch Manager.  Information and greyscale photo supplied by Geoff Chapman.
2008  December Geoff Chapman advised: "I visited Fernmount and spoke to a long term resident and obtained some basic information She advised that only police residence remains of the 1800's buildings. She was confident that the local historical society will be able to provide information when responding to my request to them for info and/or photos"
2009 March Geoff Chapman, who provided two GoogleEarth photos reports: "I visited Fernmount last November and after making contact with a local resident, was directed to this side of Waterfall Way, but she doubted if any buildings from the 1800's survived except the Police Station. At that time I suspected that this building could have been the branch, as now confirmed by local Historical Society"



Finley is on the Riverina Highway 61Km East of Deniliquin

1878 Deniliquin or Jerilderie was where people banked before 1897 July 30 when CBC opened;

Opened 1897 (99th Report)

1898 January CBC moved into new premises;

1901 February 11 CBC closed during severe drought;

1909 December 13 NBA opened;

c1910 photo of Finley township

Picture Australia, thru the State Library of Victoria hold an early but undated 'photo of the Union Bank, Finley branch
Located under search of "Bank Finley".

1911 CBC reopened in original premises;

1913 premises used by CBC were incorporated into Albion Hotel building;

1914 CBC closed during drought.

The information was obtained by John Beer when doing audit of ex NBA Finley about 1984 during which he saw the CBC section within Albion Hotel.
1915 The Sun Sydney 15/1/1915 half-yearly meeting advised: ".. the branches at Finley, Morven, and Tarcutta have been closed".
1922 Geoff Chapman thinks this 1922 photo is of the Albion Hotel Finley into which Finley branch premises were incorporated in 1913.  Photo is held by NSW State Library.

71 Lachlan Street



2004 JS

2004 JT



1862 Branch opened (28th Report);
1874 Opened (51st Report);
1884 Lachlan Street branch was built.
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

1981 photo by M. Bourke from Department of the Environment & Water sourced by Geoff Chapman, who notes how it was painted in CBC livery at that time.
2004 photos by Jim Skinner

Bill Frost advises: There is said to be a tunnel leading from the Albion Hotel to these premises and to Westpac for transferring the gold to the Gold Escort coach. The tunnel is accessible from the cellars of the hotel and is a tourist attraction.
John Beer advises:
In the main street of Forbes, the Albion is a sprawling hotel with all the florid ornamentation typical of the Victorian Era, now handsomely restored to life. In the basement of the hotel, a unique feature is the remains of the tunnel system that once connected the hotel, which also served as the local Cobb & Co office, with the town's banks. Gold would be transported through the tunnels rather than above ground to foil the local bushrangers.
The cellar also houses the "Bushrangers Hall of Fame",  which tells the fascinating tale of such notorious locals as Ben Hall.
( Gebicki Michael, Travelling Thirst Class, The Sun-Herald, March 12, 2000, p.94.)
2004 photo by John Turner
2005 Michael Watts advises: The Branch was established during the gold rush days, about 1838 I think, when bushrangers were prevalent (Ben Hall is buried in the local cemetery). Near the staff room at the rear of the Banking Chamber is a trapdoor and ladder descending to a former tunnel entrance. The tunnel extended about a quarter of a km under the street and exited at the Albion Hotel. In those days the tunnel was used to take the Gold from the Branch to the Hotel, where it was collected by a Cobb & Co coach and I suppose transported to the nearest Gold Centre.
A tower on top of the Albion Hotel (still there) enabled a lookout to advise the Branch when the coach was approaching. The end of the tunnel and room where any transaction took place, has now been set up as a tourist attraction at the Hotel.

Australian Government Heritage Statement of Significance: Forbes' CBC Bank is architecturally significant on account of its fine Victorian Free Classical styling. (Criterion F.1)
The building, which dates from 1884, helps to reflect the development of the town into a prosperous rural centre in the late nineteenth century. (Criterion A.4)
With its size, styling and corner site (and location opposite the notable ANZ Bank), the building is an important element in the streetscape of Forbes. (Criterion E.1)
Description: The CBC Bank building on the corner of Lachlan and Spring Streets is built in Victorian Free Classical style, represents an important element in the Forbes streetscape (being opposite the Italianate style ANZ Bank), and helps to reflect Forbes' development into a prosperous rural centre during the latter part of the nineteenth century. The bank was constructed in 1884 to the design of architects, Mansfield Brothers. Of two storeys, the bank is constructed of stuccoed brick. There is a projecting entrance porch on the ground floor, decorated with rusticated stucco and impost trim; the entrance is arched. This projecting porch is continued in the upper floor where it terminates in a pediment. The building has a verandah to both floors which has iron lace balustrading to both floors. Clad with tiles is the hipped roof whose eaves are supported by paired brackets. The chimneys are corniced and have rounded tops. Windows to the ground floor are round arched and have keystone, impost and label mould trim; on the upper floor facade are French doors.

The Forbes Family History Group (at has in its library:
CBC Bank Signatures 1879 - October 1914 and
CBC Bank Signatures June 1949 - June 1955

2019 July photos of branch and plaque by Fred Harvison.

Forster Tower, Wallis Street

Pictured is the position in the larger photo of where branch used to be. Submitted by Geoff Chapman 2006 who says "Photo of the site of CBC Forster NSW, located in Forster Tower, a commercial/residential development. The Branch was located in the shopfront in the bottom right hand corner of the 'photo (Now Video Ezy)." Following unification, CBC business was transferred to ex-NBA Branch in Beach Street.

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