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176 River Street


early photo



1883 Opened (71st Report);

1893 January Listed in 89th Report;

1893-1924 advice from Geoff Chapman Nov 2015:
No information is known of buildings occupied from 1883 to 1924 when the building of the corner of River and Moon Streets was constructed.  

It was designed by local architect F J Boards and cost $8,000 to construct.  The building was sold by nab in 1991

1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

1949 photo from NAB archives 2008 wrongly attributed as National Bank of Australasia.

1991 Building on the corner of River and Moon Streets sold by NAB.

2006 photo by David Jobson's brother Wal.

2010 November for auction in December by McGraths who advise: The impressive two storey brick building is zoned c1 Business and commands a strategic Ballina cbd position. It has been carefully restored and renovated and is home to several elite offices with McGrath Estate agents as anchor tenant.

  1. Six air conditioned suites, various sizes totalling 404sqm
  2. All suites tenanted giving a total net income of $136,991pa
  3. Quality historical real estate with excellent rental returns
  4. Highly visible position on corner of Moon and River Streets
  5. Renovation includes painting, new carpet, computer cabling
  6. Built for cbc Bank c1910, current owner purchased 1991
  7. Bank history is evident with original vault still in use
  8. Solid cedar central staircase, ornate pressed metal ceilings
  9. Level 920.6sqm site, rear lane access, backs on riverside park
  10. At the rear is parking for 15 cars, six under cover

Information sourced by Ian Cook  Click here for .pdf of floorplan.

2010 December Geoff Chapman advised: The ex-CBC Ballina branch was submitted for sale by auction on 16/12/2010.  The rentals in respect of the property are in excess of $130,000 p.a.
The only bid received was a vendor bid of $1.6m, on which the property was passed in.


20 Byron Street





Bangalow was known as Byron Creek until 1907 when the name changed to Bangalow.

1904 CBCofS branch opened (112th Report);

1904-1911 First Bangalow branch 1904-1911

Photo of the original Bangalow premises of the CBC bank. Geoff Chapman sourced from Bangalow Historical Society Museum
It was purpose built for Matthew Guy of Lismore and leased to CBC Bank

1906 CBCofS Bank purchased the building.

1907 fire damaged the building and the façade was altered.

1909 bank fire photo. Geoff Chapman sourced from Bangalow Historical Society Museum.                                          

1911 Another fire on 8/8/1911 destroyed it completely. Premises destroyed by fire (19660701 Current Accounts)

1912 New premises built on the opposite side of the street - see 1946 photo.

19341101 Listed in Century of Banking.

1946 photograph by Frank Chapman

Branch address from Canberra Times ad 21/6/1982

2009 February seven photos by Frank Maundrell. Frank advised "The old banking chamber and office space is used by a retail clothing business, known as 'Design Bank', which seems quite appropriate!  Professional offices occupy the old residence.  It was good to see the old building maintained in first class order, with the outer facade much as it would have always been."   


2017 0710 Monday 14:11 nab “find us” enquiry revealed no nab service at Bangalow


2019 July Ian Holston said: A couple of photos of Bangalow Branch, Now a flower shop.
Apparently these are actually photos of Bank of NSW Bangalow.


Cnr. Lachlan & Darling Streets





1914 Opened in  temporary premises.
1919 Towards the end of the year it moved to the site occupied to the present day (from Current Accounts July 1962).
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

Photo of Baradine branch in the early 70's.

1982 b&w photo from Group News.
The black and white picture was probably taken about the time I took up my first managerial appointment there. Probably taken by Tiffy Rossier? from premises, interesting sidelight, there were to be some renovations to be done, particularly the laundry, the day I and my family arrived, with a 5 week old baby the local handyman decided to rip out the laundry tubs etc, great timing as the replacement tubs were held up at Dubbo for 3 weeks due to a rail strike. Notes by Warwick Laing

Branch address from Canberra Times ad 21/6/1982

2009 April David Jobson went on a trip and advises that he also had a look at Baradine which is in very good condition including the residence, which is seen clearly in this photo.

2011 October John Munro advised: "I am attaching a few pix of exCBC buildings I found on a recent visit to Lightning Ridge through Baradine."

2012 photo supplied by Phil Pitkin who said "These photos were taken in May 2012 by a good friend who was out there".  Note the solar panels on the roof.


Barellan is 44Km North of Leeton and 52Km East of Griffith.  Hometown of Yvonne Goolagong

1927 Inspector's Report: Barellan
H.R. Braine, Manager. Capable, Has common sense. Deservedly popular. A coming Manager.
C, Butcher, Accountant. Vice manner and appearance. Compet­ent and willing. Fair penman. The makings of a towns­man.
R.H.S. Cavan, Ledger Keeper, Good penman and ledger keeper. Willing and obliging. Tall and of good physique.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking
Photo by Charles Bastany.

2015 October photos supplied by Jan Woolley who remarks: It’s just another more recent photo of the building.  Seems to be a private residence or flats.  Above the doorway are the remains of where the signage of the bank’s name was removed.  In fact that’s how I identified the building as being CBC, before looking at it on the website later!

 1978-79 Branch Agency of Picton where Manager was N T Frost on Branch Managers List as at 1979 Apr, 1978 September.
1979-81 Branch Agency of Tahmoor where Manager was KM Lee on Branch Managers List as at 1981 Sep, 1980 Sep, Apr, 1979 September.

1982 Bargo is not listed in List of Senior Staff as at March 31, or 1984 March 31, Sep 30; 1983 Jan 1.
1984 December 21 NSW & ACT Circular 497 Bargo Agency (parent branch Tahmoor) Mon & Wed 10-11am, Wed 14:15-15:15

2008 February: Ron Armstrong identified Bargo as a point of representation (he used to clean it in 1976-7), and John Beer provided the details.  He says: "I do not recall having worked at Picton or Tahmoor.  Closest I got was 1989 Moss Vale, Robertson and 1969 Camden when Roy Brown was Manager and Bill Green was Accountant and this lady referred to them as Mr Black and Mr White."

Queen Street



Barmedman is in the western goldfields, 36Km North of Temora and 32Kms south-east of West Wyalong.
Colour photo is of Barmedman district.

1910 photo from State Library of NSW.
1927 built.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.
Kevin Meyer says "We did have a Branch there back in the thirties-it had gone when I joined in1942. I don't think any of those buildings in the photo are CBC. I have been there some years ago and think I identified it further along the street."

Westpac closed at 75 Queen St Barmedman where there is a fireproof strongroom with combination lock. It has not been identified whether Bank of NSW acquired the building that was occupied by CBCofS prior to closure during WWII. This property can be viewed at
1935 John Searle joined the bank at Barmedman. He arrived to start on 11th December, but had to wait until 12th December as Richard Denzel Stafford was the only one at the branch.
  He photographed it in 1981.
1938 Joe Elliott joined at Barmedman 3 years after John Searle. 
Mr E R Williams also joined the bank there
(from {Current Accounts 1976 Jan Pg 7)
Bill Frost advises that it was closed during 1939/45 war as rationalisation of banking war measure and not reopened.
John Lamb's family Clyde etc. used to come from Quandialla to Barmedman Mineral Swimming Pool at weekends and used to enjoy a beer or two at the pub in Barmedman.  John Beer has also taken the waters.

1981 photo by John Searle. 
John advises that the Barmedman branch is a substantial brick building that is still standing.
2007 Joe Elliott is retired and living at RSL Retirement Village, Galston.
2012 March for sale at $280,000 through (see also For Sale) ; advised by Geoff Chapman.
82 Queen Street from 1876

Barraba Victoria Hotel-2+ by cindytoo.


Opened 1876 (57th Report);
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
originally at 82 Queen Street Barraba
now Victoria Hotel from 1899
1909 2nd storey added to hotel .
The Victoria Hotel (82 Queen Street) is one of the oldest buildings in Barraba. It was originally a single storey brick construction. Although built with the intention of being a hotel, for reasons lost to history it was first used very differently. Leased to The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited the building was used as a bank until 1898 when the bank built their own premises. 2nd floor was later added to the building.   Notes from Geoff Chapman.
Mr. W.C. McKay was cruelly murdered at the branch on 18/4/1894.  At the time the manager was having lunch with his wife and six children in the dining room. Hearing a noise he entered the banking section to find two masked men. Ordered to bail up he refused and made a break for the dining room. Prevented by a gunshot he grappled with one of the culprits for the gun, in the course of which he was shot in the head. Manager died. When his wife screamed the robbers fired two shots through the door leading into the dining room.
The bullet holes can still be seen in the door that divides the lounge and bar of the hotel. Photo: ABC New England NorthWest NSW.
The culprits, Messrs Lee and Cummins, were caught and hanged. The Board awarded his wife a pension of 100 p.a. for 15 years and 20 to each of her five children.
1899 The building became the Victoria Hotel.

2008 photo of Victoria Hotel on flickr by cindytoo.
2018 photo of historical plaque at 129 Queen Street by Fred Harvison
129 Queen Street from 1899




1899 premises relocated to 129 Queen Street.

Story from John Beer who has been to the Victoria Hotel and seen the bullet holes in the door which from memory was on the left hand side as you entered the ground floor, and the holes were around about chest height from the floor.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking

1952 photo by Ken Wood on

Branch address from Canberra Times ad 21/6/1982
2006 April photo by John Munro. 


2018 photos by Fred Harvison

Barrington Barrington is a village about 12Km West of Gloucester.
Opened 1878 (61st Report)
Barringun 128Km North of Bourke and 119 South of Cunnamulla, the town straddled the NSW/Qld border.  There is now little evidence of the past village on the Queensland side of the border.
A small town on the Queensland border, 144Km north of Bourke (Current Accounts July 1968)

Opened 1883 (71st Report)
Closed 1885 (75th Report)

1895 - Destructive Fire at Barringun.
Damage £6,000. Early on August 1st, the Royal Mail Hotel and Messrs. R. Hymann and Co.'s Commercial Stores with outbuildings were completely destroyed. The fire originated in one of the hotel bedrooms......Total cost estimated to be between five and six thousand pounds. The Royal Mail Hotel was the property of the Commercial Bank as mortagees for the Trustees of the late Mr P. Green's estate, and was insured for £1,000. Mr T. Dierke was the licensee. Messrs. Hymann and Co. did a large business, and notwithstanding any insurance that may be affected, they would have been considerable losers. (Western Herald and Darling River Advocate, Aug. 3, 1895.)

"When involved in an audit of CBC Bourke Branch about 1970 John Beer came across a file where Bourke recommended about 1940 selling about half an acre of land in a village north of Bourke where CBC had bought in case a building was erected for a branch there.
I had recommended this file go to Archives.  I now have a gut feeling this was most likely Barringun."
John Beer

Bateman's Bay

Cnr. Orient & Church Streets




Batemans Bay is at the mouth of the Clyde River
282km south of Sydney; 147km east of Canberra
787 km north of Melbourne; 1974 Population 3,500.

1770 named after Captain Bateman of the "Northumberland" by Captain Cook as he passed by before sailing to Botany Bay.
1974 photo and report by Accountant D I Walker.
(from Current Accounts January 1975 pages 9-11) Manager was RW Spruce.
Branch address from Canberra Times ad 21/6/1982
1983 photo as NAB from NAB archives.

2006 photo by R Raymond-Jones

2007 photo by Geoff Chapman. This double shopfront was Batemans Bay first Branch.
Managers while it was in that location were 1. Alf Irvine 2. Bill Morelli 3. Bob Spruce.

105 William Street





1835 Bathurst Bank established.
1840 dissolution of Bathurst Bank - business taken over by Union Bank.
1851 Union Bank built
1862 (28th Report) Branch opened, taking over business and premises of the Union Bank.

Opened 29/4/1862, taking over the business and premises  of the Union Bank (built 1851). First Manager was John Busby who had been Manager of Union Bank's Orange branch. The Union Bank had previously taken over the business of Bathurst Bank (established 1835) on dissolution of that Bank in 1840.

1870-75 era  photo (from Holterman Collection - State Library of NSW) when branch was in ex-Union Bank premises. Notes courtesy Geoff Chapman.

1893 January Listed in 89th Report;

Peter Brown from Canberra wrote in April 2016 "I had a great-aunt employed with CBC between 1918 and about 1950.  Her name was Laura Jessie Brown.  (Actually, several in the family were in the Bank. My grandfather William Alexander Brown was a branch manager, as was his brother Robert Temple Brown.  Laura was their sister.)
There are 3 photos, front-on, at an angle & staff in a snow-fight scene of the Bathurst branch in 1918. The 3rd is very low quality, I'm afraid."

1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

1963 photo by Kevin Greenaway.
1982 Branch address from Canberra Times ad 21 June
2005 photo by John Ness.

Beckom to Byron Bay Click here for continuation.


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