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East Gosford2012 December Kevin Ryan forwarded this photo taken when he was working at Gosford branch.
East Gresford


1914 Gresford opened 10th March (Current Accounts July 1961)

1934 Listed in Century of Banking as Gresford.


1960 new branch known as East Gresford built.

1961 sketch in Current Accounts January. Another in July 1961 p27.

2007 photos of the Left Bank Bed & Breakfast by Ron Armstrong.  Branch and residence.

2013 John Munro sent in three photos: 1. East Gresford Branch, 2. For sale notice May 2013 and 3. East Gresford residence, all sold.

East Maitland
Lawes Street



1980 photo supplied by Ron Armstrong, who stated that it is still operating as a retail branch.

2021 photo of East Maitland railway station by Bob Handel.

Eden Branch opened 1860 (24th Report)
Receiving Office of Weethalle

Erigolia is ¾ of the way from Weethalle to Rankins Springs.  Southwest of Erigolia is Carrathool township where the bank did have a branch c.1888.

19270630 & 19280630 Erigolia listed in Annual Report

19290630 Erigolia listed in Annual Report

1930 & 19310630 Erigolia listed in Annual Report

2016 May David Jobson wrote:- “My father was a teacher in Erigolia from 1927 to 1930 and  used to board with a family in Rankins Springs, the Luelffs.  Erigolia was where he and my mother first met as mum had come up from Sydney to work in a local store."
2018 August David Jobson wrote: "BTW my dad, Walter Henry Jobson was the school  teacher at Erigolia from 1926 - 1929, the same period that  the bank’s  Erigolia Receiving Office opened! There’s not much at Erigolia now, however the general store is still there and the only building, it’s still in fair shape. That store was where my mother came to work as a 17 year old from Sydney and met my father and the rest is history!"

Receiving Office of Umina
 1977 listed in Annual Report
Cnr Broad & North Sts




1926 Branch opened 29 October by Acting Manager D.H.Slade then W.J.S.Mead. Branch first located at Pye Street Eugowra in rented rooms of Central Hotel. 
Since 1933 branch has occupied leased premises erected by Mrs. E. H. Hill at Corner of Broad and North Streets Eugowra.
1933 March 1st Premises were occupied.
B&W photo of premises occupied since 1933 inscribed by C.A.M. White, the Clerk of Works also indicating cost was £1623. Third photo from Group News 23 December 1982.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking

1967 Purchased these premises from the Estate of the late M. E. Armstrong for £5,000.

2002 October photo by David Jobson.

2003 photo by Bob Handel when the premises were for sale.
2009 April Bob says: I have since found out that a lady named Rhonda Yell, from Eugowra, was last officer in charge before closure and presently works at Forbes NAB.  In any case the Eugowra local progress association has purchased the building and are to house a local credit union and others.

List of Managers:
1926-30 W.J.S.Mead
1930-32 J.A.Bowring
1932-35 W.Clement
1935-48 G.R.Dart
1948-52 K.M.Webster
1952-56 B.Douglass
1956-58 H.R.Evans
1958-61 C.R.Bray
1961-64 J.M.Ryan
1964-67 D.W.J.Dunlop
1967-70 N.J.Hillenberg
1970-72 K.R.Bain
1972-75 J.F.M.Sullivan
1975-78 P.E.Culham
1978-79 M.W.King
1979-82 J.F.OConnell
1982-95 J.K.Gandey
1985-     I.L.McAndrews

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