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105 Beaumont Street


1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

1960 photo by John Beer.

2006 The site of the former Hamilton Branch and now an insurance office, photo by Ron Armstrong.
38-40 Neill Street


1907 Opened (119th Report);
1911 listed in 125th Report;
1921 'Studio' photo sent in by Jane Reardon in November 2012, whose grandfather, IC Woolley is in the centre  [Note what looks like horse manure in the street!]

1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

Photo by Ron Armstrong.
2009 July Geoff Chapman advises: continues to operate as nab, serving Harden and adjoining Murrumburrah

2018 photo by Ian Christopherson
Harwood Harwood is 7Km from Maclean, on the Northern bank of the main channel of the Clarence River.
1890 Opened (84th Report); Branch opened on 11/7/1890 with F H Piddington as Manager.
1891 closed (86th Report). Branch closed on 17/6/1891 with business transferred to Maclean branch, according to Geoff Chapman,
sourced from Maclean District Historical Society.
1892 closed with business transferred to Maclean Branch according to Current Accounts July 1970.
Hawkesbury Agricultural College
(Agency of Richmond)
 1977 listed in Annual Report;
Sept 1981 List of Branches
Hay Opened 1890 (84th Report);
1893 January Listed in 89th Report.

Sladen Street

1981 GS

2005 DJ

2005 KG

1909 Opened (123rd Report); 1909 opened by Messrs APR Broad & Lindsay.
Later Mgrs included:-
1910 DD Tait
1916 HF Ottan
1923-32 Victor Paull
1932 LC Adamson
1962 John N Chivell
1966-68 Clyde Lamb
1968-70 Ted Lind
1970 WE Bridge
1973 J Beer Relieving Manager Henty 26 Sep when there were no accounts with limits or debts of $50,000 & over
1979-81 Garry Stewart

1911 listed in 125th Report;
1927 Inspector's Report:

V. Paull, Manager. Energetic and capable. Rather prone to give accommodation. Spoken to severely.

A.V. Furze, Accountant. Bright and intelligent. Fair presence.  Should make a Manager.

G.G. Haig, Junior. A short, nuggetty thick-lipped lad. Seems a bit dull. Shy but young. Can make a fair penman.  Too soon to judge him.

Business fairly brisk even in winter. The main town business is done by the Branch.

Office clean and neat.

Town steadily improving.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking

1981 photo by Garry Stewart, who was Manager there from August 1979 to September 1981.
2005 September Two photos by David Jobson.
2005 November Photo by Kevin Greenaway.

The Henty building is used commercially today and in very good condition.
The Rock's design by the same bloke, E.R. Laver, architect from Cootamundra is very similar.  If you look closely, there are minor building differences, a covered in top verandah on the Henty building, a shop building next door on the left as well. At The Rock, there was no building on the left, only the driveway. Also the bottom front verandah posts are a different design, with the bases on the Henty building being thicker than the one on The Rock. He also designed both Corowa (my first managerial branch) and Lockhart. Those two branches also look nearly the same and bear some resemblance stylistically to the Henty building. Notes by David Jobson.

2009 January message from Judy George:  manager after John Chivell - 1966-1968. Ted Lind followed him 1968 -1970 ( Ted died at the branch- I think Mid 1970) I was Judy Miller - member of the staff at that time.

Hill End
Clarke Street




1872 opened (48th Report);  It appears that the business of Tambaroora branch was consolidated at Hill End in 1872.

1870-75 photo of Two men outside Cummins' General Store next to premises of Commercial Bank, M.Manby, solicitor, a produce store and J.A. Tait, auctioneer, and
1872-75 photo of CBC Bank, later residence of James Clymo, both from State Library of NSW.

1875 closed (54th Report).

1890 Hill End in Open Road 2016.  During it's peak in 1872 it was Australia's biggest inland town with 8000 residents and 29 pubs.

From The Hill End Story (Book 1) by Harry Hodge (sourced by Geoff Chapman):
The largest weatherboard structure in the district was the two-storey building erected by The Commercial Banking Company. It's ground floor was occupied by the gold office and banking chamber and a produce store.
The upstairs rooms sheltered a varied collection of mining agents, sharebrokers, lawyers and company promoters. Later it became the home of James Clymo. It was demolished in 1920 and removed to Kandos for use in the construction of shops and cottages. At that time the weatherboards were in excellent condition and the roofing iron showed little deterioration.

John Munro says "The old photo is the Hill End Branch of CBC and the colour one is of the site as it is now.  Hill End village is controlled by National Parks and no further building is permitted - the vacant blocks are all identified as sites of old buildings by plaques as in the photo."

Hinton Hinton is 11K east of Maitland. 3Km from Morpeth.
Opened 1889 (83rd Report);
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
closed 1893 (91st Report).
68 Albury Street





1877 Opened (Current Accounts January 1978)
1927 Inspector's Report:

L.W. Ford, Manager. well liked. Capable

G.R. Collins, Accountant. Good manner and appearance. Has been here over long, 3 1/2 years. Seems to lack ambition. Good penman.

A.P.R. Crane, Junior. Fair appearance. Good manner. Shaping well. Fair penman. Does not look strong.

Business very dull at present though more than enough for two

Office clean and neat

Town stationary. Surrounding holdings are large, though now divided up among younger generation of original owners.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking
Photo 1966 National Archives
Heritage listed
Bill Frost advises: Town changed it’s name from Germanton due to the anti German feeling during the 1914/18 war. Holbrook was a Naval Officer of some renown and there is an actual submarine set up in the town as a Memorial.
Ian S. Watts stated in 2005: "Holbrook Branch is about 60km from Albury, and the Branch is situated about half a kilometer from the town’s shopping centre. Being on the Hume Highway, traffic is never ending and noisy. The two storey premises were large, but a welcome change from Woodenbong.
Andrew Watts, son of Noel Watts says: "I estimate this building to have been built in the late 1870's. It was about 100 years old when we moved there in 1978.
1980 photo by Andrew Watts. Noel Watts can be seen walking up the front steps with his staff.

(receiving office of Tarcutta)
 Humula is 27Km south of Tarcutta.
1914 Tarcutta branch closed 30 September and business transferred to Wagga Wagga then converted to a Receiving Office of Humula.

1923 12 March Tarcutta was converted back to a branch.
1923 7 May Humula branch closed and it was converted to a Receiving Office of Tarcutta.

1927 mentioned in Inspector's Report.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking as Receiving Office.
(receiving office of Nowra)

1977 listed in Annual Report

2006 photo by R Raymond-Jones


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