representing Officers and families of
The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited
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Families T-W


  • G L Tandy

    1957 January Current Accounts # 12 Pg 30:-

    1956 retired as Northern Inspector

    1949 joined the Northern Room-

  • Richard Charles Graham (Dick) Tandy

1922 Oct 22 born

1940 approx joined CBC

WWII 2/110 A.G.T. Platoon   

He was Manager of Moruya branch in the 1970's, then Relieving Manager attached to Canberra Office.

1981 approx retired as Auditor

2008 June 28 passed away


  • Geoff Taylor was Manager Port Macquarie in 1972 (January Current Accounts Pg 29)

    which states he has son, also

  • John Taylor was on Audit Staff 1972.


  • Three Thornes were managers at Bombala.

  • TW Thorne Grandfather of Harry V. Thorne,

  • VT Thorne (1933 Manager Wollongong Cent of Banking Pg 81) father of HV Thorne (passed away before 1962),

  • Harry V Thorne son of VT Thorne. Harry V Thorne passed away whist he was Manager Milton.

  • Yvonne Thorne worked at Dorrigo branch where her father Harry V Thorne was Manager. 

  • Note: Henry N Thorne said Henry had no relatives working in the Bank.


  • Terry Titmuss was Manager Dungog.

  •  Cecily Titmuss of Murrurundi branch engaged to Charles Tinsey
    (from Current Accounts January 1961 Pg 46)


  • R. Waddy
    Reports dated 1800 June 30, 1883 December 31 and 1890 June 30 listed as manager, Morpeth.

  • P.M. Waddy
    Report dated 1880 June 30 listged as manager, Singleton.  Reports dated 1883 December 31 and 1890 June 30 listed as manager Maitland.


  • Bill Waldock had a brother

  • Ralph who was supervisor of audits NBA NSW, which was brought under Audit NSW & ACT managed by CBC's John Cadet.


  • J.D.W. (Peter) Wall joined the Bank at Leeton in 1928 under E.R. Dibbs and served at Ariah Park, Beckom, Lake Cargelligo, Leeton (again), Coolamon, Orange, and Murrumburrah. Between 1942 and 1945 he served with the RAAF and returned to Murrumburrah after the war. He was appointed Accountant at Warren in 1951 and Manager at Gulargambone in 1952. Then, Manager West Wyalong in 1955, Manager Double Bay in 1957 (took over from E.R. Dibbs), Manager Elizabeth Street Sydney in 1962, Assistant Manager Sydney Office in 1965, Assistant Inspector in Victoria in 1968, and Divisional Inspector (Western Division) in Victoria in 1970. He retired in December 1973 and died in December 1993.
    1947-06-30 is the first report where Epping is listed as a branch. J R Ford took over from J D W Wall as Manager Double Bay (1963 Report) then Inspector Victoria where J D W Wall was also Inspector.

  • Wendy Wall, daughter of J.D.W. Wall worked in the Bank from 1958 to 1962 at Rose Bay, Sydney University, Elizabeth Street and Royal Exchange branches. After leaving the CBC she worked for Custom Credit (subsidiary of NBA) for three years.

  • Peter W. Wall, M.I.A.A., A.C.I.S., A.B.I.A., son of J. D. W. Wall worked in the CBC from 1964 until the merger with the NBA and in the NAB until 1991. He served at Paddington (Manager W.A.Beattie then W.J.Wright), Turramurra (Manager G.R.P.Matthews), Neutral Bay (Manager J.N.H.Robertson), Macquarie University (Manager I.R.Furze), Kogarah (Manager J.V.Cotton), Staff Training Centre Kings Cross, Spit Junction (Manager A.W.Notley), and Royal Exchange (Manager R.A.Bird) before being appointed Portfolio Manager Corporate Banking NSW in 1977 (Chief Manager L.D.H.Kerans then P.L.Cornell) . Following a twelve month overseas secondment to National Westminster Bank in the UK and Royal Bank of Canada in Canada in 1978-79, he returned to Head Office as Manager Special Projects in Corporate Banking Division (Chief Manager K.T.J.O’Connor then K.C.W.McCracken). In the ten years post-merger, he was Manager Project Finance in Sydney, Senior Manager Perth Office, Regional Manager Northern Region in Western Australia, Chief Manager Central City Region in Brisbane, and Chief Manager Productivity Development in Melbourne. He resigned from the NAB in May 1991 to take up an appointment as Chief Manager Finance Group of Queensland Industry Development Corporation in Brisbane.


  • Vic Warren was Accountant at Warren branch then Manager Gulargambone and Sydney University.

  • John V Warren was Audit Clerk


  • Ian S. Watts was born c.1926
    c.1941 joined CBCofS through Casino 1st branch Warwick, married Margaret, worked at Warialda 1952, 1954 2ic Burren Junction when there was no electricity, 1956 Dorrigo, Maclean, 1960-64 Accountant Casino, 19650105 Curr Accts  Manager:-  Bundarra, Woodenbong, Holbrook, Forbes, Maitland 315 High St where Ian stated "The Banking chamber of Maitland Branch (315 High Street) was furnished with beautiful cedar counters and tellers boxes. The second storey of the residence was part of the residence and included a large ballroom.  At the back of the ground floor was the former maid’s quarters which in my time were occupied by the caretaker and his wife. On the top storey was a former radio broadcasting room where, I was reliably informed, John Laws started his broadcasting career.
    1983 two robbers had forced their way into the branch during the night, and as the staff arrived the next morning, they were tied up and gagged with black tape. Three of us with keys to open the strongroom and the combination of the safe were marched into the general office with 2 sawn off shotguns aimed at our backs.  We were then locked in the Manager’s Office with the others. The two robbers escaped with a substantial amount of cash, as it was the day the armoured car was due to pick up the surplus cash. They were never captured. I had no trouble in deciding it was time to retire." 1986-7 Ron Armstrong states that 315 High Street closed around 1986-87 after the Business was migrated to 461a High St ( High & Church Sts). Steve Gregson was the last 315 High St Maitland manager. 2008 May John Munro states "I was recently in Maitland and the old High St Building now seems to be a private residence - pretty grand for such - there is no sign showing it as a B&B or Reception Centre as it became some time ago." 1984 Ian S. Watts retired from 315 High St Maitland.  He stated: "I retired from Maitland in 1984 when the merger with the NAB was nearing completion." 1986/7 Ron Armstrong states that 315 High Street business under Steve Gregson Manager was transferred to 461a High St ( High & Church Sts).2008 May John Munro states "I was recently in Maitland and the old High St Building now seems to be a private residence - pretty grand for such - there is no sign showing it as a B&B or Reception Centre as it became some time ago." 2006 February Ian wrote to CBCOC " Enjoyed reading February Bulletin. The photo of Casino Branch brought back memories. My application to join the CBC Bank was submitted through Casino Branch in 1941 and my first appointment was Warwick Q. Branch Subsequently, in 1960, I was appointed Accountant Casino Branch, where I spent 4 happy years – My apology for March meeting." 

  • Margaret Rose Watts born c.1930.  "My Iron Burst into Flames"
    I eyed the new refrigerator in my kitchen with pride. "It's so modem," I excitedly told my husband, lan, 26.  It was 1952 and, at 20, I'd moved from Newcastle to the north-western NSW town of Warialda, 80km east of Moree. lan had taken a post at the CBC Bank, while I'd accepted a teaching position at Warialda Central School. I opened the shiny fridge door and took in the clear blue plastic shelves and the separate vegetable crisper compartment. "Look, there's even a special place for ice-cream!" I marvelled.  Everything seemed perfect and time passed quickly as we settled in Warialda. Then, in 1954, we received word that lan had bee transferred to an even smaller town. "I've never heard of Burren Junction," I laughed. "Where is it? Out beyond the Black Stump?"  "It must be small," lan agreed. "It doesn't even rate a mention on the map!"  Located 90km west of Narrabri, not only was Burren Junction not on the map – it didn't have electricity! "We can't take our fridge with us, love," lan said, sadly. As we unloaded the van in Burren Junction, it broke my heart to see our beautiful new fridge replaced by a well-used kerosene refrigerator. "It doesn't have a special spot for the ice-cream," I mourned.  I wasn't sure if there'd even be a job for me at Burren Junction's two-teacher school. But, fortunately, one of the teachers was eager to leave town, and saw me as her ticket out of there. I was delighted by the students' enthusiasm for learning, and came to love the town - but I found it hard to live without mod cons, like electricity and a phone. Fresh fruit and vegetables were brought into town only one morning a week, and I really started to loathe that kero fridge! It was always smoking, and either over- freezing or under-cooling, causing the food to go off.  "I hate you more than that stupid petrol iron that's always burning me," I cursed.  I had blisters up my arm to show for my ironing efforts. One day, while pressing one of lan's shirts, flames leapt from the contraption. "Everything we own has scorch marks on it now!" I complained to lan. Even buying new clothes was an effort. The nearest town of Wee Waa was 50km away, and the trip could only be made in dry weather. If it rained, the road was soon flooded. Figuring out how to use the wood-fuelled stove was another challenge. My failed attempts at sponge cakes would turn up in trifles! Preparing meals became quite a chore for me, and I soon mastered the art of whipping up a tinned-food salad so that I wouldn't have to cook anything! "Well, at least it's not burnt," I'd tell  lan, who'd work up a sweat every day chopping wood to feed the monster in the kitchen. At night, we lit our home with lamps fuelled by methylated spirits. Making trips to the outside toilet was a real effort on frosty nights!  But Burren junction had more than its share of compensations. With a population of 150, friendly townsfolk made up for the lack of electricity. There was nothing lan and I liked more than meeting up with the locals on a winter's day for a soak in the hot mineral pool that lay in a nearby paddock. I also found a lot of joy in my sewing, which helped me forget about my isolation. Then, in 1956, just as there was talk of floods, lan received a new posting to Dorrigo, in the lush green tablelands behind Coffs Harbour on the North Coast. The day we put our black Vauxhall on a train headed for Dorrigo, the floods came, and Burren Junction disappeared underwater.       My Iron Burst into Flames by Margaret Watts

  • Ian and Margaret Watts retired to Salamander Bay.  Margaret passed away 11th December 2011 at the age of 80.


  • John worked in Branch Securities, Head Office and had a brother,

  • Lex also working for CBC. Overseas appointments included London, and in mid 1970s Lex was Manager Vila New Hebrides and in 1977 Representative, Tokyo Representative Office.


  • Alan Weigel was Manager Warren in the mid 60's and later at Port Macquarie.  His children were also in the bank:

  •  Alex S Weigel was Accountant Berry

  • Denise was at Dubbo branch, and

  • Ruth was also on CBC staff. (submitted by John Beer)


  • WC  Wilkinson, born about 1864 worked in CBC for 49 years and had son:-

  • FGH Wilkinson who joined CBC in 1913.  1960 February 21 retired after 47 years service when he and his father W C Wilkinson had a total of 96 years service to the CBC. 
    At the time of FGH Wilkinson's retirement, his father was aged 96 (and still going). - from Geoff Chapman


  • Graham Alan Williams’ wife was thought to have been the daughter of a Manager Double Bay branch.

  • Graham Williams resigned from Manager Temora. He had bought a home in DeBoos St Temora.   After leaving CBC he worked as bookkeeper for Brooks Shoe Stores which had HO in Temora with branches throughout the Riverina.  Brooks Shoes Stores and Brooks family never banked anywhere else but CBC. After Mr Wm Brooks Snr passed away about 1970 Warwick Brooks his son took over.  Warwick was licensee Hotel Ungarie opposite CBC when John Beer audited CBC Ungarie mid 1980s. Graham passed away on 2nd January 1999 aged 59.


  • T Monty Wilmot, retired. Mid 1900s Manager Wellington.  1929 name on Bourke strongroom door. Passed away 2000s after retiring to Blue Mountains.  Monty was father of the following two officers:

  • Bob who worked at branches including Wollongong (Current Accounts Jan 1969 p36) and later was Manager at Bowraville, Belmont, Nyngan, Tweed Heads, Kempsey, and

  • John who also was in the CBC


  • Harold was Accountant Bondi Junction around 1970 and later Manager of branches including Manilla, Warialda, Wee Waa, Raymond Terrace from where he was appointed a Manager Internal Audit from where he retired to Raymond Terrace where he has been involved with Rotary.
  • Kenneth A Wood was Harold's brother and was Manager at various branches, including Culcairn around 1972.


  • Jane Reardon contacted us in November 2012, advising: "I have several very good ‘studio’ photos of the CBC banks in which my grandfather, IC Woolley, known as Chas) worked over the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s (I think)". The information as recorded on the back of the originals is:

    ·     HARDEN – 1921 - IC Woolley – centre  [Note what looks like horse manure in the street!]

    ·     DUBBO – Jan 6th 1929.  Each of the eight staff members in the photo has actually signed it.  My father has transcribed those signatures as being AW Podmore, Roger Podmore, C. Kingsmill, Grace Ranken, IC Woolley, Gordon Robertson, JW Kell (?), J Holmes.  IC Woolley is 2nd from left, and obviously Ms Ranken is 3rd from left but I don’t know any of the others.  [Note horse tethered at the front entrance!]

    ·     WARREN – my father has written ‘about 1938?’ and recorded the names as being IC Woolley (accountant), Neil Furze (manager), Ron Flashman (junior) – killed airforce, Ian Iverach (teller).

    ·     UNGARIE - Following on from the above reference to the Warren staff member who was killed in action, the other interesting little document I have also relates to the war.  It is a letter from the General Manager to IC Woolley at Ungarie Branch dated 20/3/42 effectively saying he would not be released for the Services. 

    ·     BREWARRINA – 1946.  [My grandfather was manager here.]

    I also have other pics of Coonamble 1946-47 and Orange 1950s – they are amateur snaps so might have been taken at some time after the time my grandfather worked at these places.  I should mention that my grandfather is deceased. I haven’t got the full story on my grandfather’s career but he was even during my lifetime, manager of Wagga (c 1960), and then he was manager of the head office in Sydney (c 1964).  I have a letter from the General Manager dated 15/11/68 which congratulates my grandfather on his retirement and mentions his 47 years’ service.

  • HENRY MAYNARD (known as Mayne) WOOLLEY (1904-79) – apparently grandfather’s brother also worked for the bank all his career!  But dad says that Mayne became very hard of hearing and couldn’t effectively work in a bank anymore and that they transferred him to manage the “bank officers’ health fund” where face-to-face contact was not critical. 
    Pat Thorp says when she was the Junior at Gundagai in 1950-54 her manager, Bellamy, was a close friend of Mayne Woolley at Tumut, only 29km away.


  • My father, John did also work for a short time with the CBC at Coonamble Branch in 1946/7. My father’s very short career included being found asleep in the vault one morning after a particularly rowdy ‘night-before’!  And my grandfather who was manager at the time, told me that 

  • I think it would be lovely if you wished to mention my grandfather in the newsletter.  Do let me know if I can provide further information or you would like to receive the other documents which I referred to above.  PS  Jane is now a family member of the club.

Regards  Jane


  • C. T. Wulff, Manager Bourke.  His sons:

  • C. T. Wulff, 35 Pitt Street

  • Charles H. Wulff, Sydney University branch,

  • Carolyn Wulff, his wife, was on staff of Gladesville branch.

  • J. R. Wulff, Brewarrina                     (from Current Accounts July 1966)


  • George Adrian Wyndham was a member of the CBC staff, as were his children John and David:
  • John R Wyndham was in Overseas Department, later International Division.
  • David B Wyndham advised in February 2011: I joined CBC in 1963 and left in 1991. John is still alive, also lives at Mosman NSW, our father passed away some years ago.  I worked in branches and relief staff in NSW and went into administration as an inspector’s clerk then worked as the AGM Branch Banking’s clerk- Vic Martin, then worked as the MD’s clerk- Geoff Bowen and subsequently Vic Martin when he became MD.  I went back to branches-Ashfield as manager then assistant manager Bankstown, then back to HO and into Corporate Banking. I left there in 1991 as I was headhunted into merchant banking- Martin Corporation in 1991 which subsequently changed its name to CIBC Australia. Worked with them here in Australia and also in London and New Zealand. Left to joint ABN Amro Australia then left there to join Societe Generale Australia. Subsequently got into private banking with UBS, Deutsche Bank, St George and ANZ. Currently on gardening leave but for some reason still want to get back into the private bank market and am in conversations with a number of players in this market.
    Good to see so many familiar names in the list of the committees executive and of course members of the club.
    Regards,  David
  • F E Wyndham was one of 3 CBC representatives at Bankers Administrative Staff College (Current Accounts July 1954 Page 4).  Any Relation?

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