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  • Tony and Carney Sexton were twin brothers who both worked in the Bank, and both retired from Internal Audit.

  • Carney George SEXTON

    • Carney was the oldest twin son of Mrs Zeta and Mr Sexton who had home in Yass
    • At one time managed the Caravan Park at Yass
    • Carney was at various stages Second Officer at Holbrook, on Relieving Staff, Audit Clerk at the same time Tony was appointed Audit Clerk
    • Was the oldest twin brother of Tony Sexton who also worked in the CBC Bank
    • Carney Sexton retired from Internal Audit as Supervisor of Branch & Departmental Audits
    • Passed away suddenly in Goulburn Hospital aged 67 a few days after a colon cancer operation.
    • Ian Williams spoke at the June 2005 meeting about Carney and the time he worked with him. Ian and Audrey Kenny attended the funeral in Yass. He stated Carney was of the quieter nature than Tony.
    • Carney was responsible for the introduction of the Branch Administrative Manual.
    • Noel Crowley also spoke about Carney Sexton when they worked in Audit. He stated Carney was not a computer fan.
  • Tony (Anthony Alan) SEXTON 

    • Tony Sexton was the younger twin brother of Carney
    • Tony worked at Cooma branch then Tamworth as General Hand in early 1960s
    • Was appointed Audit Clerk the same time Carney was about 1968
    • Retired as a Manager Internal Audit conducting internal audits of branches.
    • With Carney, organised covering of roof and walls of their mother’s home in Yass
    • Passed away suddenly on 14 January 2003, aged 65, in Canberra Hospital, late of Yass and Fairlight.
    Both Carney and Tony lived at Kensington until about 1978 when they each bought a unit on seventh level of a unit block “Tarquin” developed by CAGA at 10 Hilltop Crescent Fairlight where their units occupied the entire seventh level and had extensive views including of the ocean through the North and South heads entrance to Sydney Harbour.


  • Neil SILVER
    Neil's wife Lynette is a World War II historian. Neil and Lynette organise excursions to Sandarkan.  Click here for details.
    For SMH article on Lynette Silver's book "Angels of Mercy"  click here.


  • Greg Thorp says: "Father of Dennis was Bill. He started the Savings Bank (Head Office Branch) and then went to Roseville as Manager.  Pat worked with him in Savings Bank. When we returned from Tasmania, he was at Roseville and asked Pat to come and work for him. I was silly enough to say to Pat "Yes. I am organising the bank ball and when they ask whom I am taking, I will say "the junior from Roseville". Bill single was manager at Roseville when he retired.  They were part of a family that came from the Mudgee area.

  • Lindsey Single was his brother - he retired from Cooma to live on his Cooma grazing property.

  • Bill Frost says: Mrs Bill Single was a Lambert. related to the Lambert who was Secretary of the Bank who came to a sticky end. There was a family connection in years past; it could have been Morgan. Denis's second name was Lambert.

  • Denis Lambert Single was Bill Single's son. Denis  spent a great deal of his service on Relieving Staff including Relieving Manager (during which he attended Fernleigh Castle Managers' School # 24 at the end of 1971) and he worked at St. Leonards Centre at one time.

  • Noel Crowley states that the property on which the rail development at Werris Creek took place was owned by George A. Single.  Was he connected with the Single family from Wollar (?). Both Denis Single's father Bill Single (Roseville) and Lindsay Single (Cooma) were part of the family which came from “around Mudgee” and so were most likely descended from George. Bill and Lindsay had brother George who was Manager Bank of New South Wales Bingara then Gulgong then Mudgee from where he retired.


  • Arthur Edgar Arundel SMITH
    September 2016 Rebecca Slingo wrote: I am currently researching my great grandfather Arthur Edgar Arundel Smith. I know he worked at the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney as a Bank Clerk in Narrabri in 1905 (it's on his marriage certificate) and then again in Grafton where he worked for 23 years as Bank Manager until his retirement in October 1936.

  • Ralph SMITH
    His son Ralph Smith was also employed by the bank during this time and the whole family lived upstairs at the bank at 39 Prince Street Grafton. According to his obituary he was employed by Commercial Banking Company for nearly 50 years.

  • Rebecca is trying to learn more about his career and is particularly interested in any photographs that might be available.


  • Max Solling, son of Rex Eric Solling contributed "A century of banking in rural NSW. Three generations of bankers".  Click here to view it.


  • S A H Somerville 1934 Manager Mount Larcom (Cen of Banking Pg 84)

  • Joseph Reginald Somerville :-
    1939 April 12 joined CBCofS at Canowindra
    1940s Grenfell, Yeoval, Tarcutta
    1942-1946 AIF
    1946 October Albury, city & country branches included Tamworth HO Newtown Moss Vale
    1954 Accountant Quirindi
    1958 Manager Tarcutta, Molong, Walgett, Barraba, Nowra
    1978 Chief Manager ACT
    1981 Aug Current Accounts Pg 13.


  • Graeme Spence was the son of

  • C.F. Spence, who was Queensland Assistant Inspector.  (submitted by Peter Wall)


  • W R Stitt (mentioned in Curent Accounts January 1961 page 3)

  • R R Stitt (Rev) Manager Ryde, Blaxland Road.


  • Harold took over from Alec Commens as Manager Quirindi 1960 or thereabouts.

  • Harold's son Ken was Regional Manager.
    were above any relation to ? :- 

    • 1924 Suttie DB joined Windsor
    • 1954 Suttie DB Manager Woodenbong
    • 195* Suttie DB Manager Berry
    • 19** Suttie DB Manager Cowra
    • 1970 Jun 30 D B Suttie retired from Cowra 

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