representing Officers and families of
The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited
and its subsidiaries & affiliates.




Families D-H


  • Ken? L J C Davis was Manager Kempsey in 1969.
     Manager of a suburban branch ?Campsie?
    Said to say "as a Manager you have to be tough".   submitted by John Beer.
  • John W S Davis was son of K L J C Davis.
    Manager Rutherglen in 1969    (from Current Accounts July 1969 page 49)
    a good golf player.


  • Sir Thomas Allriight Dibbs joined CBCofS in George St near King St about 1848.
    Opened Cooma branch after he and his wife rode horse and sulky across flooded rivers.
    1915 approx gave his home "Graythwaite" to be nursing home for injured Australians fighting WWI
    1917 approx knighted becoming Sir T A Dibbs
    1923 approx passed away
  • E.R. Dibbs retired from Double Bay in April 1957 (Pg 54 Current Accounts July 1957)
  • A.G (Peter) Dibbs is the son of former Double Bay Manager E.R. Dibbs


  •  John William Horsey Dobson:      

  • 1861 appointed Manager CBCofS Parramatta. Google searches by John Beer reveal:- John Dobson's wife gave birth at Commercial Bank Parramatta :-

    1862 son

    1863 daughter

    1865 son.

  •  18680128 after John Dobson was ill there was no mention of his wife or any of his family.

  •  Only mention of family on his headstone at St Johns Cemetery Parramatta is "parents unknown"


  • Des was amongst others, Manager at Moruya and Taree.  Brother of Tom.
  • Tom was on staff of Goodooga and Canberra Office.  Tom passed away 6/7/2018.


  • Bertram John Edmonds was born 1902-06-25
    1916 joined CBC Uralla aged 13 or 14.
    1st Managerial appointment was :-
    1938 Manager Goondiwindi then Wellington & Royal Exchange until 1955/56
    1955/56-1965-0630 Assistant Manager Sydney Office
    1965-0630 retired to his home at St Ives to play golf then bowls
    1996-0926 died aged 94 and bank pension ceased.
    Sydney Office used to be referred to as Head Office so "Assistant Manager HO" 
     means "Assistant Manager Sydney Office".
     CBC Annual Reports as at 30 June show :- B J Edmonds :-
    1955 Manager Royal Exchange
    1956-1964 Assistant Manager Sydney Office.
    See Current Accounts January 1966 Page 52


  • Bruce Fleming says "Incidentally The Flemings are well represented in the ` Bank` Me, 2 daughters, son-in-law and now a grandson.The only problem is the Bank`s name is wrong."


  • 1947-06-30 is the first report where Epping is listed as a branch (J R Ford Manager).
    J R Ford took over from J D W Wall as Manager Double Bay 19630630 to 19700630
    then Inspector Victoria, where J D W Wall was also Inspector.


  • R. E. J. Foulcher:
    1921 joined at HO
    1946 Manager Paterson then Gladstone NSW , Pambula
    1960 HO
    1963-66 executive committee member of United Bank Officers' Ass
    1966 August 31 retired from HO Internal Relief to live at Toongabbie
    (above from 1967 January Current Accounts Pg 51)
    retired from HO August 1966. R.E.J. Foulcher had the following 2 brothers, 3 sons, daughter, and nephew respectively:-
  • Foulcher B C - Retired (brother)
  • Foulcher A R H - Retired (brother)
  • passed away 18/8/1974 (from 1975 Jan Current Accounts Pg 59]
  • Foulcher K R - Auditor (son)
  • Foulcher J A - Accountant Wingham (son)
  • Foulcher Shirley A - Royal Exchange (daughter)
  • Foulcher G P - Accountant Roseville (nephew)

    - with the exception of ARH Foulcher, all the the above were working in the Bank at the same time.

Frost, Bill

  • 1940 Oct joined CBC at Coonamble where Manager was B S Newley who was later Manager Tamworth later Head Office.
    1942 Feb to 2nd in Charge Wilcannia where Manager of the 2 handed branch was L T Armour
    1942 April/May Wilcannia closed after Bill had been there for 10 weeks
    took records with L T Armour on dirt road to Cobar in L T Armour's Hillman Minx motor car
    1942 April/May to Narromine, E E Peterswald,for one month then
    1942 May/June Gulgong, B M Murray
    1942 November Gulgong closed business to Mudgee

  • 1942 November Bill was called up for Army Service
    1942 Served with 2/1 Anto Aircraft Regiment in Finschhafen (New Guinea)
    Balikpapan (East Borneo)
    1946 September Discharged

  • 1946 recommenced work at Grenfell (J E Gibson, later Nyngan and died while manager Orange)
    1947 Feb relieved at Canowindra
    1947 to Tumbarumba as Ledgerkeeper, where Bill bought his first car, a 1933 Ford V8 roadster
    Tumbarumba house became available for married officer
    1947 September transferred to Windsor
    1949 February 1949 transferred to Woodstock

  • then NSW Relieving staff for 4 years during which time Bill bought two Austin A40's and had a boat trip to England, 5 weeks each way for 210 pounds ($420)
    Last relief was 10 weeks at Narrandera (Mike Cassidy) while the officer was on leave during the Banking Nationalisation campaign.
    Then to Nyngan (C Gracie) for 12 months
    Tottenham (John Searle) eight months
    transfer to Royal Exchange Branch (John Laing-Peach.
    After 6 months to Haymarket (C.Nihill)
    1960 to Mosman (W S G (Bill) Williams
    Postion raised to Accountant and new premises built around the staff.
    1962 to Accountant Oxford Street (Gordon Cowled)
    1966 February Bill went back on the relief staff, doing country relief until a spine condition restricted Bill's travelling and all the rest of Bill's service was spent on suburban relief.
    During this period Bill had a trip to Canada and the U S and the the U K and Europe and in retirement had an around the world ticket to U S, U K and Europe.
    1981 relieved at Broadway after Broadway moved from 11 Broadway
    1983-06-10 Bill retired on his 59th birthday

  • 1984 January Bill moved to Grenfell, first to a house and garden
    2000 Bill moved in to his townhouse unit.

  • 2011 April Bill no longer drives but has a gopher and has macular degeneration so has become very reliant on the computer to keep abreast of things.
    Bill has owned 17 cars during his lifetime, the last 5 being Toyotas which Bill bought during retirement.


  • AVM Furze retired as manager Head Office later known as Sydney Office (343 George Street) 30 December 1963 [Current Accounts July 1964 Pg 10]

  • His son, Ian R. Furze also worked for CBC.  His first Branch Managerial appointment Macquarie University, later Chief Manager WA., Corporate Banking NAB Head Office Melbourne.
    Ian retired to NSW North Coast. Died July 2018 after a long illness.


  • Peter Wall worked with Geoff Gettens, son of

  • Kings Cross Manager C.T.Gettens

  • John Ness went to school with Geoffrey, and applied to join the Bank at Lakemba, where he and his father Charles, who at that time was an auditor, lived.


  • M E Graham retired from Manager Bondi in 1955.

  • His wife, Merrill Poulton worked in HO.

  • Merrill's father Edwin E Poulton retired from Manager Redfern branch in 1920.
    (from Current Accounts January 1969 Pg 10)


  • John William Kirk Gregson was Manager Leichhardt then Manager Haymarket from where he retired. His children Marcelle (born mid 1930s) and Leopold (born 1922) both worked in CBC.
  • Marcelle Gregson worked at CBC Newtown. Moved into Mowll Village Castle Hill in 2008.
  • Leopold W William Gregson was in tanks in New Guinea in World War II where he was injured in the face. He was Manager Ashfield, Ashfield and Sydney University branch then Director Fernleigh Castle Training College Managers' Course, Senior Auditor, Regional Manager Metropolitan NW Suburbs. In 1983 he retired to Wamberal. His wife passed away in 1984 and he moved to Retirement Village, Kincumber.  Leo passed away 15th April 2008 during lunch at Davistown RSL Club.
  • Leo's son Steven William was Accountant Narrabri, Manager Gladesville, Manager Maitland High Street and later Macquarie St Parramatta then Credit Bureau before resigning for health reasons. From 1992 he inspects securities in the Newcastle area for nab.
  • Steve's wife is Cheryl's sister.  Cheryl Harrison worked for CBC Urunga and Pennant Hills. In 2008 she moved from nab Pennant Hills to nab Dural which is near where she lives.
  • Steve's sister is Sandra, the wife of Graham Ross who had Beecroft nursery which closed in February 2008 due to lack of access for heavy deliveries.  Graham and Sandra feature on the Gardening Talkback Saturday and Sunday mornings from 6 a.m. on 2GB and Graham is on Better Homes and Gardens on Channel 7. They are assisted in gardening interests by their childred Linda and Kent and live at Beecroft.


  • James Ashton Harborne
    19251009 born
    c.1941 joined CBCofS
    1959 December was on NSW relieving staff when Jim relieved General Hand Tamworth Colin F Leeson
    1962 married Marjorie Catherine Kathleen Gregory
    1962 Accountant Blacktown, then Manager Lidcombe, Manager Griffith NSW, Manager Bega
    Internal Auditor NSW
    Lending NSW
    Manager Richmond NSW.  Retired from Manager Richmond

  • Marjorie Catherine Kathleen Harborne nee Gregory
    20161223 died in Hornsby Hospital


  • H.A. Harding:-
    1912 joined at Granville
    WWI 10th Field Ambulance
    1933 Manager Yeoval (Pg 81 Century of Banking) and
    1940 Manager Queanbeyan
    1949 Manager Wauchope
    1957 November retired as Manager Wauchope (Pg 48 January 1958 Current Accounts) .

  • Eric Harding :-
    1934 Manager Mullumbimby (Cen of Banking Pg 81)
    1957 Apr retired from Manager Berry (Pg 53 July 1957 Current Accounts)
    1974 Oct 12 Passed Away (1975 Jan Current Accounts Pg 59)
     had the following sons join CBC:-

  • George worked in Savings Bank Administration HO.

  • Bill was Manager Broadway (George Street before Broadway branch was moved), then 1st Manager St Leonards Centre branch, then Manager Kings Cross.  Later Manager Haymarket from where he went to Relieving Manager in the 1980s. Little known about what has since happened to Bill who used to go to Philippines for holidays.


  • Bob Hargrave
    Robert J Hargrave 19831114 General Circular 1742 Manager Strathfield 25 The Boulevarde to a Manager Internal Audit NSW

  • Lee Hargrave
    Joshua Lee Hargrave lived at Burraneer Cronulla
    born 1913 joined CBCofS 1930 Penrith
    Lee Hargrave 1940 was at Head Office,
    Sergeant with AASC 2.84 Platoon 2/164 AG Transport Co,
    19451101 HO Inspectors Clerk, Auditor.
    1955 helped clean flood mud out of 315 High St Maitland branch.
    19560101 Current Accounts Pg 32 J L Hargrave Sub Inspector attended Aust Admin Staff College.
    1970 Chief Inspector Staff.
    1971 Executive Chief Manager Administrative Services.
    19720101 allocated Inspection Staff 1st half of 1972.
    19740606 retired from Exec CM Administrative Services HO,
    19740606 Retired to Burraneer 19750101 Current Accounts pg 85.
    19750101 Current Accounts pg 84
    20000315 died at Cronulla age 87 20000320 SMH

  • Gretha Hargrave nee Douglas Gretha Joyce Lived at Burraneer Cronulla born 1917 Died 2015-08-05 Married Joshua Lee Hargrave. Mother of Douglas

  • Doug Hargrave
    Douglas lived at Cronulla, Huskisson. Son of Lee & Gretha Hargrave.
    Worked at CBC Cronulla, Kogarah, Rockdale, NSW Relief Staff, Coffs Harbour, Bega, Engadine, Riverstone, Marrickville, Rel Mgr, Auditor, Rel/Mgr City South, Relief Mgr


  • E C H Haxby: 1934 Manager Condobolin (1934 A Century of Banking Pg 80)
  • Miss  Haxby: 1920s worked in Head Office and married a Mr Cotton (1950s/60s/70s/80s Current Accounts)
  • Mr. Cotton had a son, John Vernon Cotton (see 'Cotton' above for continuation).


  • Ross HAYES
    Ross joined the CBC in Woodenbong in 1961(?) and then to Sydney - many years in and around Sydney including Elizabeth Street, King Street, Auburn and then as manager in 1977 to Lake Cargelligo then Cobar and finally Kempsey in 1985. We heard about this website at the North Coast Retired Officers luncheon. Rhonda Hayes
    August 2005 He presently resides at Goonellabah.


  • Tony Hayne was working at Gunnedah, 2IC Belmont then it is thought Cobar then manager at Werris Creek from 1973 to 1975.  1985 March 19 NAB General Circular 2532 advised Staff Change AS Hayne Manager Balmain 257 Darling Street to Manager Balmain Unified Branch.

  • Andrew lived there as a child, and joined the bank at Belmont in 1981.

  • Jennifer is Tony's sister and Andrew's Aunt, and was General Manager's Secretary at Head Office.

  • Jennifer's father was Manager at Milton in 1930.


  • E H Heath:
    1923 joined CBC at Harden
    1936 Inspectors Clerk
    1948 opened South Grafton branch
    Manager Aberdeen
    Manager Gloucester
    1960 Manager Moss Vale
    1969 August 25 retired to his Mosman home to play bowls have part time job and visit married daughter in Armidale and another in Melbourne
    (source: 1970 January Current Accounts Pg 66).

  • Wendy worked for CBC in Darwin in the mid-70s.

  • She also had a brother Peter working in the bank.
    1968 joined CBC working in branches before 1978 when he joined Training then
    1980 Senior Training Officer in charge of Sydney Training Centre.


  • I am researching my grandfather's life. His name was Robert Hilliar. He was born in Carcoar NSW on 1 Aug 1880. He went to school at Wolaroi College in Orange. He joined the CBC in 1899 and his first posting was Campbelltown then Gunning in 1902, Finley, 1913 then Newcastle 1914 -? and Bundarra from 1920 -1925.He was at Head Office in Martin Place Sydney 1930 - to his retirement as Head Teller in Aug. 1946. He died in 1960.
    In 1902 Robert was picked to play on the wing for the NSW Rugby Tour to New Zealand. He was apparently told it was - The Bank or Rugby - or words to that effect and withdrew from the team. Things indeed are very different today! 
    I have  2 photos of the Bank in Bundarra taken in 1920.  One has a group of people in front including my grandfather who, the Sands Directory says, was Bank Manager there at the time. I contacted the NAB archives who had no further information as apparently their archives are incomplete.  I was wondering if you could suggest any other sources as I would like to try and fill in the blanks in his service.?
    The image of the group outside the bank at Bundarra shows Robert Hilliar on the left holding the baby (my father Bruce Stanley ). Beside her is his wife (Wilhelmina).
    My father said Robert Hilliar volunteered , with his cousin, Stanley Hope Pierce, to serve in the Boer War. Robert contracted pneumonia prior to the volunteers leaving and did not go.Stanley went and "did well".(I checked Stanley's war record and this was true.) My father was partly named for him.
    I also wondered if the CBC paid a pension to retiring officers?  I would really appreciate any advice or help you can give me.
    All the best, Wendy Kuipers


  • Adrian Horniman said (Sept. 2006 comments)

  • my eldest daughter (she is 5th generation CBC Bank)....." .

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