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Families A-B


  • A G Adnum (retired) passed away 27 October 1960 (Current Accounts 1961 January Pg 13)

  • Gary R Adnum I January 1983 was Manager Warialda, had a brother Tony working in CBC.

  • Tony O Adnum 1 January 1983 was Reserve Staff Manager.


  • Cyril Avery was Manager Grenfell (followed Alan Plowman) in the 1950s, Tumbarumba, Kingston ACT, Nowra from where he retired. 
    Mrs Avery died whilst he was at Kingston.
    Had children work in CBC:-

  • Leigh Avery and Miss Avery, both in the 1970s.


  • Angus Rutherford "Gus" Bain was father of :-
    Kenneth Rutherford born 1938 and "Patty" born 1940
    School Teacher; 1956 Gilgandra Primary School Principal
    19560131 approx Graham Owens joined CBC Gilgandra and Angus Bain was Dubbo School Inspector. Retired

    • Kenneth Rutherford (Ken) Bain was born in 1938
      1954 approx joined CBC Bank
      1961 married Norman Worthington
      1961 Susan Ailen Bain born
      1965 twins born :- Anthony Kenneth Bain and Karen Lucille Bain
      Kenneth had long career with CBC Bank which in 19811001 merged with NBA to form NAB
      Ken retired to the Central Coast. After a short illness Ken died on 8/11/2011.
      20111115 Tue 11:30 Hillside Chapel, Palmdale Lawn Cemetery

    • Patricia "Patty" Mary Bain:-
      19400911 born sister to Kenneth Richard
       Graham Owens wrote: Patty Bain joined CBC Gilgandra in January 1956, about 2 weeks before I joined at the same branch. Her father was then Principal of the Gilgandra Primary School, so perhaps Ken joined at Gilgandra too.
      1960 married Ronald Emmett Foran.


  • Kay, Bev and Noni were sisters working the the Bank.

  • Kaye joined at Royal Exchange under Les Cornell who was Accountant there.  Later Kaye worked at Burwood and Stock Exchange where she was Ledger Supervisor then George & Hunter Streets, Haberfield, Premises, Personnel, then Regional Manager's Clerk Relief then Money Market.
  • Kaye's sister Bev worked in HO and 

  • sister Noni worked in the new Parramatta building


  • Mr. A R H Barlow 1928 joined CBC at Gloucester then to Gosford, Walgett, Camden, WWII RAAF service, Head Office;
    1972 May 28 retired from HO Personnel to his retirement home in Campbelltown
    (1975 January Current Accounts Pg 84) . His two sons worked for CBC:-

  • Peter was an Audit Clerk and later a Credit Analyst working in Lending NSW.  Peter, Senior Credit Analyst NSW Lending was appointed Assistamt Manager Parramatta.
    Then he purchased a Newsagency in the McGraths Hill vicinity. Peter passed away about 2005 following lung illness.

  • Tony (AA Barlow) was a brother to Peter. Tony was Manager at branches including Oaklands and Berry then Bowral from June 1985.  In 2006 Tony was living in Queensland and attends retired officers functions in Brisbane.


  • Miss Pam Barry was Ledger Supervisor Tamworth 400 Peel Street in 1959.

  • Philip John Barry, brother of Pam joined the bank in the 1960s and later worked in Head Office. Phil, late of Balgowlah, died on 9th February 2008.


  • W A Baxter (of WA Baxter & Co Lawyers occupiers of CBCofS building in Gunnedah) was probably brother of RA (Bob) Baxter and father of Michael Baxter.

  • Miss Baxter married to Mr Packer is probably daughter of Michael Baxter  Collated by John Beer.

  • Baxter R A (Bob) :-
    1927 joined CBCofS at HO then country branches
    WWII RAAF then:-
    relieving staff, Bank Education Service, Auditor
    1957 new Staff Officer
    (from 1958 January Current Accounts Pg 36). 


  • John Beer's uncle, Fred Carpenter joined at Head Office in 1925.  then Coonamble & 27 NSW country branches then Petersham 1949 & Accountant Kingsford in 1952. In 1955 Fred returned to HO including in charge of Safe Custody 343 George Street and Fred retired from Bonds & Debentures 8 July 1971.

  • John & Dougís grandmother was Maggie Woods whose sisterís granddaughter Marjory Gregory married Jim Harborne on 3 February 1962.  Jim was Manager Lidcombe, Griffith, Bega, and Richmond. Jim and Marje have retired to Taralga from where Jim is still entering chooks and cattle in agricultural shows where prizes continue to be received, continuing in the tradition of Marjeís father Bill Gregory (Keera Station, Bingara) who was a successful presenter of cattle in agricultural shows.

  • John joined at Tamworth branch in 1959 where Robert T Bryen was Manager and from Tamworth
    relieved at branches in NW to Brewarrina & down New England Highway to Belmont. Then to 2IC Gulargambone, Temora, Baulkham Hills, Internal Audit Clerk, Relieving Manager, Manager Darwin, retiring as a Manager Internal Audit in 1992.

  • Doug Beer, John's brother, worked at Uralla branch. 

  • Bob Beer, John's brother co-drove John's car towing Manager's ex-Tracy Residence to Darwin where the two drove non-stop except for a day in Mount Isa where John obtained tropical clothing suitable for Darwin including white shirts shorts socks which was what all Bank staff wore whilst working in Darwin Banks. Bob took the photo of John by his car on last of the dirt section near Mount Isa which was a relief to get through following the heavy rains in the top end after cyclone Tracy turned into tropical low heavy rain in the area (had to detour via Boulia to miss the boggy sections and even then it was tough going with roads in very poor condition)

  • John Beer advised: "The Railway operations at Werris Creek were unique & one significant part of the economy & employment for the town. John B worked at Werris Creek more than once & would wait at Werris Creek Rail Junction from midnight to 3am for the train from the south east to Narrabri when travelling from Tamworth Railway Station to relieve at branches north/north west of Werris Creek."

  • Beer Les 1970s approx was Manager Cootamundra had son John a schoolteacher in Belmont area
    - above was no known relation of John Beer who joined CBC Tamworth 1959-06-02

  • Noel was Audit Clerk then Auditor and retired as a Manager Internal Audit about 1985 to a home he built in Queensland then to Noosa Heads.
  • Ray was Noel's brother.  His son Rod told us that when he was of school age, he and his father were at Charleville, Stanthorpe, Innisfail, Woodenbong ( about 1958 when there was no electricity available to be connected to CBC Woodenbong premises so Ray had to provide his own kerosene refrigerator), Cunnamulla (where he was the youngest manager at the time, being 39). Ray then was at Pittsworth, Stanthorpe again, University of New England Armidale in the 1980s, Ipswich and then Brisbane on relief staff until his retirement.  Ray was well known for the charity works he conducted over 30 years.  He passed away in 2000.
  • Rod (55), Ray's son, was himself in the bank from 20/3/72 until February 1975.  He went from Queen & Creek Streets Brisbane to Alderley, and was No. 1 Teller at Burleigh Heads.  After that he studied and then went to Arnotts Brisbane where he became Head Office Accountant and now works in Sydney for Multiplex internal audit.  He rediscovered the CBC when he came across the website in 2007.


  • Eric O Bensley - 1981 Manager Grenfell then Condobolin
  • Rick Bensley was Eric O Bensley's son at one time at Harden CBCofC  (from John Beer).  Rick Bensley was manager at Kiama when I was manager Milton in the early 1980s. Rick was a Vietnam conscript (from David JObson).


  • Jon was Manager at branches including Rockingham WA.
  • Jonís daughter, Donna worked at branches including NAB Tanilba Bay in 1985


  • Frank Border was at Bingara, then somewhere, then Taree late 1950's/early 1960's. He retired from that Branch
  •  His daughter Helen was on Taree Branch staff and later was at CBC Health Society in Head Office.
  • Geoff Border was Manager Cowra, and his two sons
  • David and Greg both worked in the Bank, and both worked in Darwin branch, David on opening of the branch in 1971, and Greg in 1974/5.


  • Ann. Born 13/9/1946
    Joined Bank through Glenn Weiss at Candelo and was appointed to Pambula under John Thacker in about 1963.
    Transferred to Bondi Junction 1967.  Then to Elizabeth Street under Bob Baxter.Early l970 was one of 6 female officers to complete the Tellers Course and from there appointed as teller at Hurstville under Russ Henville (great man,had something like 32 accepted disabilities from his time on the Burma Railway but continued to work until retirement age died not that many years ago)
    Retired ? from Hurstville in 1971 to have the first of our 3 children.
  • John. Born 19/6/1942
    Joined Bank at Taree; appointed to Gresford Jan 1958
    Then, aymond Terrace, Macksville then Kogarah (big shock to system)
    1966 NSW relieving staff under Harold Lee
    1968 Appointed to Staff Department
    1971/72 Audit Clerk
    1973 Back to Staff Department
    About 1975/76 (Whenever St Leonards opened) Personnel Officer St Leonards Centre
    Back to Staff/Personnel department after about 6 months, Did various jobs there including relieving Manager Personnel,Manager Personnel Staff Lending and looked after the Relieving staff plus other bits and pieces. Worked closely with Norm Hanlon and George Carman.
    1978-Manager Urunga
    1981 Manager Bangalow branch which ran a sub-branch at Byron Bay
    1982 Two branches split so looked after Byron Bay only (thank goodness). 
    Byron Bay sub branch converted to a branch after which John was Manager Byron Bay branch with a new Manager appointed to Bangalow branch.
    1983 Appointed Manager Hamilton here in Newcastle
    1984 Resigned and went in to own business.
    2009 Retired.


  • G.C. Bowman joined CBC in 1911 at Aberdeen branch. He spent 3.5 years with the forces in World War I.  He became manager Kogarah in 1930, 1933 manager Petersham, 1938 manager Kingsford and retired from Kingsford in September 1958 (from Current Accounts January 1959 p51).
    1974 July 2 passed away
    (from Current Accounts 1975 Jan Pg 59). John Beer states: "I knew G C Bowman when he moved to Cremorne after the early 1960;s. He had lost a leg in the Great War but drove a manual gearbox car (there were no automatics) and was a good lawn bowler."
  • Geoff C, Mr. Bowman's son, known as Cam, was also appointed Manager of Kogarah branch in 1971 (from Current Accounts July 1972).
  • He had a brother who retired from Lindfield branch some time after this, according to John Beer.
  • D B Bowman joined CBC in 1923 at Head Office.  He retired from Canberra branch on 16 July 1967 to live at Palm Beach Qld.
  • He had two daughters on Canberra staff.
  • D B Bowman is the fourth son of the late PS Bowman (Manager Glen Innes
    1917-1933) to enter the bank's service. 
    (from Current Accounts January 1968 Pg 82)


  • William Daley (Bill). Born 1916
    Joined CBC around 1941.  Was Manager, Paddington in 1971.  Lived at Wollstonecraft.  Died 19/12/1973 aged 57.
  • Evelyn Madge Boylan (nee Gilchrist) formerly of Blaxland, late of Rhodes was the wife of W.D. Boylan, died 18/4/2017 aged 94.


  • Roy Bray
    • HO Local Exchanges Dept
    • Had son Col
  • Col R. Bray
    • Born 1919/20
    • Joined CBC.  Col's first branch was Eugowra, thence to Baradine, took over from Frank Border as Manager Taree, handed over Taree to Peter Burms, Picton, Tamworth, Relieving Staff  in December 1978. From Tamworth, Col purchased a retirement home at  Pheasant's Nest (somewhere near Picton) from where he operated as a Relieving Manager.
    • Sometime after his actual retirement, he relocated to a Retirement Village in Port Macquarie.    Regards Nev Hillenberg
    • 2005 July died aged 85 years.  He had been living at Port Macquarie at the time of his demise.
    • Graham Foulcher was very sorry to read of the death of Col Bray. Whilst Graham  was at Picton he saw a great deal of Col until he moved to the Port Macquarie area.  His father (late Roy Bray) was Grahamís Dadís (Roy Foulcher) first boss when Roy Foulcher  first joined the Bank as a Junior in Head Office (Local Exchanges Dept. in those days.




  • H.E. Brook was Manager Parramatta. His son:
  • H.D. Brook joined CBC in 1933 at Ganmain. In the 1930s he was at Bribbaree, then Ungarie and The Rock.  During World War II he spent 42 months in the Army.  He was appointed Manager Walla Walla in 1958, was then on Audit Staff and Manager Gosford before being appointed Assistant Inspector in 1965. He was then Inspector (Divisional Manager), Chief Manager NSW and Bank representative on CBC Health Society.  He retired 14th April 1977.  He was also Vice President of CBC Sub-Branch of RSL.


  • C. Roy Brown, born 1921, was Manager at branches including Werris Creek and Camden before working in Lending NSW and later Regional Manager.
    When at Camden Bill Green was Accountant.  A customer used to refer to Mr Brown / Mr Green as Mr Black / Mr White.
    In WWII Roy was Manager of guns. There was an item in Current Accounts where Hanleys Removals had got an army item used as door stop mixed up between Roy's belongings and those of his son Bill where the army item used as a door stop ended up with Bill's items at Adaminaby / Candelo / Cooma.
  • Roy's sons also worked in CBC until shortly after the merger:.
    • Ian Brown
    • Charles William (Bill) Brown was on relieving staff.


  • Mr. Keith Burge was a branch Manager on NSW's South Coast.
  • His son Ross Burge followed his father into CBC, being Accountant Griffith then Manager of branches including Barellan in the early 1970s.  When Ross left the Bank he drove taxis in Newcastle.  Ross was tragically killed instantly in a horrific motor accident. Stopped by a flagman at roadworks on New England Highway, a semi trailer rammed into his small car from behind and basically ran over the car, reducing its height to about 60cm.


  • A sepia photo of John (Jack) Edwards Burgess taken in 1911/1912 is on this website under Comboyne branch was sent in by his grandson Terry (see below). The horse was his mode of transport at that time. CBC Circular No.557 dated 14/11/1911 advised, "Mr J E Burgess is appointed manager of Comboyne Branch." Terry  Burgess sent in a sepia photo of Jack Burgess and his mode of transport (horse) taken at Comboyne 1911/1912. Terry believed Comboyne Branch was only open for about eleven months and would have closed by the end of 1912. John (Jack) Edwards Burgess was transferred to Mudgee in 1912.  He served in the CBC for 47 years.
  • Jack Burgess' son J (Jasbo) Reg Burgess was born in Mudgee in 1913 (real name Reg, known as Jasbo).  He joined at Warren branch in 1930, and later served at 11 NSW country branches including Mandurama and Parkes before his appointment as Accountant Moruya. After the death of his wife he was appointed to the relief staff and says he worked at more than 124 branches in NSW before his retirement on 8th July 1974 after 45 years service. "My retirement has completed a total of 115 years CBC service for our family My father J E Burgess had 47 years, I had 45 years, my son J T Burgess is Manager of Griffith branch with 17 years and my daughter Lesley was in the CBC for 6 years before her marriage". From Current Accounts 01/1975.
  • Reg Burgess' son J. Terry Burgess worked at branches including Delegate, Condobolin and as Manager Griffith in July 1974 and Armidale.  In August 2005 Terry sent photos for to use in compiling the list of branches on the website.  He is involved in the week long Rotary Bowel Screening Programme.
  • Reg's daughter Lesley Burgess was in the CBC for 6 years before her marriage.


  • Tom Byrne Joined Bank in 1957; Resigned 1982
    • Tom married Dianne Hough (CBC officer 1961 to 1965)
  • Margaret Byrne (Tom's sister) Joined Bank 1963; Resigned 1973
    • Margaret married Jim Phelan who joined Bank 1960; Resigned 1982
  • John Byrne (Tom's brother) Joined Bank 1974; Resigned 1987
    • John married Irene McGuinness NAB Officer 1972 to 1986
  • Mary Byrne (Tom's sister) Joined Bank 1962; Resigned 1973
  • Bill Byrne (Tom's brother) Joined Bank in 1957; Resigned 1982
    • Bill married Elizabeth Warren (Caringbah Branch 1964 to 1975)
    • Elizabeth's sister Anne Warren was also in the bank (Cronulla Branch during 1970's)

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