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Feb 2006  We enjoy the newsletter. Busy with family especially 2 grandsons at Coffs Harbour. Daughter recently moved to Tasmania and expecting their first baby. Still golfing and travelling.

John (Jack) ALPEN

August 2005 Getting very old! Fond wishes to all
May 2005
sends Warmest greetings to all my old mates.
May 2006 Jack passed away.

Wayne ASHBROOKEAugust 2005 Will be overseas.
Des AKERSMarch 2005 Sorry, distance from Melbourne is a problem and also I am up to my neck in getting a book out on our family history and running a reunion this month. Like the man said, life was not meant to be easy!!!!


May 2005  Out in the Central West of NSW
Feb 2006     I am unable to attend and regret my no attendance

Gary BANFIELDNov 2005  Will not be attending due to wife (Kate) still recovering from a brain tumor operation.
Dick BALCOMBNov 2005  Sorry, this meeting clashes with an RSL Bowls gathering where I have a commitment. Regards to all.
Tony BARLOWNov 2005  Like many others, Qld (Beenleigh) is just too far away. I do like the Website- many photos of branches I have worked at. I will be attending the CBC Brisbane lunch.
Feb 2006  Seeing Geoff Budden’s name in the last Newsletter (remember when) I wonder if Geoff remembers when we where apprehended by the police when doing some spotlighting in the area back of Maitland (early 60’s). Apparently, the farmer had trouble with other shooters at the time and we just happened to be there on the night they were patrolling. After a stern warning we were allowed to go home (but we never ever did go back).
David BARTHOLOMEW April, 2020

I have for some time now been occupied with researching all matters dealing with my deceased estate & the processing thereof. This has led me into many areas which I’d always felt would be well developed & efficient- Wrong! Firstly, the majority of you would expect that your last will conveying your wishes for distribution of your estate assets would proceed smoothly & hopefully unchallenged. Again- wrong! Australian laws allows 2 separate areas to legally overthrow your final will, those being the magistrate’s court, & Superannuation company trustees in terms of their Act. The former, thanks to the deceased estate laws containing legal application for a grant of probate, require the attorney named in your will to do several things, including placing an ad in the legal section of the local newspaper advertising for unpaid creditors, illegitimate children or other relatives who consider themselves disenfranchised incorrectly. The % of people daily reading newspapers has dropped considerably since introduction of the Act, & less than 3% of adults now read them daily, with less than 1% reading the legal notices. We all know that all banks & deposit holders & nursing homes apply limits to funds held & require Probate prior to release of funds, but their reasons are rarely explained & suspect at best. All superannuation funds, with no knowledge of the deceased, or family, or attorney named in the will, will ignore the final will, & even the nomination of a beneficiary by the deceased & allow their trustees to declare to whom they should release the funds to. So, what's to be done, to ensure that the final will of us all is to be final & uncontested under normal circumstances? Probate & grant of probate & superannuation trustees have been all accepted & uncontested since day one, & the deceased estate industry within the legal profession is a growth area. But we now appreciate that continuation to accept & have our estates delayed, while legal costs escalate, is uncomfortable & something should be done about it! Enter yours truly! Research led me to the Federal Attorney-general’s department (as instigator & overviewers of the Acts), that, in turn, led me to a mostly unknown body named "Public lnterest Disclosure" which is attached to the AG's dept. I have currently directed a submission to them to cease the use of "probate" & grant of probate" & to cancel the Superannuatlon Acts which allow the Trustees any opinion" I shall keep you informed on progress or otherwise. Did you also know that the Australian laws dictate that the attorney named in your will has sole responsibility for your body from date of death until legally disposed of? The undertaker/ funeral director has no legal rights, but will be charging your estate over $1,200 to transport your body from the hospital, home, or nursing home to the crematorium (in my case not over 8 kms) during normal hours. That’s the most expensive cab fare ever, & l’ll not get to view the ride!

The attached may be considered of some value to members by the committee.

It`s quite sad when one considers that the laws are mostly established at the direction of parliamentarians (that`s folk like us, (bankers, bakers, labourers, etc) , who give  directions to legal people to word the Acts, which are debated in parliament prior to acceptance, BUT the necessary work involvement by the legal profession after enactment, & cost to the public, is rarely considered, nor is timely review established. This subject “stinks” of a gravy train for the solicitors & helps overburden our court system unnecessarily, & I cannot be the first to raise the outdated system. We`ll see how the submission is “sidestepped” & by whom!  Kind regards, David Bartholomew.   07 33493221.

Ed.  We do not have a view on this content, but David wishes to share his thoughts.

Rowan says:
I understand that DB is explaining that notwithstanding clear instructions to the contrary, Superannuation companies and law courts can direct proceeds of a deceased estate elsewhere. 


R.A.R. BARTON1927 Inspector's Report: Beckom Manager. Capable and energetic. Gets about in his car. Good presence and manner.
Rick BENSLEYMay 2005 Sorry but I will not be able to attend the June meeting as I will be at a Vietnam Veterans Army Reunion in Brisbane. Best wishes to you all.
Peter BERESFORDJune 2005 Other commitments on my “to do” list
Desley Ann BINGHAMMay 2005  of Auchenflower, Q started at Longreach in 1965, then went to Brisbane Office, George St, Toowong Uni of Qld agency, Everton Park, back to Toowong, Milton AOVC and finally Brisbane AOC from where she retired in 2002.

Barry BIRD

Nov 2005  Thank you for your newsy letter. We hope to have some representation from Port Macquarie next meeting.
June 2005
Travelling to the West. Looking forward to being present at next meeting.
May 2005
Recently retired on 6/1/05 after 41 years.  Finished up in Port Macquarie (1999-2004) as Regional Executive – Mid North Coast. Barrie says he will retire in Port Macq, and hopes to catch up at a future meeting.

Carol &

Feb 2006  Regards to all. Carol is improving each day.
Nov 2005 
Carol suffered heart failure as a result of Chemo and we will be bust with medical appointments. I wonder if Bob Wilmot remembers what happened to the General Ledger?
June 2005
Carol is still undergoing Chemo, but going well.

May 2005
Roy’s wife, Carol, has had cancer, but is undergoing chemotherapy and all looks well.

Phil BODIAMNov 2005  Sorry but I am bust preparing my 40 year old rally car for a charity rally to run from Albury to Alice Springs in late September.
June 2005
Apologies, work commitments will not allow me to attend
Ralph BOOKERFeb 1006  Kind regards to all. I will make it to a meeting one day!
Latest deterrent, daughter has opened a coffee shop and Yvonne (wife) helps out (5 days a week).  Great newsletter, I am pleased John Roberts still firing on all eight cylinders. It wouldn’t have happened 12 years ago, John! Keep punching Warren and Sam, I will sign a statement.

Nov 2005
 Just for Pearl (or for who may be interested).  One of these days, when I give up unpaid work, I will make it to a meeting!
I remember well how you endeavoured (with some success) to keep us young guys in order and out of the Canberra lockup. Canberra Office and Barton House were great days BTL (Before The Lake). Our son Mark is a BBM in Canberra at present, so still visit often.  Ralph & Yvonne Booker.
Geoff BOOTHNov 2005  Regards to all, working now as Tennis Coach and won NSW Tennis Award for best Commercial Centre in NSW

Sheryl Bradshaw

Feb 2005  Athelstan Walter Luscombe turned 100 0n 01/02/2006. He retired from CBC after 40 years 01/02/1972. He started at Campbelltown. He is currently in Harbison Care in Moss Vale and only looks in his 80’s

H.R. BRAINE1927 Inspector's Report: Barellan Manager. Capable, Has common sense. Deservedly popular. A coming Manager.
Paul Neville BRETTFeb 2006  I have just spent a week in Goulburn doing news agency relief work. I saw the old bank premises on Cnr. Auburn and Verneer Sts. It still has the Bank’s name etched into the brickwork at the front and side. I also met a lady who used to work at Camden branch in the 60’s – her name is Margaret Jarrett (nee Spinks). She would love to receive some info on the retired Officers Club. She was not aware that we were alive and kicking.
May 2005
spoke at the March meeting.  He joined the bank at Haberfield in 1964, then had service at Petersham, Bondi Rd, North Sydney, International Banking, London Office and West End London, Relief staff, Personnel Training, Cabramatta, Pitt & Bathurst Sts and finally Parramatta from where he resigned in 1984.
Jean Margaret BRETTMay 2005  nee Holden, joined the CBC in London in 1971 and worked on the 3rd floor at Head Office until 1984. 
Ed: Paul also spent time in London where he met Jean.

May 2019: Some history of my time with the CBC. (Please excuse some incorrect spelling). 

I was with the Bank for a little over 12 years having commenced duties at Grafton branch in  February 1961 at the age of 15. Quite common at that time.

The Manager was Frederick Charles Stevens(natures gentleman) and the Accountant Bill Booth-Jones with the General Hand

 Bill Cheadle and Number One teller Oscar Hall.  All great and funny guys. There was also a bunch of lovely ladies who were very helpful/understanding with a young, frightened and inexperienced country boy. 

The next move was to Casino branch (only about 100 Kilometres from Grafton) where I was thrown into Hand Ledgers for a couple of years. Great training for becoming a Teller.Cyril Lamborne was the Manager and Ian Watts Accountant. Other staff members included Billy Mann ( a fantastic Guy who tragically passed away later), George Ware  and  Verla Hayes. I spent 4 years in Casino during which time I took over from Billy. My time at Casino Branch was mixed with heavy, unrealistic demands from some of the senior staff. During that time Bob Phaup took over as Accountant. Bob was one of the funniest guys I have ever met. He was also extremely helpful and a breath of fresh air. 

After 4 years in Casino I was transferred to Dorrigo under Bob Dare. At that time I thought Casino Branch had its many frustrating moments but this branch placed a different emphasis on the word "challenging".   

Around 12 months later I was transferred to Tamworth Branch and Alex Commens was the Manager at that time. I cannot speak to highly of Mr Commens who was a wonderful, professional man with a gentle and firm nature. A fantastic ambasodore for the Bank with a keen sense of humour. Rex Dyson was the Accountant and after his managerial appointment elsewhere was replaced  by John Sharp. John was/is a great guy and very helpful  with all those he came in contact with. He (and Mr Commens) were my role model for many years to come. At the time of retirement Mr Commens was replaced by Allan Carrboyd who was a very relaxed and likeable Manager.  

After an enjoyable 4 years in Tamworth my then wife and 3 months old son were transferred to Hobart.( Some time later we had our second son).

The first Manager was Marwood Kingsmill whose whole life (at that time) centred around  the CBC. You always knew where you stood with Mr Kingsmill and I learnt a lot from that gentleman. Marwood  was transferred to Perth and replaced by John Boadle a real gentleman and a fine Bank Officer. The Accountant was Morris Goodman and the staff were very friendly and supportive. Living in Tasmania was like moving to another country, a rather "shock to the system".  

My final appointment was Singleton, a nice  friendly little town. The Manager was Gordon Smithers. 

After 12 months in Singleton I resigned taking up a position with the Bank of Q'ld. 

Overall I have had employment with three Banks, one Building Society and a group of Accountants a total of 47 years in the Finance industry. My wife and I have been retired in Coffs harbour for 10 years and are thoroughly enjoying the change. Someone has got to live there!! 

One final thought. I wonder what would happen in "modern day Australia" if the the Bank staff of say 40 years ago decided to take appropriate action against some "managers of the day for their ongoing blatant acts of bastardisation." Unfortunately the bulk of these could possibly now be deceased. This is obviously not defined to only CBC.

Roger BROOKERAugust 2005 I am enclosing my application for membership of the CBC Officers Club.
I have been meaning to complete this for some time, having received a copy from Kern Kleidon. I was prompted after Kerry McCracken forwarded me a copy of the CBC Website (fantastic!) and I looked through it. I got all sentimental after reading about the people I knew and saddened to learn of the people who are no longer with us. Having been in Queensland since 1981 (merger time) one loses track of all your colleagues in your "home" state and you often wonder where so and so is now.
I meet with a luncheon crew of Bob Bromley; Peter Wall; John Gynther; Neil Frost; Neil Peters; Noel Smith and Kerry McCracken every 6 weeks or so and get as up to date information as is available on the comings and goings of some.
I have spoken to Max Vardy who is running a Tobacconist/Gift Shop near Southport; he got hold of me through Ian Holston. That's about all the contact I have had through my NSW days. My brother-in-law who has a Newsagency stocktaking business often runs across some old CBC fellows who still remember me and passes on their names to me.
I finished up after 38 years (unceremoniously "dumped" to be precise) as Head of Sales and Planning for Queensland. My Queensland service consisted of Manager Mackay. Capital Office Manager Brisbane (unifying the two Capital offices of the NBA/ CBC) and then a couple of stints as Regional Manager Mt.Gravatt and the Gold Coast before going into an administrative role.
I rarely get to Sydney but should I manage it, I will endeavour to make one of the meetings.
Please pass on my regards to your next meeting and would welcome anyone coming to Brisbane to give me a call.
John BROPHYJune 2005 I would like to attend however it is a long drive from Melbourne to Sydney and return.
Jim BUCHANANNov 2005  Herewith my annual sub, with apology for lateness. Distance continues to inhibit my attendance at meetings. I appreciate very much the newsletter, and the faithful work of the Club’s office bearers.
C. BUTCHER1927 Inspector's Report: Barellan Accountant. Vice manner and appearance. Compet­ent and willing. Fair penman. The makings of a towns­man.
Don BULLIVANTJune 2005 Heading off in another attempt to reach the top end. Have a good meeting.


Feb 2006  Please pass on my regards and best wishes to all. On the day I will be participating in the week long Rotary Bowel Screening Programme
Nov 2005 
We will be in Brisbane for elder son David’s 40th. Regards to all.
August 2005 The enclosed photos may be of some use to you in compiling the list of branches on the website. I actually worked in Delegate, Condobolin, Griffith and Armidale and my father J. R. (Reg) Burgess worked in Mandurama and Parkes during his career.
The sepia photo is that of my grandfather John (Jack) Edwards Burgess taken at Comboyne 1911/1912. The horse was his mode of transport at that time. CBC Circular No.557 dated 14/11/1911 advised, "Mr J E Burgess is appointed manager of Comboyne Branch." I believe the Branch was only open for about eleven months and would have closed by the end of 1912. Grandfather was transferred to Mudgee where my father was born in July 1913. A copy of this photo is also in the Comboyne Bowling and a similar photo also appears in the publication "Together in this Jungle Scrub" (A folk history of the Comboyne Plateau)      Please convey my very best wishes to all Regards, Terry

W.I. (Bill) BUTLERAugust 2014  Herewih a random selection, from my poetry portfolio of life's experiences
Looking forward to meeting you and joining the luncheon viz. Monday - 1st of September next.


My teeth are turning yellow
My hair is falling out
My arms and legs - are like a road map
My big toe - is sore with Gout
My golfing days are still with me
Tho' my handicaps shot to hell
Of my sex drive - have something interesting to tell
Blow me down - that's gone as well
Now the body needs a crank
Still fire in the belly -but not much petrol in the tank
Army and former Bankie mates, have passed on - one by one
No body left to phone
Publicly thank - my pride and Joy-for 65 yrs of bliss and delight
Despite - serving me meat and 3 vegies every single night
Upon reflection - have little to lament
So - I'd better sit me down now-and have a little cry
Really and truly - don't know WHY

W I Butler
Bill is seen in the photo saluting the third floor of Head Office; leading vickers Machine Gun Battalion Anzac Day 2014.

He was an Inspector’s Clerk in 1953-54. He has fond memories of the time when officers including Inspectors Furze, Paul Tandy, Lee Hargrave and Clerks Les Short, Ross Webb as well as Kevin Meyer and Jim Sharpe.

George CARMENFeb 2006   As I am unable to regularly attend meetings, and do justice to the office of Archivist, I will be pleased if someone else could be appointed to the position this year. I have done nothing of any significance in this direction for at least eighteen months.
Hope you have a very successful meeting and good fellowship. All being well will be with you later in the year. Kindest regards.

July 2005
Alan Pitt rang George the other day re his health and he did say that he went into hospital for a hip replacement and ended up having a by-pass!! He is in good spirits and says he will have to go into hospital again to have that hip replaced!
Albert CARPENTERFeb 2006  Regret unable to attend – wife in hospital with broken arm
Nov 2005 
Regret unable to attend due to work commitments – am phasing myself down to working 3 days a week so should be able to attend most meetings after this one. Regards
June 2005
Regret unable to attend due to work commitments.
Donald Roy CHANCELLORFeb 2006  Regards to all. Unfortunately will be busy at work. Hopefully will try to get to a meeting later in the year. 
May 2005
from Runcorn, QLD started at Mackay in 1966. He then moved to Mt. Larcom, Armidale NSW, went on Relief Staff then Planning & Development before going back to Sandgate, Upper Mt. Gravatt, Personnel, Alderley  resigned from NB Reserve Staff Qld in 1986 and is now self employed.


Feb 2006  Many thanks for the invitation and all the news, however I have been having more blackouts and going more often to G. P’s and Specialists.  With regard to the two old photos, that on the left is the same as that at Morpeth but not sure if it is the one at Morpeth. The ones at Uralla are OK but one shown on left is the back portion of the building. Kind regards to all.  
May 2005
Frank finds it most annoying that he can no longer get to our meetings and appreciates the quarterly newsletters.             Ed.  Frank has just turned 95 and still going strong, as demonstrated in our Tsunami article.
Frank has sent an album of photos of every branch he worked at and these will find their way into the CBC website.


Feb 2006  Preparing for annual trip to Perth to see grandchildren. Will catch up with the Deacons while there.
June 2005
Wife’s recovery from surgery precludes travel

Ian CHAPMANFeb 2006  Best wishes to all. I have had a similar experience to John Roberts. I guess there are many!
Colin CLARKNov 2005  Unfortunately unable to attend due to work commitments.
Ken CLARKDec 2020  I have been looking at the website and appreciate the time and effort various former staff have put into making it extremely interesting. I joined the CBC in 1963 at Warrnambool and had various appointments in branches and subsequently Melbourne Office, before moving to NSW in 1972 for 7 years in O&M, Chatswood and Neutral Bay, followed by move back to Melbourne as Manager O&M Melbourne. I resigned from the bank in 1984.
Attached are some photos of CBC Branches in which I worked. The approximate dates are Warrnambool (1963), Terang (1966), View Street, Bendigo (1967), Hargreaves & Mitchell Sts., Bendigo (1967), Chelsea (1969).
The photo of Hargreaves & Mitchell Sts., Bendigo was taken when it was a full time Receiving Office of View Street branch, just prior to it being converted to branch status.
I still have a number of CBC friends in NSW and Victoria.  Regards  Ken Clark
Harold Edward CLOUGHQueen's Birthday 2016 Honours List

Mr Harold Edward CLOUGH, 11 Carroll Avenue, Cessnock NSW 2325 For service to lawn bowls.
Service includes:
National Bowls Ranking System Administrator, Bowls Australia, since 2014 and National Selector, 2009-2014. Assessor and Judge, National Bowls Hall of Fame, 2AM-2015- Australian Charnpion, 1 981 .
Chair, Selection Panel, Bowls New South Wales, 2006-2009 and State Selector, 2005-2009 and State Representative, 1982-1986 and Assessor and Judge, Hall of Fame, 'for I years' and Membet,'for over 45 years'. Patron, East Cessnock Bowling Club, since 1987 and Vice President, Tor 10 years' and Delegate to Hunter District, 'for 5 years'and Chairman of Selectors, 'for 5 years' and Selector, 'for 10 years'and Member, Foundation Committee, Junior Bowls Academy, since 2013 and Member, since 1977.
Chairman of Selectors, Hunter District Bowls, 'for 3 years'and Selector, 'for 9 years'and Chairman of Selectors, Zane 6, 'fer 2 years' and Represented Zones 2 and 6, 1976-2402 (302 occasions); Patron, since 2011.
Vice President, National Park Bowling Club, Newcastle, 'for 4 years' and Delegate to Newcastle District, 197 5-1976.
Vice President, Singleton Bowling Club,'for 2 years'.
Member, Lions Club of Cessnock lnc, since 1977.
Justice of the Peace, dince 1969.
Awards and recognition includes: Recipient, Australia Day Sportsperson of the Year, Cessnock City Council, 2Q14 and Sports Administrator of the Year, 2010 and Australian Sport Nominee, 'Team of the Year', 1981.
Sam CLOUGHOctober 2005 I was elected in September for twelve months to the Royal NSW Bowling Association State Selection Committee. Our Chairman, Rex Johnston, is also a former CBC man having worked, among others, at Cessnock Branch in the mid-seventies.

Joined the club Feb 2006. Peter joined the Bank in 1968 at Oxford Street (Darlinghurst) branch, thence to Rose Bay, Sydney University, Head Office, Canberra, St. Leonards Computer Centre, Kogarah, Lakemba, Bathurst, Bondi Junction, Manager Double Bay, Bondi, Edgecliff, Bondi Junction BBC. Peter left the Bank in 2003.

Errol COLESFeb 2006  Apologies for not attending the March 06 luncheon. We will be caravanning around Tasmania at this time. Will endeavour to attend June ’06 meeting. Congratulations to all involved in producing such an informative newsletter – also the excellent website.  Regards and good health to all.-
Bob CONLONNov 2005  Unfortunately, I am still working.
Gary COOKENov 2005  Work commitments – “Expensive Wife”
Ian COOKEFeb 2006  I agree with Warren Ebbeck’s comment. If I remember rightly the marriage of the two banks was described, at the time, “as a merger”, and wasn’t the new name announced as the National Commercial something or other?  Rather than marshall 100 Colonel Salfield type shareholders how about you threaten to let John Stewart’s chook’s out. That action gets results up this way. Go you “good thing” Warren.  Maybe the NAB has adopted the old banking maxim, “It doesn’t have to be right it just has to be acceptable”.
In regard to the Email address Ian has indicated “not yet – just got the phone connected.”

Nov 2005
 I will be attending Kevin Nicol’s surprise 70th later this month and expect to be in a fragile state for sometime thereafter. Therefore travel will be out of the question.
Pearl COOKENov 2005  Am in hospital recovering from a knee replacement. Regards to all.
Michael COSTA
Michael Costa, Export Finance Corporation
Michael Costa is a stalwart of Australia's capital markets. During his 37 years in finance (the last 25 in treasury), he has the ridden the ebbs and flows of global capital markets and learnt to embrace change and complexity.
He began his career as a teller for CBC Bank in 1969, before assuming his first role in treasury at the bank in 1975. In 1979 he moved to Trans City Holdings, where as a dealing manager, he played an integral part in the creation of Australia's promissory note market with the A$1.3 billion Australian Wheat Board program.
Costa was a key figure in setting up AMRO and Deutsche Bank's Australian (treasury) operations. At AMRO, he acquired Australia's first non-bank foreign exchange licence and in 1985 became treasurer of Deutsche Bank – the first of the foreign banks to set up operations here. After a two-year stint managing fixed income portfolios for the State Government of Victoria, he returned to head up Deutsche Bank clearing for the Sydney Future Exchange.
In 1993 Costa was appointed head of treasury at Export and Finance Corporation (EFIC). It was then that he acquired an appreciation for global debt capital markets.
"With all of our loans in foreign currencies, it meant full exposure to the international markets as well as Australia," he said.
Costa thrived in a global market context and through the use of complex and callable structured borrowing instruments he lifted the profile of the sleepy government borrowing agency to being it on par with global supranationals.
EFIC is now an established member of the Global Borrowers Forum, an exclusive group of the world's top 16 borrowers which include the World Bank, ABD, KfW and EBRD.
Costa, the money manager, is far from traditional. He was the first government investor to delve into the intricate world of CDOs and structured products.
"I have been around long enough to have seen many cycles. Investing in complex instruments has taught me they behave differently in different parts of the cycle, their value can change suddenly," he said.
John COTTONNov 2005  A grandson has been chosen to participate in the Athletics Carnival at the Olympic Stadium on 05/09/05 so see a need to attend. Regards 
John COULTONFeb 2006  A photo of Rockdale NSW branch – approx 1970 – enclosed.
See under Sydney Suburban branches Ed.

June 2005 Playing my golf.  On 11th May I conducted a Funeral Service at Northmead for the late Heather Kay Mosely whom was the widow of David Mosely – Mgr Yeoval in Late 1957 – 1960. I was the second officer of their small branch during David’s management time. Heather was aged 88. David passed away 30 years ago.  P.S. I did not know until I arrived at the church the connection. 3  sons whom I knew.

Bruce CRANEFeb 2006 Whilst it is too far to attend meetings we enjoy keeping ip to date via the newsletter and website – they are both well presented.
Tom CROFTFeb 2006   Regrets, unable to attend. I hope to be in Norfolk Island early March. Regards to all. P.S. I whole heartedly agree with Warren Ebbeck’s remarks.
John CULFNov 2005  Regards to all.

Harry & Christine DEACON

Feb 2006  Harry is still pretty busy with our Hardware Store and we are awaiting the arrival of our first grandchild in about 8 weeks. Due to distance unable to attend, thanks for the newsletter. Enjoy reading it.
May 2005
Being sandgropers in WA makes distance a problem.
    Ed: Yes, but we still remember your last visit.

June 2006  I appreciate hearing about other members and the things happening in their lives. It is really enjoyable to read the extracts prepared by Noel and I recommend a big "thank you" to him from all of the members for his excellent efforts. 
Ian Cook's comment about 100 Colonel Salfields is a scenario too terrible to contemplate. Many members would not understand the reference but having had a lot of 1st hand experience with the Colonel in my years in Head Office I would not wish 1 of him onto my worst enemy, let alone 100. He was an incorrigible snob and one of the most arrogant, self centred people I ever met in all of my time in the Bank. 
Hopefully I will be able to attend a meeting in the future to catch up with friends I have not seen for a long time.
Ed de RIDDERMay 2008 Hi my name is Ed de Ridder and I was an employee from 27.10.1975 until that merger in 1983.  I resigned from NAB in 1998 and ran my own business for 6 years when that profits started to decline.  I am now employed by Westpac and a different culture nothing like the experience and family atmosphere I enjoyed with the CBC Bank.  I still have a beer with some of the ex CBC staff and talk over the good times.
At least now with the "merger" with St George Bank I will know what it will be like to be at the head.
Any way I looked at your web site and noticed that your photo of the CBC at Lidcombe branch was pretty poor. Please find attached 3 photos of the 1st 3 branches I worked with at the CBC Bank. (Lidcombe, Pitt & Bathurst Sts & Riverstone, Editor)
If you would like to use the photos please feel free to use them.
Regards  Ed de Ridder  you can contact me 0407 668 007
Alan DEVINEAugust 2005  I have decided with regret to resign my membership of the CBC Officers Club. It seems more and more difficult for me to travel to meetings. Please convey my best wishes to all
Joe DugasJoined the club Feb 2006.  Joe joined at Gloucester under Marwood Kingsmill. He provided some comment on his experiences while working at Gloucester (under Marwood), before he was transferred to Sydney – Savings Bank Administration (4 years), Chief accountant’s Dept (4 years) and then Travel Administration. He left the Bank for 12 months to go overseas. Upon his return he saw service at 63 Martin Place, King & Elizabeth Sts, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Kingsford, Randwick, Balgowlah and Dee Why. He finished up in April 2005.
Kevin EKERICKAugust 2005 He is currently with the NSW Rural Assistance Authority, working and living at Orange.  Looks like Woodenbong is another popular place, Ed.
Peter EVERETTMay 2006  Still “fine tuning” following my little heart problem – molehills still tend to grow into mountains but a little slower I think. Will try to make a meeting later this year. Regards.
June 2005
Unfortunately he suffered a heart attach late last year. He is about to go on long leave and is about to depart on an overseas trip to recuperate.
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