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Y - NSW Country

13 Yamba Street
branch agency of Maclean

1988 April White Pages lists NAB Yamba Agency 13 Yamba St, Yamba

2008 December nab locations search reveals nab branch at 13 Yamba Street.  GoogleMaps photo sourced by John Beer.
Cnr Comur & Meehan Streets




2005 Photo from Elders sale advert


1850 "Select Documents of the 19th Century" edited by HW Nunn states that the bank had an agency at 
Yass - Board Minute 29 October, 1850.
1854-58 A Mr Laidlaw acted as agent for the Bank.
1858 Branch was opened on 2nd August  under the management of R W Pearson who remained in the position for 36 years until 1894 on his retirement. Always dressed in his frock coat with top hat and gold chain. His domestic staff comprised two maids, a butler and a groom-gardener.
1880 Mr Pearson's salary was 800 pounds per annum.
Part of Mr Pearson's duties included the buying of gold on the fields of Lambing Flat before the opening of the CBCofS Young branch.
Original premises were situated on the bank of the Yass River and were flood affected (from Current Accounts July 1970).
1873 Branch completed (50th Rpt);
1881/2 New premises were built, two stories of brick and sandstone with a slate roof.
Entry to the banking area is through a large portico. All visible woodwork, except the hardwood floor, is cedar and there are several open fireplaces, most with polished marble surrounds and mantles.
Access to what was used as the manager's residence on the first level is from the side of the building through imposing doors into a spacious lobby where an impressive staircase leads to rooms above.
A back veranda with original iron-lace balustrade overlooks the courtyard and stables.
The Yass Courier reported that all the different portions of the massive buildings had been faithfully and creditably completed by the contractors Smith and Bennett, of Woolloomooloo. Mr G.A. Mansfield, of Sydney, was the architect.
"The work is highly credited to all the different tradesman who have laboured to raise and complete a building which is the most prominent architectural ornament in the town and in many respects calculated to enhance its importance," the newspaper said.
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.
1959 slide photo by Bill Morelli.
1974 photo in Current Accounts January 1975 issue Pg 47 when staff numbered about four  and LWA Knight was Manager.
Norm White advised that Yass colour scheme was as a result of the colours selected for Tumut around 1974-78. The day before the painter was ready to start he and I sat down and decided to go with "buff" coloured walls in the main - a "chocolate" colour for ledging/window ledges, and white for window frames, door frames and metal railing in the front of the building.  Gundagai was also painted in these colours.

2005 Building offered for sale by NAB.

2013 March photos by John Ness:
1. Main street view, still operating as NAB bank.
2. Left side entrance used by other tenants.
3. Backyard



1934 Listed in Century of Banking.
1934 photo from State Library of NSW shows CBC on right, Black Bros store on its left and Royal Hotel in the background.

1960 photo by Bill Morelli.

2006 David and Helen Jobson did a trip to Wellington in October and drove via Yeoval.
Here's 2 pics of the old CBC there in the main street. Not occupied at present. Had a look through the blind in the front window and all the counters and internal offices appear to be still in place and in good order, as is the building generally.
The town doesn't have much going for it. I think even in its heyday (if it ever had one) the branch would've been a challenge.

2015 April photo by John Ness.
Yerong (Creek)

Opened 1891 (86th Report); 21May 1891 the branch opened in rented premises with a one year lease of 12 pounds pa.
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
closed 1893 (91st Report).   31July 1893 closed and business transferred to Wagga Wagga.

YERONG CREEK Manager's list:
1891/1893 H.S.Burstal
David Jobson advises: Helen and I went for a ride today to take a pic of the old Yerong Creek branch, between Culcairn and Wagga Wagga. The town is just about history like the bank. A couple of struggling shops and a dead pub. There's also an old Bank of NSW there. 
I note that Yerong Creek Branch is not listed in "A Century of Banking" of 1834, it must have closed before that and maybe reopened, I don't know. However it is listed in the Eighty Ninth report as at 20/01/1893 with H.S.Burstal, Manager, and mentioned again in "Current Accounts" July 1959, page 3 in an article "From Colonnade to Commonwealth".  Click on branch name for photo of David Jobson at Yerong Creek. Other photos also by David Jobson.






Photo from Group News 23/12/82


Young history from Current Accounts # 14 Jan 1958 P 4/5:-

1826 James White squatted at Burrowmunditroy

1827 or later Aboriginal name of Burrowmunditroy was shortened to Burrangong
1828 White called his property Lambing Flat

1860 a party of stockmen pitched their camp at Lambing Flat

Interesting that the name of the local radio station is 2LF (see Lambing Flat).
1861 January Oriental Bank opened in Young
1861 Apr Bank of NSW opened in Young

1861 July NSW Government renamed Lambing Flat as Young after Governor John Young

1861 Chinese Immigration Restriction Act was passed

1874 transition from gold to agriculture was almost complete

1886 railway was established
1860 or earlier CBC Yass was buying gold  just after it was discovered at Lambing Flat.  CBCofS Yass Branch was officially opened in 1858 under the management of R W Pearson who remained in the position for 36 years. Part of Mr Pearson's duties included the buying of gold on the fields of Lambing Flat before the opening of the CBCofS Young branch. (from Current Accounts January 1975 page 47)
1861 Mar CBC opened in Young under management of Mr JL Cobb

1861 Opened 25th March (Current Accounts July 1961 & Aug 1981). Mar 26: 1st ledger entries at CBC Young.
1874 In course of erection (51st Report);
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.
Lynch Street former City Bank building Heritage Listed.
1948 CBCofS building completed
1958 Current Accounts report by W K Campbell Manager
1981 Article in Current Accounts Pg 18-20

2004 photo of 1941 premises by Frank Piccoli

2013 June John Ramsay advised: The old premises at Young demolished and rebuilt 1941 had a ballroom
New premises at Young had as Architect Massie.


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