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125 Argyle Street,
Cnr Argyle & John Sts









1878 photo of branch under construction.

Heritage Listed:   An important and noticeable building in a key position on the corner of Camden's two most important streets. Used for its original purpose and well kept over the years. Part of the John Street Group.
A fine example of the late Victorian Bank buildings to be found in country towns of New South Wales. It is in an Italianate style with a fine stone entrance porch to the main elevation and a cast iron balustraded verandah and balcony to its two storeys. The wisteria vine which climbs over the verandah is considered part of the Bank's aesthetic contribution.
It was built in 1877-78 to the design of G.A. Mansfield, who did much of the CBC's architectural work at that time. The contractor was C. Furner of Camden.

1887 Drawing in a catalogue for land sales at North Cawdor Estate by auction on 21(?) May 1887. Hardy & Gorman agents. Courtesy Camden Historical Society.

1878 Opened (60th Report);

1879 The first banking premises when the bank opened in Camden and before their permanent building constructed in 1880s. This branch was in the Commercial Hotel building (later Plough and Harrow Hotel), Argyle Street. Camden. Photo dated 1879-1800 courtesy Camden Historical Society.

1893 listed in 89th Report Jan;

1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

1957 as featured in Geoffrey Banham's book

1969 featured on cover of July issue of Current Accounts.

Campbelltown CommercialBankofSydney (1).pdf

1973 Photo from Annual Report includes extensions on the left side done in late 60s, early 70s to match in with original building.
A one storey extension added 1972-73 by Architects Laurie and Heath, sympathetically followed the style and detail of the original building.

2013 as featured in Geoffrey Banham's book.

2013 March Phil Pitkin advised: "We went for a drive to Camden Branch and lot of things have changed. ie
1. The back yard is now shops.
2. There was a well used by the branch up to 1899.
3. shops are The hearing Aid Centre, Michel's Patisserie, & a local Real Estate Agent.
Bank of New South Wales (now Westpac) was there on the opposite side of CBC in 1865."
  Phil is standing in front of the main entrance ion the first photo.



263 Queen Street

Original building dates from 1830s

Current premises occupied in March 1881




1820 foundation of Campbelltown as a town by Governor when name was changed from Airds.
1874 October 13 branch opened (53rd Report); Manager George L JONES when population was less than 1,000.
1881 The Victorian Italianate building opened. The Bank is of straightforward and dignified design and is the work of architects the Mansfield Brothers, who designed over 40 banks for the Commercial Bank, as well as other commercial premises, many schools and private residences including St Helens Park House. Today, the building remains in excellent condition.
1893 listed in 89th Report January;

1934 Listed and pictured in Century of Banking.
Managers have been:-
1874-1876 G L JONES
1876-1903 A J GORE
1903-1912 L J JOHNSTON
1912-1925 D E HORNIMAN
1925-1938 A A WALKER
1938-1946 D M L JAMES
1946-1955 K T O WALKER
1955-1962 W C HIGHFIELD
1962-1972 A K C PODMORE
1972-       Euan B GOUGH
1974 October 13 unveiling of Centenary Plaque when Managed by Euan Gough.
19   - 19   Dennis J MALLIGAN
1975 population approaching 50,000 (List of Managers from Current Accounts January edition Pg 16-18.)
1986 National Australia Bank sold the premises and moved to Campbelltown Mall, 271 Queen Street.
2007 Wikipedia photo of Campbelltown centre featuring Campbelltown Advertiser Newspaper headquarters, which was originally CBC, then National Australia Bank.

2011 April Norm White advised: The building occupied by the CBC in Queen Street, Campbelltown, from 1875 until about 1985 when, following the “merger” it moved into shopfront premises in Queen Street, later into Lithgow Street, and now at Macarthur Square at Campbelltown, is FOR SALE. It has been occupied for some years by the Macarthur Advertiser, a local newspaper, and the large area at the rear of the premises was developed some years ago with a small number of shops + underground parking.
I believe only the old bank building section is for sale at this time.
Would make a good museum if someone has a spare few million.

2019 December John Beer advised that the Mansfield building is under threat of demolition with plans lodged to develop a 17-storey apartment complex on the site.

23 Sharpe Street



Candelo is 22Km SW of Bega.

1877 Opened during first half-year (58th Report);
1879 closed during first half-year (62nd Report);
1881 Opened (68th Report);
1882 Reopened on 14 February in early premises (now demolished).
1893 listed in 89th Report January;
1908 photo provided by Peter Hopper who lives there.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
Various repairs and renovation done over the years.
c1960s possibly NAB Archives photo from David Jobson.
1969 The branch closed on 1st September and business transferred to Bega branch.
1977 Listed in Annual Report as receiving office of Bega.
2010 Google Earth photo of 21-23 Sharpe St.

Manager list:
1882-87 Walter Woodd
1887-93 W.C MKay
1893-99 E.C. Bingemann
1899-01 P.P.Scrivener
1901-18 E.A.Blomfield
1918-24 W.S.Martin
1924-32 C.H.S. Thacker
1932-38 E.J.G.Tynan
1938-41 B.M.Murray
1941-54 H.N. Richardson
1954-60 R.T.Musgrave
1960-64 H.G.Weiss
1964-69 I.C.Mackay


36 William Street









1887 the Bank bought an allotment Cnr of William, Eden and Bega Streets for 800 pounds.The existing premises erected in 1894 for 1,076 pounds. It stands on the western side of the bridge over Candelo Creek which divides the town.

2008 photo sourced by Geoff Chapman with additional information from David Jobson.
Former bank branch cottage also Heritage Listed
Cannonbar On the Bogan River about 29Km from Nyngan.
1874 Opened (53rd Report);

18760131 Monday SMH p  5 of 8:-


“WE take the following report of the Police Court examination of the Cannonbar bank robber, lately captured at Bourke, from the Central Australian :

Sub-Inspector Keegan deposed that, in company with senior constable Laughton, he wont to Mrs. Gibb'» public house, and arrested tho prisoner on tho charge of robbing theCommercial Bank at Cannonbar ; told him tho charge, and cautioned him in the usual manner; eprisonr interruptetl him (sub-inspector) while explaining, and said he did not want any of his logio, and he (prisoner) knew emito as much as he did; prisoner kicked a man that was in the bar while e (witness) had hold of him; he called him a thief; he (prisoner) said he was sorry that, he did not do for him ; on tho way to tho lock-up asked prisoner where were tho notes and other moneys; he replied, witness had better ask tho man who had informed against him, he might have them; asked him whom he referred to ; he said, " You know-so do I ;but it's too late ;" took him to tho lockup and searched him; found in his possession 4 £5-notes, K! £1-notes, and 10s. in silver; found in his pocket a key, which her said was the key of his bedroom ; senior-constable Laughton searched the room at ßibb'a that was pointed out to him as the one occupied by the prisoner ; under the dressing-table the constable found the swag now produced in court, which consisted of a now drab leather vetliso, a railway rug, one shirt, a handkerchief, a revolver, and the following sums of money, amounting in all to £({,'! 1 odd; the notos hadall boen examined and classified by two gentlemen fromtho local branch of the Commercial Bank, and were labelled as fnllcitts ;;-No. I, 14 half £ 10-note; No. 2, I whole £10 note; .No. 3, 100 half £1 notes ; No. 4, 100 half £f-notes ;No. 5, ditto; No. 6, ditto; No. 7, óO ."-notes; No. 9, Ü .-Cö-nofes ; No. 10, 17 .Cl-notcs, mid a pin edof flic other bank notes of £1 each. Also a 'long bag containing  £20 in half-crowns, £3 -is. in florins, and £11 l.'J». in miall coin.”

“He had no time to inspect tho numbers; jstnio of tho £5 notes corresponded with tho description of (

tiloso sfok-n. Most of the notes were those of the Commercial  Banking  Company of Sydney.”

“At this stage of the proceeding», sub-inspcclor Keegan stated that he was not able to proceed further with tho case 'at present, and requested a remand for eight days, which was at once granted.”

“The court «an thronged during the examination of the witness, much interest-being felt as tev the appcarance oftim person who roidtl perpetrate such a barefaced robbery.”

“Tho prisoner's conduct, while standing in the dock, was wanting in that seriousness befitting the gravity pt*ition he was placed in ; ho treated the proceeding» with the greatest levity of demeanour.

Constable Bartlett applied to the magistrate for permission to put him in irons.”

“DAIUNG "ROJIUBIIY AT WATTI B 1'LAT-One of the coolest specimens of theft we have heard of for Konto time (reports the Vettern hidep'nden') took place-at little Hat oa Sunday, Januaiy 2 rd Mr A BM Km it, tho tngint-er to tho Surface Hill Gold MiningCi uipnny, was riding tovands hi3 homo at Surf i e Hill onSunday evening, between 8 and 0 o clock, and when oj po-nto to Mi Crawford» pinato residence, his horse got itsfoot m a rut, which caused it to stumb'e and fill MrM Kcn/ic being unable to free himself ft jm tho saddle,the hoiso rolled upon him, mnning lum tj the ground forf-oiue «cet lids Mr M'Kcn/io onl/received slight injury,and v is soon nble to remount tho hor " md \ rocvd on his journev but, na be vis n good deal shaken, he jm'led UDat Mr Hxlmids hotel for refreshments, having firnt tiedIns hr -e outside He was not mer" than ton minutes inthe hotel when, on gorae; to remount his h irst, vvInch hoi mud ejurotly standing at the spot ho lett lum ho found hohad 1 eeu shipped of saddlo, bridle, s îddle-cloth, nnd valiseMr M'Kpn/ieatouee borrowedHhorscfrom Mi Hvlnnd7 indrodn into Sofala ard gayo infomwti n to the polio allvi i' lim half an hour e f the theft "Whilst roturnni-.' Hldwhen li iL vvnx to "N ittlo l>btt,ho met two hoi^e neu v ->,eactions armud his su« ncions tha thoy were in pom-e -n-ionof his stolen pi OJ ertv and B . gnllopintr paf.t thom for ikundi ed yards, he tied the horse he vv in riding lo a tie-> inihn bush, and followed the lur emin on tojt tiwirds¡sofala, and a second time callcdcn the puVc, te» vi hum heniado known his suspicions”

“The police with pr ti«oworthyentrjTy , at once turned out ¡ lu then suddlps irdin hot pursuit of the th i-e-« Howevtr the y took thewinner tink, and so missed their game tint ii »lit, buti eailyou Monday morning succeeded III the capture ot theI sr undi c1«, who they found n p version of the sa Idle,

brille una other articles stolen trun Mr M'fvpi/ie shit»-«,.”

“The men were taken before the l'o'iee Mu istmt" and relurnded fur a week, as there is reas >n to t> heve thit thohori-cs the,, vieie iidingwere nlsostjlrn Great credit i»due to all concerned loi ibis elevei capture”

submitted by John Beer.

When the railway reached Nyngan in 1883, it resulted in the nearby coach-stop village of Cannonbar moving in its entirety to establish the town of Nyngan.
1883 closed (71st Report) when business was transferred to the new Nyngan branch (Current Accounts July 1968).


5 Suttor Street


69 Gaskill Street






Canowindra is on the Belubula River 32Km North of Cowra, 335 km west of Sydney and 32km north of Cowra.
1888 Opened (80th Report);
1893 listed in 89th Report January;

Photo of original branch premises at 5 Suttor Street supplied by Geoff Chapman 2016.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking

2004 photo from Australian

The first building on the left is Canowindra Branch building. Banking Chamber on ground level, a cold water flat let to two ladies and a dental surgery. The Manager lived in the old premises some distance away, Canowindra being one of those towns which moved the business area away from it's early position. I was there early 1947, H R Robinson was manager.  They used the old banking chamber as their card room. His daughter worked for the abovementioned dentist. W M Munckton was accountant, retired from Mittagong branch, Charlie Dickson, teller. who resigned and had a trotting stud; Ross (E R) William ledgerkeeper (boasted 15 consecutive double slickers,
I have forgotten the juniors name, he resigned and went into a newsagency in the Maitland area. 
Notes by Bill Frost. 
John Beer says Manager's residence was prominent building in residential area with good Fung Choi elevated position overlooking the town.

2008 photo from GoogleEarth identified by Geoff Chapman.
2011 March Google photo sourced by John Beer, who advises 5 Suttor St office relocated to 69 Gaskill St Canowindra where nab remains as a branch August 2013.
2016 May John Beer advised: Original CBCofS branch and residence was c.300 metres East of 69 Gaskill St at 5 Suttor St. There were 2 runs for Canowindra so there was confusion where CBD would be.  

“Canowindra's CBD :- “There were 2 main areas:- “the private town And “the government town. “Canowindra's business district grew along the river in a very complicated fashion resulting in our unique main street with three distinct sections.

It roughly followed the original bullock track, which followed the river.

 c.1900 it seemed that the business centre of the town would be redeveloped on the higher ground of the 'government town' between Tilga and Rodd Streets.  Historical Society advised  “The trial survey of the proposed rail link from Woodstock favoured at that time.  “ “So some substantial buildings were built in that area in preparation ,eg CBC bank.

1910 the railway  came from Cowra & a building boom began in the main street and most business were reestablished in that area.  There were still little corner stores and groups of shops elsewhere around town because of the lack of transport. Businesses ended up settling in Gaskill St CBCofS moved from 5 Suttor St to where Canowindra businesses had moved to lower portion of Canowindra. [69 Gaskill St was where CBCofS moved to and remains in 2011 / 2013]. 2011 population 1721"

 Click at far left for continuation.


Last modified: 15/03/2023

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