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1934 Listed in Century of Banking


1954 photos by Frank Chapman


1977 Listed in Annual Report as Receiving Office of Casino.

1977 Frank Maundrell sent in the attached photos which were given to him by his friend, John Pollock, whose father was Manager at Casino, I believe, during the 1970's. 
As a child, John can remember accompanying his father occasionally on Branch visits to Tabulam. 
The old Branch building burnt down in 1977 and John's father took these photos of the aftermath.

2019 The other one is of the site as it now is, with a modern home thereon.  Frank Maundrell


Tahmoor 1977 listed in Annual Report as receiving office of Picton.
A small gold mining town 3 km NE of Hill End and about 45Km NE of Orange on Tamboora Creek about 16Km from the Macquarie River (Current Accounts July 1959 & 1968)
1872 Opened (48th Report);
1872 wood engraving of Clarke Street by Samual Calvert from State Library of Victoria.
1873 withdrawn (50th Report)
Geoff Chapman advises: "At the time of withdrawal of Bank representation, the town appeared to be growing as The Western Advocate & Mudgee Guardian of 24/2/1863 reported the sale, by the Crown, of 36 town allotments.  Tambaroora was the larger of the 2 settlements of Hill End and Tambaroora By the early 1860's it has a population of some 2000. By comparison Hill End (Known as Bald Hill until 1862) had only a few hundred residents However by the end of 1872 Hill End had overtaken Tambaroora as the major settlement with over 8,000 residents, a brewery, 27 pubs and 5 banks.  This makes it seem feasible that bank's businesses were consolidated at Hill End in 1873".
Mentioned in Current Accounts 1959 and 1968 July Current Accounts Pg 52
327 Peel Street

1869 or later

1869 Opened (43rd Report); The branch was established on 10/9/1869 and the first premises were situated in Peel St in part of a building owned by a local solicitor. (Advised by Bernard McGrath, Manager Group Archives, NAB).  John Beer advised that the first Tamworth branch opened 24 August 1869 in Brisbane Street end of W. Smith Solicitor's building, according to "Chronological History of Tamworth by Green & Newman in the Mitchell Library. 
The Tudor Hotel is now on this site.



400 Peel Street


See also West Tamworth






1874 In course of erection (51st Report); In 1873/74 a two storied building was erected containing banking chamber and residence which cost 2872 pounds. The architect was a Mr Hilly and the builder M Burke. (Advised by NAB Archivist Bernard McGrath).  Photo of single storey premises from NAB archives must have been taken between 1869 and 1874 as the Bank's name appears boldly on the windows.

1889 additions by Mansfield Brothers including 2 storey residential extensions, at rear separate building, fuel shed, man's room and washhouse; lean-to store and pantry off dining room.
1889 August plans of additions by Mansfield Brothers.

1889 December plans for washroom, man's roon by Mansfield Brothers.


Strongroom extension plan by Ranclaud & Thomas, Tamworth architects

1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

Heritage Listed: 
The neo-classical style of the building makes it an imposing local landmark.
A large two storey commercial building with a hipped tile roof and gabled section over the front entrance with white stucco facades and painted relief pilasters at the street frontage and quoins at first floor level.

1986 B&W photo NSW Heritage Office,
Colour photo by Ron Armstrong.

c.1972 when John Beer was relieving Manager Woodenbong, Divisional Mgr Cecil B Waddy called to Woodenbong & stayed overnight in Woodenbong Hotel.
So this seems to prove if he was Div Mgr for Tamworth at the same time Northern Div included Tamworth & Tweed Heads unlike what NW Region  was that extended from Tamworth to Bourke?
It seems Cecil B took over from D W McClymont  Northern Div Mgr who was farewelled 1972 at
Jesmond by Managers including Tamworth & Newcastle West where D W McClymont went
to Manager Sydney Office

2001 colour photo Tamworth CC.

2007 business conducted from 202 Bridge St West Tamworth branch whilst refurbishing 400 Peel Street Tamworth branch.





1911 Branch opened October. The original branch which opened in 1911 was on the site of the now truck service station south of the existing building.
1914 Closed 30 September and business transferred to Wagga Wagga then converted to a Receiving Office of Humula.
1915 The Sun Sydney 15/1/1915 half-yearly meeting advised: .. the branches at Finley, Morven, and Tarcutta have been closed".
1923 12 March converted back to a branch.
1923 7 May Humula branch closed and it was converted to a RO of Tarcutta.
1926 photo courtesy David Jobson.The present building (still existing) was built on land which cost 250 pounds. The building was erected in 1926.
1927 Inspector's Report:

E.W.C. Pryce, Manager. Keen, energetic and knows his district. Should progress.

L.T. Armour, Accountant. Appearance only fair. Writing second rate spoken to. Good figures.

Willing and obliging.

Office neat and clean.

Humula Agency is worth while.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking
1948 photo of branch impacted by a truck, in Current Accounts December 1950 p25.
1972 25 September Tarcutta branch closed and converted to a Receiving Office of Wagga Wagga.
1977 listed in Annual Report as receiving office of South Wagga Wagga.
2002 October photo by David Jobson.
2008 David Jobson advised List of Managers:
1911/14 R.D.Gray
1923/25 A.F.Linklater
1925/28 E.W.C.Price
1928/41 H.N.Richardson
1941/49 E.B.Worden
1949/53 D.K.Smith
1953/55 R.B.Cole
1955/57 A.J.Richardson
1957/60 J.R.Somerville
1960/64 J.M.Parker
1964/70 K.C.Brown
1970/72 D.B.Lawson
1972/72 P.B.Kime

151 Victoria Street




1879 Opened 22nd July (63rd Report);

1883 premises in 1915-20 photo (from Current Accounts January 1967) were erected.
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;

1915-20 photo. As business grew, the building was extended.


1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

1952 photo of Branch and residence by Frank Chapman.
1956 the 1883 building was remodelled.


1958 Taree newspaper photo supplied by Taree branch manager Jon Blissett.

1965 the 1883 building was demolished and replaced with new building.

1967 photo from January Current Accounts.

On display at Taree Branch are 'photos of old Taree branch building, Tinonee and Comboyne Branches.
   From Geoff Chapman 20/8/05

1980 "The Good Old Days from Barrington to Harrington and around the Great Lakes" page 18 had story and photo of 1883 building.

177 Victoria Street (Ex-NBA branch) NAB is Heritage Listed.
NAB Ex-NBA 171 Victoria Street unified with Ex-CBC 151 Victoria Street at 151 Victoria Street

2005 August 20 on display at Taree Branch are photos of old Taree branch building, Tinonee and Comboyne Branches. From Geoff Chapman

2008 March 29 Saturday NAB locations search revealed NAB branch at 151 Victoria St.
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