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Lake Cargelligo

South-western cnr of Foster and Canada Street




1919 Opened 7th October.  First Manager was R E Inglis.
1919 In December the Bank purchased land and wooden building for $2,336.  This building was the site of the first Post Office and then first Departmental school.
1920 On that site new building of ground floor was erected for $3,338.
1922 2nd floor completed for $ 8,120.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking

B&W photo in Current Accounts Jan 1960, colour photo NSW Heritage Office.

This building is significant in the history of the economic development of Lake Cargelligo and in the banking history of New South Wales. It has been continuously used as a banking chamber since its construction in 1920. It is an aesthetically pleasing two storey building with landmark qualities. This building has the potential to reveal further detailed information in respect of its construction and the prior use of the site through detailed archival and archaeological research.
Designer:                E. R. Laver
Builder:                  W. Bland
Construction Years: 1920 - 1923
Physical Condition and/or
Archaeological Potential: Good
Date Condition Updated: 12 Apr 04
This building which is now occupied by the National Bank was initially constructed by the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney. The Lake Cargelligo branch of the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney opened on 7 October 1919 in Charlie Blacker's Saddlery Shop on the opposite corner to the present building (south-eastern corner). This Saddlery Shop no longer exists. The former CBA building now exists on the site of the Saddlery Shop (SHI 1900106). In December 1919 the Commercial Banking Co of Sydney purchased the land and a wooden building on the present site on the south-western corner of Foster and Canada Streets for One thousand one hundred and sixty eight pounds. The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney occupied the wooden building on the site whilst the present building was being constructed. The architect of the present building was E. R. Laver and the Builder W. Bland. The first portion of the building, the ground floor was erected in 1920 at a cost of One thousand six hundred and sixty nine pounds. The second storey of the building was completed in 1922 at a cost of Four thousand and sixty pounds. The first manager was R. E Inglis. The building is now occupied by the National Bank. Prior to the use of this site by the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney the first Post Office for Lake Cargelligo stood on the site followed by the First Departmental School and then the Bank.

2024 March Rick Reeks sent in three photos from September 2023 and advised:
Lake Cargelligo celebrated their 150thn anniversary last October long weekend. As I was transferred there as 2nd Officer in January 1970 I thought it would be great to pop back and have a look at the town some 53 years later. I was joined by my mate, Darryl Kahlefeldt, who arrived later as the junior officer. It was a shame the branch was closed permanently in August along with many other branches at that time. On the bright side, the building has been purchased and is undergoing a major renovation which will bring it back to all its glory. Darryl and I did a fair bit of reminiscing over a couple of cold ones and at the same time caught up with quiet a few locals we hadnít seen for many years. Unfortunately same old friends from there had passed away which was extremely sad for us.

Lambing Flat Gold Diggings 

1858 Yass Branch was opened under the management of R W Pearson who remained in the position for 36 years. Part of Mr Pearson's duties included the buying of gold on the fields of Lambing Flat before the opening of the CBCofS Young branch.
1861 Branches opened at Burrowa and Burrangong (25th Report).
1861 25th March Lambing Flat branch opened.
1861 July name changed to Young.
See Yass & Young for permanent branches in area. 
Interesting that the name of the local radio station is 2LF (Lambing Flat).

(receiving office of Taree)

1923 Agency originally opened in the sitting room of a residence attached to a store. This could hardly have been a satisfactory office, for the manager wrote to H.O. "The work is all done on a small table which has to be moved onto the verandah in winter on account of light. There is no window in the room which is stuffy in summer and dark in winter".  He went on to suggest that the bank put up a "building of two rooms with a small counter". The result was this quaint structure, said to be designed this way to allow for future extension.   From 'Our building at Lansdowne', 1957 Current Accounts.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking

1957 photo in Current Accounts from Helen Border.

2009 January message from Geoff Chapman: Helen Border was the daughter of Taree Branch Manager, and a member of that branch staff.  Agency had ceased to exist when I was transferred to Taree in 1961

1927 Inspector's Report: Leeton

E.R. Dibbs Manager. Just assumed managerial duties for which he should be fitted.

H.H. McLaughlin, Accountant and Ledger Keeper. Keen and competent. Fair and neat penman. Good manner and presence.

A M. Garling, Jnr. A nice hefty lad. Shaping well. Writing not very good, but will improve as he tries. He is learning to keep the ledgers.

Office Neat and clean. A very good office.

Business Active and adequate for staff, Well distributed. More io do than Branch figures indicate.
Leeton and Griffith Branches incidentally save us consider able exchange, to wit, local Banks are heavy.
Wales closed down, 400 unsatisfactory accounts under pre- sent Manager 2i years. Manager now says they have more than ever.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking

1986 photo by Ken Northam, residence upstairs.

2008 GoogleEarth photo sourced by Geoff Chapman who comments: Unchanged except for the removal of those 1960's tiles.







1875 Opened (54th Report);
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking
Lismore photos from "The Story of a North Coast City - Lismore" edited by Maurice Ryan 1979:-
1. First branch;
2. 1886 Mansfield Bros.;
3. Mansfield remodelled 1897 & 1911;
4. 1936 Kent & Massey became NAB.

The first Lismore Manager was John Horniman (a familiar name) and the longest serving Manager was E W Bentley for 35 years (1890-1925) advised by Geoff Chapman.

1952 staff photo suvmitted by Richard Nott May 2023, who says "The only people I know are :
Top L to R 3rd across Frank Hardiman, Alan Weigel
Front  men  Alec Mawson  Geoff Cox.
One of the girls is my 93 year old sister's cousin".

1960 staff photo submitted by Richard Nott April 2013, who says "This picture never made it to Current Accounts. Great place to work, wonderful people many of whom I have rarely seen since being moved from there to Macksville a week before Christmas !"
Back row : John Robinson, Richard Nott, Maurice Rudgley, Ross Edmonds,
Ray Hicks, Bob Savins, Russ Henville ( absent Vince Dowling Manager)
Front row: Robyn Devlin, Heather Johnston, Norina Russo, Kay McLean,
Elaine Freckfuss, Robyn Stuart ( absent Shirley Locke) .

1876 24 Lithgow Street
1883 cnr Main & Gray Streets





1876 Opened 13th November (57th Report); Newspaper photo taken when it was for sale around 1980.

1980 October memo to Annalist regarding property at 24 Lithgow Street and November reply together with newspaper article stating that the property is to become a restaurant submitted by John Beer 01/09


1883 At the corner of Main and Gray is the old CBC Bank, a Tudor-style building dating from 1883, designed by G.A. Mansfield.

1893 January Listed in 89th Report;

1934 Listed in Century of Banking

2005 photo by John Ness

Bob Handel contacted the chap at the paper who wrote the article and he told me Mr Earl Sommerlad, from Newcastle, had advised him it was used as temporary premises whilst the main building was under extensive renovations.  He also gave me name of Mrs Jan Hogan, local carriers, who carried out the transfer of office equipment etc. She told me they still had the original partitions in storage that the Bank said they didnít require any further and said they could keep them. Apparently, Earl Sommerlad was the Accountant at the time. 

20015 April photo by John Ness


Corowa and Lockhart were both designed by the same bloke, E.R. Laver, architect from Cootamundra, according to David Jobson.










1893 photo from NLA.
1897 Opened (99th Report);
Opened in September, 1897 by R.A. Warden (Acting)

1898 First branch Green Street from NLA.
1909 Land purchased
1911 Listed in 125th Report;

The pictures of Lockhart's 4th Branch built in 1911 shows a very impressive building, by E.R. Laver. The Directors must have had a lot of faith in the future of the town.  The land cost $5000 in 1909 and the building $8,000.  The Branch was certainly an improvement on the first temporary premises of 1897 in Green Street Lockhart.
Early photo of the 1911 branch courtesy K. Meyer.
1927 Inspector's Report:

C.S. Scully, Accountant and Teller. Refined manner and appearance.

D. Lindsay Ledger Keeper. Slow and dull and of that appearance. He cannot do the work in busy season.
Not yet competent to keep Lockhart ledgers. Incorrect and has trouble in balancing.

L.J.Barber, Junior. A nice lad. Promising

Business active but quiet just now.

Office clean and neat.

Town making slow progress

1934 Listed in Century of Banking
1954 photo by Jim Skinner.
photo of the entry detail and staff and
1976 photo in Current Accounts January issue.

List of Managers:
Opened in September, 1897 by R.A. Warden (Acting)
1897 - E.H.C. Wood
1906 - W.F. Jackson
1917 - J.H. McDonald
1918 - J.F. Liggins
1926 - W.S.R. Lorking
1934 - G.C. Job
1939 - L.A. Alt
1949 - G.A. Longmuir
1952 - S.H. Skinner
1957 - I.K. Middleton
1960 - F. Margerison
1966 - J.N. Done
1969 - R.T. Quinton
1970 - D.A. Carscadden
1972 - D.B. Alexander
1974 - E.I.R. Bezer
Bill Frost advises: one of the largest premises the Bank had in the southwest of NSW. It even had a maidís staircase. Last seen in early noughties as an Agency in the office section: the residence being an antique shop and B and B.

2006 John Beer advises: Bank and Stable B & B (colour photo): Large rooms are found within the old CBC Bank with all the luxury of yesteryear, large garden, and quality fittings throughout. All fully restored with fresh paintwork and new carpets. One can stay in the "CBC Room".

2006 photo by John Roberts

2008 photo of Dianne Plunkett (now Dianne Bartsch) who celebrated 35 years in the Bank.  She is now at NAB Albury and she commenced working in the CBC in 1975.  She was presented with a collage including the photos above which appeared in Current Accounts.

2015 October photos from Margaret Powell.
2018 May
The Finance Sector Union (FSU) said the National Australia Bank was shutting offices in Grenfell, Lockhart, Culcairn, Ardlethan and Barham.

(receiving office of Mandurama)

1934 Listed in Century of Banking as a Branch.
1977 listed in Annual Report

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