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Man-May NSW Country

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Manaro district

Now known as Monaro.

 Banking Institutions (see also Cooma)
To-day four banks, branches respectively of the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited, the Bank of New South Wales, the Australian Bank of Commerce Ltd., and the Government Savings Bank of New South Wales, carry on business in the Manaro district.
The earliest record of banking business being conducted on Manaro is in the thirties, when Daniel Driscoll, who kept an hotel at Umeralla (now Chakola) at what is to-day called Driscoll's Flat, conducted an agency for the Commercial Bank of Sydney. Cash was represented by I.O.U's., and Driscoll would negotiate these at 21 per cent. discount for notes, though it is not recorded that these transactions were on the Bank's behalf. In Ben Boyd's time - in the forties - notes valued at 10/- and 5/- issued by him were a common medium of exchange.

1926-06-30 branches established at Kurri Kurri Mandurama Tullibigeal Waverley (Bondi Junction) Winton & Weethalle (from Report)
1934 Listed in Century of Banking

1960 photo by Burgess

1984 Mandurama CBC was still open 30/9/1984 under management of Kevin J Winter when it was still conducting agencies at Carcoar & Neville

2004 by Jim Skinner
Bill Frost advises: Now used as a private residence. Branch had agencies at Carcoar, Lyndhurst and Neville.


1911 Branch opened 20 May by J.D.Day acting manager and who came from Molong branch. The branch was sited in a one room building  on corner of Derowie and Kiewa Streets which was the the branch premises of The City Bank of Sydney who had moved into new premises.   

1913 The original CBC branch was later demolished and a new building erected on the same site at a cost of 3,211 pounds. 


Managerís list as advised to David Jobson by Helen Cadzow, NAB Archivist.

May 1911    J.D.Day - Acting
June 1911   C.E.Osborne - Acting
1911 /1921  C.M.Podmore
1921/1927   I.C. Longley
1927/1929   E.D.Ashdown
1929/1935   T.V.Parker
1935/1937   H.B.Robertson
1937/1941   J.L. Whittingham
1941/1946   R.E.H.Turner
1946/1948   A.Mawson
1948/1951   T.M.Wilmot
1951/1956   F.H.Patfield
1956/1957   R.W.H.Bennett
1957/1961   S.W.George
1961/1964   R.J.Tompson
1964/1967   G.J.Border
1967/1970   E.T. Hallman
1970/1972   John Munro
1972/1978   J.A.Watson

1934 Listed in Century of Banking

1978 The branch was converted to an agency of Orange branch on 12 June.

2005 photos by John Ness - branch closed.

197 Manilla Street
125 Manilla Street


1890s in 2006






1888 opened (80th Report); First branch opened in Manilla Street,1888 next to "Royce Cottage" which now houses Manilla Heritage Museum and Visitor Information Centre.
1898 View of Manilla, including Commercial Bank, Church, School of Arts, Post Office, Mackenzie's store, Olifant's Hotel - Manilla, NSW from State Library of NSW
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1894 closed (93rd Report);

Photo of early branch building Nov 2006 by Frank Maundrell, who states:
This is a photo of the CBC Manilla prior to erection of the building occupied until recently. I do not know when it was built, possibly soon after the original opening in 1888. All the old correspondence was still in the Branch custody when I was there (1979-1982), and I read most of it. In the early 1900's, the building was owned by the Tamworth Manager, Mr. Robey, (I don't recall his first name). Some of the correspondence reported problems the Manager was having in getting maintenance carried out. Perhaps Mr. Robey considered his investment was for making money, not spending it! One letter I remember diplomatically acknowledged that Mr. Robey is " older Manager...", but that the Manager had to deal with him " landlord...". He reported that there were large cracks in some walls, including one in the maid's quarters that "...I can thrust my hand through...". This resulted in the maid having to live away from the premises, which was "...most inconvenient...".
When I was at Manilla, the building was occupied by the Stock & Station Agency, V.J. Byrnes Pty. Ltd. and I understand old "V.J.", as Mr. Byrnes was known, had bought the building when our new one was completed in 1924. More recently, the V.J. Byrnes Manager, V.J. Flett, took the Company over under the name V.J. Flett Pty. Ltd. It was empty when I took this photo.

1898 Re-Opened (100th Report) on new site;
1911 listed in 125th Report;
1924 new branch erected next to older branch;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.
1981 photos of front and two of rear by Frank Maundrell.
1982 photo in Group News 23/12/82

2006 November photo of both new branch and previous branch side by side by Frank Maundrell. This could be called "The Old and the Older"! On the left is the building completed in 1924 and, on the right, the earlier CBC in Manilla.
2006 Royce Cottage 197 Manilla Street -
NSW Heritage Statement of Significance: A cottage with historic associations with G.H Royce, prominent bridge contractor active in various areas of Australia in the 1880's-1915 era. He was an identity in Manilla between 1884 and 1886. The cottage is of value as one of the earliest in the town. It contributes to the aesthetic quality of the streetscape. (Australian Heritage Database). A cottage with historic associations with G.H Royce, prominent bridge contractor active in various areas of Australia in the 1880's-1915 era. He was an identity in Manilla between 1884 and 1886.
Physical Description: A cottage of painted double brick construction. The corrugated galvanised iron roof has ogee type gutters and front and back verandahs. It is located in a prominent position in the main street and is used as a local museum.
The buildings were restored in 1976 and repaired and painted in 1988.
Modifications and Dates: A shop was added to the front and a bakery to the back, sometime before 1916. A caretaker's flat was added at the back in 1976.
Historical Notes: Built as a private home for G.H. Royce and family in 1884. Royce was engineer in charge of building the Namoi River Bridge. Also the site of the Commercial Banking of Sydney from 1890-94. The Stewart family extended the building in 1908 to include a bakery and shop.
Former Use: Doctors Rooms & a bakery. Current Use: Museum
Matong (receiving Office of Ganmain) Matong is 12Km East. and 27km West of Coolamon.
1919 opened.
Extract from "The Settlers & Settlement of Ganmain", Lorna Gilmore 1992:
Business increased and the need arose for a branch at Matong, which opened in 1919 and operated on Tuesdays and Fridays each week.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking
It may safely be assumed that Ganmain and Matong became R/O's of Coolamon.
2008 Geoff Chapman advises: From information received from Coolamon Council re Ganmain, they state that a branch was opened in 1919 in Matong. But, as it only opened on Tuesday and Friday, it must have been a Receiving Office of Ganmain, but at least we have an opening date.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking
1977 listed in Annual Report

2007 photos by Ron Armstrong of the rear entry and front of the former CBC Bank Mayfield - front entry has now been excluded to enable better utilisation of available space. Business now operating is Newdark Photographics.

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