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Thargomindah is on the Bulloo River, 193Km West of Cunnamulla and 1,014Km West of Brisbane. Farther from the sea than any other town in Australia.
1881 Opened in first half of the year (66th Report);
1890 photo of Queensland National Bank at Thargomindah (from State Library of Qld), which John Beer says is a very similar style to the Commercial Banking Company's building of that era.
1893 January Listed in 89th Report.
1908 and 1914 photo copies from NAB Archives sourced by David Jobson, who researched this branch before leaving NAB in 1996.
1919 December HCB Thomson heard he was transferred to Thargomindah via Head Office rail to Cunnamulla then Cobb & Co coach which took two days with a change of horses every 50km.
1920 June 28th closed by H.C.B Thomson.
1920s Thargomindah merchant's cheque drawn on Cunnamulla branch.  Handwritten note supplied by John Ramsay says: Known as "Shin Plasters", these cheques. freely accepted by all, were treated as notes and passed from hand to hand.  Speedy's were merchants at Thargomindah and when Thargomindah branch was closed about 1920 the business was transferred to Cunnamulla.  HCB Thomson (retired as Central Inspector) was manager at Thargomindah when it was closed and by means of Cobb and Company coach took books etc. of Thargo to Cunnamulla.  Heavy rain on the black soil roads held him up for days and telegrams from H.O. to Cunna wanted to know where he was - why he had not arrived.
1920s population was around 300-400. Business transferred to Cunnamulla (from 1981 May Current Accounts Pg 23)
1959 July mentioned in Current Accounts
2007 March NAB location search showed no NAB services for Thargomindah.

2013 June John Ramsay advised: The Kidman cattle empire had a very big property there.
Its manager in the 30’s was Gerald Gooch.
Was on the Cobb & Co circuit.  Thomson may well have travelled with them from Cunnamulla.

List of managers: provided by David Jobson
1881-84  G. A. Layton
1884-85  A.O. Grant
1885-87  J.A.Hill
1887-88  D.J.Brounhill
1888-91  A.J. Campbell
1891-97  R.K. Hobbs
1897-99  A.J. Devenish Meares
1899-1901  H. Zillman
1901-05  A.B. Cadell
1905-08  F. Haly
1908-16  L. J. Godfrey
1916-20  G.A.L. Brown
1920 May - July  H.C.B. Thomson.



Receiving Office of Stanthorpe


Thulimbah, 11 km from Stanthorpe and 39 km from Warwick.


19310630 Receiving Office listed against Stanthorpe branch

Cnr Margaret Street



1890 Opened (84th Report);
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1923 photo of Margaret Street from State Library of Queensland. Building on right is the Commercial Bank. Geoff Chapman says that enlarging it seems to indicate CBC branch and not CBA.  2016 John Munro advised "I’m sure this building is the Bank of NSW. It has been Bank of NSW (Westpac) as long as we have been involved in Toowoomba , visiting & living here, approx 30+ years. It has recently been sold and is to become retail shops. "

1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

Margaret St Streetscape from Toowoomba Historical Society supplied by John Munro– the CBC Bank is the last building after the Post Office & Court House (1948). Although the PO & Courthouse buildings still exist they are no longer in the Public Domain – the Courthouse is a private dwelling and the PO houses a restaurant and commercial offices.

1955 Cnr. Margaret & Neil Streets from Toowoomba Historical Society supplied by John Munro

1958 photo sourced by Geoff Chapman June 2011 available from State Library of Queensland.  It appears that the earlier building was demolished and a very ordinary commercial building erected that now houses a Bendigo Bank branch on the ground floor and solicitors offices on the first floor.  "A far cry from the original building in the good old CBC style" says John Munro.

1974 March 26 farewell to Manager, Mr A Low to Senior Auditor and his daughter Miss EM Low to George & Hunter Streets Sydney; welcome to Mr & Mrs C Kenyon from Bega; in attendance were A Howells & J Walters-Chief Managers' Department and Managers Allora-A Payton, Warwick-R Pomroy, Pittsworth-J Bond, Millmerran-Bernie Porter, Dalby-D Waite. (from Current Accounts January 1975 page 29)

1975 Listed in Annual Report.

1920s in 2007

1890 Opened (85th Report);
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;

1920s Kent & Massie building (pictured) erected.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1975 Listed in Annual Report.

2007 August photos of old branch and plaque by Bob Wilmot.
Warwick 158Km SouthWest of Brisbane was the first town on the Darling Downs, being established in 1849 on the banks of the Condamine River.
1906 Opened 6th December (116th Report);
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1975 Listed in Annual Report.
Winton Winton is on the Matilda Highway in Central West Queensland, 177Km northwest of Longreach.

1880 Cobb and Co services begin, 1880 Police station established.  Cobb and Co's stagecoaches were serving Winton by 1880 after having bought up a number of mail routes in Queensland. Mr. Robert Johnstone also arrived in Winton in 1880 to become the town's first police magistrate. He had been in the Australian native police and had been an associate of George Elphinstone Dalrymple in the latter's exploratory work. That same year, Mr. Johnstone also conducted the first sale of government land, one result of which was the acquisition of Thomas Lynett's property by the Queensland National Bank, thus giving Winton its first bank. The bank began business right away in Lynett's old coffee room, and pulled down his building to make way for something that would be more suitable for a bank.

1881 must have been when Queensland National Bank opened (NBA Group News # 88 100-years centenary of branch at Winton in 1881) 1881-1981 Centenary celebrated by NBA Winton

1920s In resume of of E V Watts on his retirement, it mentioned that he was Manager of Winton Branch in 1920's. (from Current Accounts January 1958).
This is a new one. Who would have thought we had a Branch there. Some of those that have been discovered make Pilliga look not 1/2 bad.

1931 Thursday Central Q Herald Rockhampton pg 42 of 64:-

“Mr. C. I. Scully, manager of the local  branch of the Commercial Banking- Company of Sydney, has been transferred to Wowan.

This is substantial promotion for Mr. Scully, who is a young man, and his friends are pleased that his ability has been recognised.

At the  same time  his departure will be felt, as he has taken a prominent part in the public life of the town and its social activities  holding the position of conductor 'of the Winton Choral Society, which is  just: ' getting nicely under way.”

1925 November CBCofS  opened their Winton branch  in  November 1925.

- In the early days of the town, the  Bank of Australasia opened  a branch here, and after 'struggling on for a few years, decided to cease operating owing to a drought and other  adrey f '?''??Winton. July 12. 1931.”


19310716 Thursday Central Qld Herald p 40 of 58:- “The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney will cease business in Winton as from  Monday, August 10th 1931.

19310717 Fri Longreach Leader p 11 of 24:- “Mr. Jas Love of the" Commercial Banking Co., left on Thursday on transfer to Maryborough.

During his sojourn in Winton Mr. Love has been of great assistance to cricket and his place in this sport will be hard to fill. The weather during the past few days has -been exceptionally 'cold' with the thermometer down close to freezing  point."


1981 NBA Winton was 1 of 2 Qld NBA branches yet to be converted to computer operations


2015 July NAB locations search by John Beer revealed NAB Winton branch at 61 Elderslie St Winton 4735 in a brick building on a corner at one end of main street CBD


Wowan is 80Km SW of Rockhampton.

1923 branch opened
1920s photo provided by Muriel Kent. In the close-up the branch is the building in the foreground with the picket fence.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.
1942 branch closed

2012 March Geoff Chapman advised:
The following information has been provided by Muriel Kent who lives in the ex ABC/Bank of NSW branch in Wowan.  Opened 1923; closed 1942.  Located cnr of Alma Street and Pheasant Creek Road opposite the Commercial Hotel.  She provided the 1920s photo. Following closure the building had various uses, firstly as Council offices, then as a branch office for Capricornia Electricity Board and lastly as a private residence, which it remains to this day.  She advised that the building remains in excellent order.


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