representing Officers and families of
The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited
and its subsidiaries & affiliates.




QLD M Country

19 Sydney Street





1872 Opened (49th Report);
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
Old photo supplied by Geoff Chapman.


1910 internal photo from Current Accounts July 1973 issue.

1918 Photo from picture Australia showing carpets etc of CBC Mackay branch being hung to dry after cyclone of 20/21 January.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1960 photo by Bob Handel

1963 There is a photo in Current Accounts July issue p16.

1974 photo in Current Accounts January 1975 issue.

1975 Listed in Annual Report

2007 photo as Accountants office by Bob Wilmot.

Mackay West
(receiving Office of Mackay)
 1975 Listed in Annual Report
Magnetic Island
(receiving office of Townsville)
 1977 listed in Annual Report
Malanda Malanda is on the Atherton Tableland, 85Km from Cairns.
1909 opened by Mr Malanby Dunn.  He came from Manager Narromine, which was opened by Mr Dunn in 1898.
1911 The business of Peeramon was transferred to Malanda when Peeramon branch closed.
1975 Listed in Annual Report
1. Cnr Lennox & Walker Sts
3. Cnr Richmond & Kent Sts





1859 the Commercial Banking Co. of Sydney was the first bank to open for business in Maryborough, at the corner of Lennox and Walker Streets. [A History of Maryborough, Maryborough and Wide Bay Historical Society, 1976]
1862 Agency converted into Branch (29th Report);

1863 A move was made to a second building of brick and slate erected, which exhibited a 'Regency' influence in its architecture.

Photographed in 1866
[State Library of Qld]

1869 The third building occupied by the Commercial Banking Co. of Sydney was designed by the architects Benjamin and Joseph Backhouse and was opened in 1869. Second photo. It was situated on the corner of Richmond and Kent Streets.
[State Library of Qld]. 

1874 Advertisement in Maryborough Almanac.

1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1893 photo of floods with CBC on left
[State Library of Qld].

1910 photo showing location of  1871 CBC branch front left on the corner of Kent & Richmond Streets.
[State Library of Qld]
1910 second photo of Kent Street from NAB archives.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

1961 Third CBC Bank building was demolished.

1975 Listed in Annual Report.

2009 May Ian Holston advises that he and Max Vardy spent about 5 hours in Maryborough.
You may be aware but surprisingly the CBC was the first Bank in the City.
Unfortunately the original premises were knocked down in approx 1961, and we erected a pretty average building.
The NAB Business Banking operation is about to move out of these premises, however they have assured me that they will be taking the Bronze Plaque that is on the premises and would have been placed there by Queensland Marketing (probably Ray Knight). This plaque states that we were the first Bank in Maryborough, there is also a photo of the old premises in the Banking Chamber.
Unfortunately the local Historical Society was not aware of this. I have advised them to contact them and get a copy as well as looking at your magnificent Website which has 4 fantastic photos of the premises.
The Society do acknowledge in their very nice History of the City booklet that we were the first Bank, however there is not a picture., The Historical Society is located in the old Wales building.
Mermaid Beach 1975 Listed in Annual Report

1958 photo is of Millmerran branch remains after a fire on 22nd September from Current Accounts Jan 1959.

2011 October John Munro advised: "I am attaching a few pix of exCBC buildings I found on a recent visit to Lightning Ridge. The Original CBC Milmerran site is now the Council Chambers - built on the spot where the CBC burnt down. The building was burnt down on a Saturday and the Bank opened on Monday in a Boarding House next door - it no longer exists. The exCBC building was identified for me by a local who built the foundations for the CBC after the fire. This building is presently vacant and is advertised "For Lease".
Miriam Vale
(receiving office of Gladstone)

32 Blomfield Street

On the Bruce Highway 150Km north of Bundaberg. Miriam Vale is the turnoff for the town of 1770.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

Was a full branch in 1935. Downgrading to an R/O must have occurred sometime later.

2017 Google picture provided by Geoff Chapman who says it is now occupied as a hairdressing salon, but premises were originally the Miriam Vale CBC branch , as advised by the local historical society.

45 Campbell St until 1960s;
46 Campbell St from 1960s





2010 No. 45

2010 No. 46

Mitchell is on the Maranoa River (which flows on to join the Condamine - Darling - Murray River System) 600Km west of Brisbane, between Roma and Charleville -1104 feet above sea level - on one of the main western arteries - the Warrego Highway - yearly rainfall 21.5 inches. Commercial centre for a rural (sheep and cattle) shire of 10,600 square miles.
1846 explorer Sir Thomas Mitchell passed through the area.
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1893 closed (91st Report).
1947 Re-opened in Branch No.2 with
J L Liston as Manager (from Current Accounts January 1971 and January 1975 Pg 72-74 )
Managers since re-opening have been:-
1947-1953 JL Liston
1953-1956 DS Ferguson
1956-1959 MH Mudford
1959-1962 CW Coxon
1965-1970 Dick (RH) Lamb
1970-1972 KR Murray
1972 -19 Lyall AT Kerr
(who gave a report in Current Accounts January 1975).
1975 Listed in Annual Report
2010 September photos by Frank Maundrell who says: "No. 45 was the original CBC Branch.  It is now used as a Beauty Salon.  In the early 1960's a new building was built at No. 46 Cambridge Street, almost directly opposite the old building.  The Aboriginal Health Service now occupies the building.  Source of this information was an elderly lady in charge of a local Historical Society display in a shop near both buildings."
Moreton Bay 1849 "Select Documents of the 19th Century" edited by HW Nunn states that the bank had an agency at 
Moreton Bay - Board Minute 24 July, 1849.
Ipswich, Moreton Bay - an agency business only - Board Minute 5 April, 1850.
Mount Isa
Mount Isa is 110 miles from NT border, 600 miles west of Townsville, 1000 miles north of Brisbane / Adelaide, 900 miles SE of Darwin.
1968 Jan Current Accounts Pg 71 Photo of Sir James Vernon, Mr R H S Cavan and Mr A C Sackson Manager outside the branch.
1970 audited by Noel Bennett and audit clerk John Beer on their 6 months audit of Queensland branches from Surfers Paradise to Innisfail and west to Mount Isa and Pittsworth. Trip was done by car where visits were made to Cairns and Karumba along the way, returning to Brisbane via Longreach.
1975 Listed in Annual Report
Mount Larcom
Mount Larcom is 32Km North of Gladstone.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking
Closed during World War II
1946 reopened (from Current Accounts January 1969)
2007 photo by Don Chancellor who says "I have attached a couple of photographs taken late last year of Mt Larcom Qld Branch which I think closed in the mid to late 1970s. I worked there in 1968 and it was fairly quiet at that time - it was a bad day if we werenít finished for the day before 3.30pm. The Managerís office was on the left side of the building where the knotted curtain can be seen and the office and banking chamber were on the other side. There is a large mango tree beside the building which can be seen on the right hand side of the photographs and while waiting for the next customer, we would at times sit on the side steps and partake of some of those delicious fruit."

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