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Cooktown2008 Frank Maundrell forwarded this photo. He discovered a Cooktown connection with CBC during a visit there last August.  The attached photograph is of a display item in the old Westpac (Bank of NSW) building, functioning as a museum since closure of that Bank. The subject, Henry Walker, had been with CBC prior to joining the old Queensland National and Managed CBC Bourke and Bega (NSW). It incorporates history from CBC and QNB, both ancestor Banks of NAB.  QNB built the magnificent old Bank building in Cooktown, which features very elaborate red cedar counters and other fittings.  Following closure of QNB (long before merger with NBA), Bank of NSW bought the site for, if memory serves me right, about 500 pounds!  The building is now a museum, concentrating on the building history.  
Coolangatta 1975 Listed in Annual Report



1945 HT

1949 HT

1949 CA

1949 CK

1952 HT

1949-1953 CK

1881 Opened (67th Report);

1893 January Listed in 89th Report;

1920s Thargomindah merchant's cheque drawn on Cunnamulla branch.  Handwritten note supplied by John Ramsay says: Known as "Shin Plasters", these cheques. freely accepted by all, were treated as notes and passed from hand to hand.  Speedy's were merchants at Thargomindah and when Thargomindah branch was closed about 1920 the business was transferred to Cunnamulla.  HCB Thomson (retired as Central Inspector) was manager at Thargomindah when it was closed and by means of Cobb and Company coach took books etc. of Thargo to Cunnamulla.  Heavy rain on the black soil roads held him up for days and telegrams from H.O. to Cunna wanted to know where he was - why he had not arrived.

1930s photos on Post Cards provided by John Ramsay show Cunnamulla Staff in the early Nineteen thirties, from left to right: Self (being Alec Ramsay), A. Readhead (Junior), T. Kennedy (Teller), L. Burstal (Accountant).  Tim Hinder (Ledgerkeeper) not in photos.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking

1937 January photo of Cunnamulla Staff from left: Clarrie Warn (Ledgerkeeper), E Theyer (Junior), Myself (Alec Ramsay, Manager), Leo Baker (Accountant), Gilbert Jackson (Teller). 
John Ramsay advised: My father A.N.Ramsay known as Alec was Manager at Cunnamulla
until early 1937. Earlier manager at Gayndah.  Later Manager at Young from 1937 to 1949.

1945 and 1949 photos from Harry Thorne, accountant at the time (refer Yvonne Potter's note below).

1949 fire Cunnamulla branch - photo in Current Accounts Issue No. 1 December 1950.

1949-1955 Manager Mr. Morley

1952 photo by Harry Thorne of the new premises (refer Yvonne Potter's note below).
1954 July 30 CBC moved to new premises in Jane & John Sts costing 30,000 including modern residence.

1969 January: Current Accounts Pg 28 Cunnamulla branch mascot "Skippy", a two months old kangaroo, welcomes State Manager Mr. AF Thompson to Cunnamulla branch. Branch Manager Mr. F Allan Low.

1975 Listed in Annual Report.

2000 Photo by Allan Low

2012 October: Chester Kenyon forwarded two photos of Cunnamulla, the first is of the strongroom at the old branch premises after the fire in 1949 and after the block had been cleared of debris; the second is of the temporary premises in the old Ambulance building occupied by the Bank for some years pending the construction of the new Branch in 1953.

2013 January: Yvonne Potter (nee Thorne) sent a series of views of the CBC Bank in Cunnamulla back in 1949, advising "I found in my dad's photos.  He was the Accountant in those days.  I am so glad Chester Kenyon sent in his photos and to know that someone other than myself can remember.  I am sure my Dad (Harry Thorne) would be pleased to know all is not forgotten.  I remember it well and the upset that it was to open up in the temporary premises.  The staff had to wait until someone travelled up from Brisbane to open the strongroom as it had to cool down to a certain temperature.  The staff photo was not the 1949 staff (Chester may know the year these folk were there).  I was only 9 years old but I think from left to right - Geoff Hobbs (manager), Harry Thorne (accountant), Graham Tarrent, Dawn Carney and Ian Ingles.  Dad was moved about 3 months before completion of the new premises.


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