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The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited
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QLD I-L Country

84 Lannercost Street




Opened 1897 (99th Report);
Photo of that era reproduced from "Select Documents of the Nineteenth Century Vol. 2" edited by Harry W. Nunn.

1890s & 1909 photos from NAB archives.

1911 listed in 125th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

1971 photo from Current Accounts Jan 1972.
1975 Listed in Annual Report.

2011 November John Beer advised that NAB Ingham is where CBC Ingham was and that the branch has been remodelled since the then new CBC branch in 1971.   Photo from Google.
Inglewood is on the Cunningham Highway between Warwick and Goondiwindi.
Opened 1906 (117th Report);
1925 photo from State Library of Queensland
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1975 Listed in Annual Report.



1897 Opened 30th June as Geraldton branch.
1907 Moved to premises which were occupied to 1934
1910 Geraldton name changed to Innisfail.
1911 listed in 125th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1934 new premises constructed. Building as shown in photo was built in early 1930's
1960 Photo in Current Accounts July

1962 building re-modelled, with Manager moving off the premises to a new residence (from Current Accounts July 1965, also NLA an23197421-v).

1971 colour photo of Innisfail branch street corner.
1975 Listed in Annual Report.

1981 photo from Warren Neilson, who comments: "this is another pic of Innisfail after the main entrance was repositioned to the main street and the bosses office to the corner. Public Accountants were located on the upper residential level."

Ipswich 1975 Listed in Annual Report
James Cook University of North Queensland
(receiving office of Rising Sun)
 1975 Listed in Annual Report
(receiving office of Cairns)
 Karumba is on the Gulf of Carpentaria, 443Km north of Cloncurry.
1975 Listed in Annual Report
Cnr Ailanthus & 11 Willow Street



Killarney is close to the NSW border 30Km SE of Warwick.
1906 Opened (116th Report);
1911 listed in 125th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.
1943 January 23 branch closed.
1960 location shot with caption: Quarantine gone mad - Up until the late 1960's, motorists travelling from the state of Qld to NSW had their car boots inspected by officers of the Department of Agriculture NSW at the state border. This was to see that no live plants, livestock &c were being carried in the boot. The idea was to stop the spread of the Qld cattle tick to NSW. Naturally, this being a failure, the practice was later disbanded.

1968 A tornado destroyed the top floor of the building and it was removed, leaving the building as it is today.

2012 February Geoff Chapman obtained the early photo in the Memories of Killarney and District book from the Killarney and District Historical Society and advised:
CBC Killarney branch opened in 1906 on corner of Ailanthus & Willow Streets (11 Willow Street)
The premises were a two story timber structure with the Managerís residence at the rear of the branch and on the upper floor.
The branch closed on 23/1/1943
A tornado ("the blow") in 1968 destroyed the top floor of the building and it was removed, leaving the building as it is today.
From an image of the original building, it can clearly be seen that the present building is what was the ground floor of the original building.
Since closure the building has been used on occasion as a private residence and has also housed several businesses/ The building today is occupied by Killarney Real Estate.  The building which was advertised for sale was the National Bank of Australasia Ltd.  This building is now a private residence.
The above information, together with a image of the original building was provided by Jeanette Braithwaite, Secretary, Killarney & District Historical Society.

Geoff also sourced the Google Earth image of the premises in 2012, then occupied by Killarney Real Estate.  It can be readily seen that this is the ground floor of the original building.
2015 August Angela Phillips of the Killarney and District Historical Society advised that they have recently moved to new premises in the old Bank building.
Cnr Eagle & Swan Sts

c1930s 1st branch


2011 Ibis St

1897 Opened by H.E. Barlow as Manager, and
1906 Opened (98th Report);
1911 listed in 125th Report;
19** SS Clark Longreach officer later became Chief Manager Victoria
1918 junior Ernest Farrar later became General Manager
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1943 Closed under wartime rationalisation of banking
1963 Re-opened (from Current Accounts July 1965)
1965 April Manager ME Gall, 2IC BF Jocumsen, Junior Miss DA Bingham (Current Accounts July 1965 Pg 10 source of most of history)
1975 Listed in Annual Report.
2006 Friday May 19 Robbery. 
National Australia Bank says staff have been counselled after a robbery at its Longreach branch last Friday. A 47-year-old Ayr man has been charged over the incident. It is alleged he handed a note to a teller last Friday demanding money and escaped with cash before being arrested by police.
The bank's Patrick Southam says there had never been a robbery in the bank's 100-year history in the town and security has now been increased.
"The National's policy is to have extra security in place after such incidents and that's there now," he said. "We'll review that presence after we've reviewed the incident, but certainly there is an increased security presence there, but more importantly our staff are fine and no customers were injured in the incident."
2010 October Frank Maundrell advised: Longreach is on the corner of Eagle and Swan Streets, opposite the existing NAB branch.  The building is now used as a bakery.   A plaque on the Longreach site does not mention CBC, but records that the site was originally the Imperial Hotel - a large wooden building, it was destroyed by fire in 1954. Frank took the two photos in September 2010.
2011 May Geoff Chapman sourced the black & white photo. This was branch # 1. After closure in 1940ís it had various uses, including as a girls hostel. The building was later moved to Ibis Street for use as a private residence.  His contact Kay Searles advised him
"checked as I drove down Ibis street and the number of where the house is situated now is 146/148 so you may be able to Google Earth it and have a look - not like the building it was." Google Earth image attached of the residence in Ibis Street Longreach, which was orginally the first CBC Longreach branch.

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