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QLD S Country

1910 Opened (125th Report);
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1975 Listed in Annual Report.
2007 August photo of the new NAB branch by Bob Wilmot who advises that the old CBC site is now vacant land.
Southport 1975 Listed in Annual Report
Stanthorpe 1913 Opened 26th September in the sample room of the Royal Hotel (wish they still had these).
Geoff Chapman notes: Daniel Sheahan was a pioneer of the Stanthorpe area. He opened a butcher shop on the corner of High and Victoria Streets, which later became the site of CBC Bank.
1915 the branch moved to Hartigan's Buildings where it remained until
1924 when permanent premises were occupied (presumably a purpose built branch) (from Current Accounts January 1962)
1931 Receiving Office at Thulimbah listed in Annual Report.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1975 Listed in Annual Report
70 71 72 Burrowes Street

< 2009

2010 No. 70

2010 No. 72

2013 No. 71
Frank Advises that Surat is a very small town of around 600 inhabitants.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

1975 Listed in Annual Report

2009 April Bob Handel forwarded this slide photo he took several years ago

2010 September Frank Maundrell took these photos: " No. 70 Burrowes Street, now occupied by the Government Agent; No. 72 Burrowes Street is a view of the Residence building, which is built alongside, but to the rear of the old Bank building."

2013 October Frank Maundrell advised: "These photos I took recently are of the first CBC premises in Surat.  They are at No. 71 Burrowes Street, now a private residence opposite the later building at No. 72.  The Museum in Surat at what was the Cobb & Co. Changing Station has a photo of this building dressed with CBC signage across the top of the blank front wall.  I do not know dates when the buildings were in use.  The best I can offer is that No. 71 appears to be in the 1920's style and No. 72 is about 1960's style."
Surfers' Paradise





1957 photo of first Surfers Paradise branch, the shed on right side near power pole. From Geoff Chapman. Also cropped enlargement from same photo.



1958 Sketch of new branch and 'photo of temporary premises in Current Accounts July 1958 - Surfers' Paradise in Queensland's fabulous holiday resort, is to be faced in blue and white tiles, and has been designed to blend in with the colourful architecture in the town.  It should prove rather more appropriate than the temporary premises illustrated elsewhere in this issue. 
Photo of A.G. Chapman manager, with Wendy Barry and George Kenrick.

1974 photo from a newspaper panorama (click here to view) of the main Street supplied by Ken Foulcher.

1975 Listed in Annual Report

2013 January Kevin Greenaway advised "Iíve been going through a lot of old slides and came across this one I took on my first ever visit to Queensland in 1962.
The FIAT car on the left is mine and Alistair Campbell and I drove up to Brisbane for a weekend.
Attached is my photo of Surfers Paradise fifty years ago. Where do the years go?
All the old cars in the street, looks like a Car Club convention."



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