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The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited
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T - VIC Country

(receiving office of Shepparton)
 1927-06-30 CBCofS Report Lists BOV location as Tallygaroopna G F Draffin (Agent)
1928-06-30 & later "Agent" changed to "Sub."
1934-06-30 & later Reports "Sub." removed

1934 Listed in Century of Banking


The bank occupied 3 sites in Tangambalanga (Kiewa is across the river). The land titles to all 3 sites are part of the Tangambalanga Pre-emptive Right

1961 Don Crothers and Shirley Coulston in the ledger department.
Photos by Kevin Greenaway who says "
I was the teller there in 1961/62.  Kiewa branch was actually in Tangambalanga, the two places being divided by the Kiewa river. The building is now a Veterinary surgery. I was there in Sept 2005."

See Kiewa for more information.

143 Hogan Street



1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1975 Listed in Annual Report

2015 May
Geoff Chapman advised:
Image of an unknown date shows Bank of Victoria in Hogan Street Tatura which will fill up a hole in Clubs website, until and image of CBC can be located and added to the site.  Retrieved from Trave with acknowledgement to Tatura Irrigation & Wartime Camp Museum.

(2) After commencing investigation of CBC Tatura. I was reminded that some considerable time ago, I sent to you the attached Google Earth image, after I had contacted the local historical society who confirmed that this nab branch was the former CBC branch and was in fact in remodelled premises of The Bank of Victoria.
The Victorian style of the building behind the facade supports that. The facade is typical CBC 1960s architecture.

2019 photos by Kevin Greenaway who says: Tatura is where I relieved back in 1959.
It was the weekend when I took these photos hence the views through the front windows.
One desk has a L plate on it?? And another has HELP on it. Inexperience?  Kevin

(receiving office of Kiewa Tangambalanga)
 1975 Listed in Annual Report
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1975 Listed in Annual Report

2020 December Ken Clark sent photos of Victorian branches he worked at including Terang in 1966. Terang branch was also rebuilt on the same site soon afterheI left, around 1969-70 he estimates. It is still in operation, although on reduced hours he believes.

(receiving office of Trafalgar)
 1975 Listed in Annual Report

1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1959 photo by Kevin Greenaway.
1975 Listed in Annual Report.

2011 May Google image of ex-CBC Tongala submitted by Geoff Chapman.
(receiving office of Tatura)
 1934 Listed in Century of Banking
Cnr Stanley & Gray Streets

1906 Bank of Vic


1907 Union Bank

1906 Bank of Victoria in Toora. This building was built in 1906 and would have been a CBC branch from 1927 until 1942 when ex-Union Bank was then occupied as branch premises. A number of people are standing in front of the wooden building which was built in 1906. The bank closed in 1942 and the building is now a private residence. From Monash University No. 4224.
2010 January 14 photo (c) centenarydog from Flickr.
1907 building of brick premises for the Union Bank of Australia, see photo.

1927 CBC amalgamated with Bank of Victoria, using 1906 premises until 1942.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1942 Ex-Union Bank building occupied by The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney.
1975 Listed in Annual Report
1975 January Current Accounts Pg 76 has photo of same building redecorated.
1982 The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney used the building from 1942 to 1982, when it amalgamated with the National Bank of Australasia to form
1983 National Commercial Banking Corporation of Australia Ltd which in
1984 was renamed National Australia Bank Ltd (NAB).
2007 June 10 location search revealed no NAB services in Toora / Toora North.
2009 Google Earth photo sourced by Geoff Chapman.


1903 branch opened (from Current Accounts July 1965).
1910 photo showing Times printing office, Bank of Victoria, William Levey's commercial stores and Criterion Hotel; sourced from Museum Victoria.
1927 CBC amalgamated with Bank of Victoria.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1975 Listed in Annual Report

2005 photo by Kevin Greenaway

2019 photos by Kevin Greenaway who says: I relieved there in 1965 when Rae Langlands was Manager. He was the manager at Sale when I joined the bank in 1954.
The building is now called Bar TWENTY 4, it was closed when I took the photos but is apparently a popular meeting place these days.


82-88 Franklin Street

1959 Opened, (from Current Accounts July 77)
1975 Listed in Annual Report
2009 September Geoff Chapman sourced the following:
1. 1950's postcard of Franklin Street Traralgon from State Library of Victoria. Edge of CBC branch is seen at far left edge of the photo, being the building with the round top windows, which are typical of many Bank of Victoria branches
2. Google Earth image of nab branch on the same site (82-88 Franklin Street)
(receiving office of Cowangie)
 1934 Listed in Century of Banking


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