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The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited
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K - VIC Country

69 Commercial Street



2009 nab
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

1960 photo by Kevin Greenaway

1975 Listed in Annual Report.

Photo with CBC logo  by F McDonald of Kaniva and forwarded to Geoff Chapman, who says "The photo is of a later date than that above, having been taken after the adoption of the CBC logo.

2009 September Google image in nab livery sourced by Geoff Chapman.



1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

1960 postcard with CBC on the left.

1975 Listed in Annual Report and celebrated centenary on 21/9/1975 as seen in photo from Current Accounts January 1976.

2009 July Google Earth photo sourced by Geoff Chapman.




The bank occupied 3 sites in Tangambalanga (Kiewa is across the river). The land titles to all 3 sites are part of the Tangambalanga Pre-emptive Right
1927-06-30 CBCofS Report Lists
Kiewa V A L S Adams Agent, and later "Sub."
1934-06-30 & later Reports "Sub." removed.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

1961 Don Crothers and Shirley Coulston in the ledger department.
Photos by Kevin Greenaway who says "
I was the teller there in 1961/62.  Kiewa branch was actually in Tangambalanga, the two places being divided by the Kiewa river. The building is now a Veterinary surgery. I was there in Sept 2005."

1975 Listed in Annual Report.

2009 Google Earth photo sourced by Geoff Chapman who says it is now a Veterinary clinic.

2013 Kevin Greenaway advised:
I recently visited Tangambalanga again where I was teller in 1960.  I enclose a couple of photos I took of the old branch with is now a Vet.  I see an image on the website taken from Google Thought this one was better.  Also one of the strongroom door inside.  The Vet has retained a wooden post in the strongroom with names of staff written on it (After my time though).
Kilmore 1865 Branch opened with C R W Fraser as Manager (from Current Accounts January 1975)
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1975 Listed in Annual Report
(receiving office of Kerang)
 1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1975 Listed in Annual Report

1915 Bank of Victoria moved to new premises on 26th August.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1975 Listed in Annual Report

2009 September notes from Korumburra Historical Society:
I have some photos of the early bank and I also took a couple of the building yesterday. Some history of the site is covered in a local book "The History of the Korumburra Shire" by Joseph White and I Quote from it - ""The land on which the branch of the bank of Victoria it was built in commercial Street, was first purchased for the sum of 120 by Joseph H Cohen at a sale of Korumburra allotments in 1888. The next owner was Sara Davies, of York Street Sale, who purchased the allotment in 1895. The land lay idle for some years, then was purchased by LM Larsson who built a coffee palace on the allotment. A coffee palace was sold again to a Mrs Emma Robinson in 1902. It seems that the Coffee Palace was burnt down and the bank of Victoria bought the property. The bank erected temporary premises and opened for business in 1907, with Mr. LS Howard as the first manager. In 1915 the temporary premises had outlived their usefulness and were demolished to make way for the new bank building that was erected on the site and opened on 26 August 1915. In 1927 this bank amalgamated with the commercial banking Company of Sydney". I am not sure if this info is correct without doing further research. I don't know when the present building was erected. Hope this is of help in your project. If you would like to send a small donation the address of the Historical Society is PO Box 329 Korumburra 3950. Regards Doug Boston - Archivist

2009 September photos of ex-CBC branch, now occupied by a firm of Solicitors, from Geoff Chapman.

Kyabram1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1975 Listed in Annual Report

2009 David Jobson advises: This is the present NAB at Kyabram Vic (near Shepparton) and was confirmed by a local as the site of the Bank of Victoria and later, the CBC. I don't have any further information on dates, premises or anything. As it's such a bland looking non-CBC building it's probably not worth listing. Up to you!  Anything is better than nothing! Ed.
126 Mollison Street

1873 Tenders were called by the Bank of Victoria in 1873 for the construction of a new branch building. On completion of the building the bank moved from previous premises in Piper Street on 1/11/1875 (advised by Geoff Chapman June 2009)

1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
Recently discovered. Was still going in 1957 when Manager J C Pelchen retired (from Current Accounts January 1958).  May have closed and subsequently re-opened.
Monochrome undated photo from National Trust - Victoria: Classification includes the water tank with the unusual top, the outside toilets, servants' wing and vault complete with its slate shelving and iron grille.
1975 Listed in Annual Report
1987 photo of Bank of Victoria building and notes from Australian Heritage database:
Statement of Significance: The former Bank of Victoria building, built in 1875, is a significant work of the well known Melbourne architects Smith and Johnson who designed many of the Bank's premises, all of which as a group epitomise the very best qualities of the conservative classical style of bank architecture (Criterion D.2). The building is a key element in the Mollison Street streetscape, a streetscape of considerable significance in Kyneton and one also containing core civic structures such as the post office and the shire hall (Criterion E.1).
Description: Following the calling of tenders in 1873, the former Bank of Victoria building was constructed in 1875, the bank moving from its earlier premises in Piper Street on 1 November 1875. Well known Melbourne architects Smith and Johnson designed the building and Nation and Co were the builders. There were fourteen tenderers, five from the district. The successful tender was for nearly 5,000 pounds. Nation and Co, later Nation, Gamlin and Nation, built several Bank of Victoria buildings; Smith and Johnson designed many of the bank's premises. The building later became a National Bank and was also a CBC Bank; by October 1987 it was credit offices, with a restaurant in the residence section. a two storey stuccoed building on a bluestone plinth, the old Bank of Victoria has symmetrical main facades to both streets. The principal facade has a single storey projecting porch with arched front door, framed by two piers and a keystone and cornice above. The ground floor has smooth rustication and rectangular double-hung windows set in recessed flat frames. The first floor has curved-head windows with elaborate cases over a smooth wall surface. There is an elaborate parapet cornice to three sides. A setback screen wall faces the street end of the double-storeyed verandah along the north side wall, which is not on a street. The manager's office and banking chamber take up the entire ground floor facade, the latter from behind the porch to the street corner. The rear of the ground floor and all of the first floor is the old manager's residence; the manager's office opens directly into the hallway of the residence. As with all such banks, the internal detailing is simple. There is a single storey wing at the rear containing the kitchen. Behind the building is an in-ground water tank and a shed.

2009 June notes by Geoff Chapman: the building is no longer used as a bank, and now houses a restaurant.

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