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1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
Linga and Boinka were one-time Receiving Offices of Underbool.

1957 Photo appears in Kevin Greenaway's book "The Bank Manager wants to see you".  Kevin started there on 15th May.

1975 Listed in Annual Report

2011 May Google Earth image of CBC Branch (No 2) Underbool Now closed.  Nowhere as attractive as branch No 1 says Geoff Chapman.


2018 three photos of Underbool by David Jobson

Bank of Victoria


1927 CBC amalgamated with Bank of Victoria.

2006 photo of Bank of Victoria by Helen Morgan on flickr who says: Lived in still. We spoke to the owner, whose family have lived in Vaughn forever. This, he told us, had been the former Bank of Victoria.


2019 March Geoff Chapman provided a link to an article about its restoration in the Canberra Times 27/3/2019 on, reproduced here
Credits quoted in the article.









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