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(receiving office of Rutherglen)


On the Victorian side of the Murray River, 2km from Corowa, NSW

opened as an Agency of BOV Beechworth.
In latter half of 1865 it was converted to a branch, advised by David Jobson from NAB Archives.
Managers who have been in charge are:-
                1865/1867     A.Williamson
                1867/1877     J.F. Daniell
                1877/1882     J.D.Law   Mr J.D.Law later became Chief Executive Officer of The Bank of Victoria Limited.
                1882/1883     L.Fraser.
1883 Branch closed on 12 May

1922 in July a Receiving Office was conducted from Rutherglen Branch and continued through and beyond the merger with CBC in 1927
1927 CBC amalgamated with Bank of Victoria.
1929 December 6 Listed in The Week, Brisbane advertising page 35.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

1973 photo of Wahgunyah Post Office, former Bank of Victoria by JT Collins from State Library of Vic.
1975 Listed in Annual Report
1981 Wahgunyah Receiving Office closed on 30th June.

2007 Geoff Chapman advised: When Branch closed, business was transferred to Rutherglen, 35Km away, rather than to the closer Corowa branch 2Km away, as that branch was interstate.
2009 July photos by David Jobson who stated "
I took these shots today, the building looked good in the late afternoon sun."
(receiving office of Condah)
 1927-06-30 CBCofS Report Lists
Condah D J McDonald (Act.)
Wallacedale Receiving Office Agent and later "Sub."
1929 December 6 Listed in The Week, Brisbane advertising page 35.
1934-06-30 & later Reports "Sub." removed.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking
Grand Junction



182K East of Melbourne
Walhalla was one of Australia's richest towns, and home to over 3,500, following the discovery of gold in the area in 1863. The Long Tunnel Mine operated between 1865 and 1914 and was Victoria's most profitable single mine Current population 2007: About 20. Electricity was only connected to the town in 1998.

1866-1885 Gold Escort leaving Bank of Victoria from State Library of Victoria.

1927 CBC amalgamated with Bank of Victoria.

1949 photos showing site of Mechanics Hall and Bank of Victoria, and old Bank of Victoria vault from State Library of Victoria.


2007 January photo by SplaTT on  Gold Vault at Walhalla.
Notes from Walhalla web site sourced by Geoff Chapman:
In its time the original vault of the Bank of Victoria stored 82 tons of Walhalla gold, behinf doors that weighed 800Kg.
At the May 2010 gold price of US$1172 per ounce, that would be worth of in excess of AUD$3.6billion.

(receiving office of Kilmore)
 1975 Listed in Annual Report
Receiving office of Ouyen

Walpeup is West of Ouyen.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking as a full branch.
1936 J K Finnan was appointed Manager.
1936 Converted to Receiving Office of Ouyen.
1975 Listed in Annual Report
2006 February photo by Frank Scurr, who points out that half of the nameboard was removed to allow for entry of electricity wires.
45 Reid Street








1899 Branch opened at Commercial Hotel facing Murphy Street until 1904.
1899 A site in Reid Street purchased for seven hundred and thirty four pounds 17/-.
1904 Premises erected in Reid Street at cost of 3,500 pounds. See 1930 picture.
1904 Receiving Office established at Moyhu, 50 kilometres south from Wangaratta branch.
1927/28 Moyhu converted to a sub-branch.
1930 photo of Wangaratta branch submitted by David Jobson
1931 May 2 Moyhu closed.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1938 Opened again as a Receiving Office.
1976 March 31 Moyhu closed.
1956 The original bluestone bank was demolished.
1957 New branch premises erected at 45 Reid Street at cost of 20,661 pounds. (See 1958 picture)
1959 photo of Wangaratta Staff from Current Accounts.
1975 Listed in Annual Report
1987 Unified with Ex-NBA in Ex-NBA premises at 34 Murphy Street Wangaratta.
1989/1990 45 Reid Street premises demolished and new premises built. Site of present NAB.

Manager's List:
1899/1915 H.P. Thureau
1915/1929 A.A. Begg
1929/1933 H.P. Farrell
1933/1937 S.G.Thompson
1937/1950 G.E. Deeble
1950/1957 R.C. Churchill
1957/1962 R.G. F.Parry
1962/1965 R.M. Williams
1965/1970 R.A.F.Flatman
1979/1974 J.F. Russell
1974/1980 M.M. Sheahan
1980/1987 J.E.N. Nuttall

2008 December - List and photos of Wang staff in 1959 and early B&W pictures of two different premises, 1930 and 1958 submitted by David Jobson

2015 June Google Earth image of nab Wangaratta which was built at 45 Reid Street, the site of the demolished CBC branch, sourced by Geoff Chapman.
5 Smith Street

5 Smith St 2010

3 & 5 Smith St

18 Smith St 2007
1937-8 commenced in rented premises at 18 Smith Street.
1938 purchased property at 5 Smith Street and demolished existing building.
1939 5 Smith St premises constructed.
1975 Listed in Annual Report

Former C.B.C. Bank, 5 Smith Street, Warragul, VIC, Australia
Constructed in 1939, this building was originally the chambers of the C.B.C. Bank which subsequently merged with the National Bank of Australia.  When this photo was taken in 2010 by phunnyfotos on Flickr, the building was home to a firm of solicitors

In the second photo supplied by Malcolm  Dickson following a request to the Warragul & District Historical Society, next door on the left is the former London Chartered Bank (later the London Bank of Australia and the E.S. & A. Bank), at 3 Smith Street, Warragul, VIC, Australia.  The building was erected in 1887 for the London Chartered Bank. However due to difficulties in the crash of the land boom in 1893, it re-emerged as the London Bank of Australia Ltd. In 1921, this bank was taken over by the E.S & A Bank. The upstairs section of this building was initially used as the Manager's residence (When photographed in 2010 by phunyfotos on Flickr, the ground floor was occupied by Chambers Restaurant and Chumba hairdressing salon was located on the upper floor).

The third photo also supplied by Malcolm Dickson, is of the site where the bank commenced business in rented premises around 1937-38.
Dear Geoff,
I am a member of The Warragul & District Historical Society and at our meeting this week your letter was received re the CBC Bank in Warragul.
The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney premises were at 5 Smith Street which is currently occupied by M Davine & Co Solicitors.
The premises at 27 Victoria Street were the State Saving Bank of Victoria.
My information is that the CBC came to Warragul about 1937 or1938 and rented a premises at 18 Smith Street from Mr R E Ross. They purchased the 5 Smith Street from the parent company of Williams The Shoeman (The Trelowarren Trust ) in1938.
The building that was on the site was demolished late 1939 and the current building was built by the Bank 1939 /1940
The reason I believe that the above information is correct is based on the following.
My 90 year old neighbour was secretary to Mr R E Ross and collected the rent from the various shops he owned and remembers the CBC bank renting 18 Smith Street.
She can’t remember the Managers name but the teller was Mac Cameron.
My father rented a shop at 5 Smith Street from 1930 to June 1939 when we had to vacate the shop for the CBC Bank.
We moved to 30 Smith Street where the business is still operated by my son and two Grandsons.
I will attach current photos of both the premises as they are today although they have not changed structurally since the Bank was there.
The last manager Mr Brian Hoffman stills lives in Warragul.
If I can be of any further assistance please contact me.  Yours faithfully Malcolm Dickson.

2011 March Brian Hoffman, last Manager of Warragul branch, advises that the branch closed in 1982.

Liebig Street





1861 Former Bank of Victoria premises built.
1927 CBC carried on business in these premises, the building having a life as a Bank for 98 years until 1959.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1959 June new premises completed.
1975 Listed in Annual Report

2012 July Geoff Chapman provided a 1949 image of the portico at the front of the Bank of Victoria building in Liebig Street.

2012 August Geoff Chapman provided image of the Bank of Victoria/CBC branch that was in use from 1861 to 1959, sourced from Warrnambool & District Historical Society.

2020 December Ken Clark sent photos of Victorian branches he worked at including Warrnambool in 1963.  The Warrnambool branch in Liebig Street has been demolished at some stage over say the last 20 years and now comprises a real estate agents office, café and other offices and shops.

Watchem 1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1975 Listed in Annual Report
Werribee 1975 Listed in Annual Report
(receiving office of Willaura)
 1975 Listed in Annual Report
42 then 78 Main Street


1907 in 2009

1956 in 2009

1907 in 2013
1907 original branch building erected for Colonial Bank of Australasia.
1908 postcard of the Colonial Bank of Australasia prior to occupation of the building by Bank of Victoria in 1919.
1919 Colonial Bank building occupied by Bank of Victoria.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1942 original branch closed.
1956 old branch reoccupied pending new premises at 78 Main Street.
1975 Listed in Annual Report

2009 September Google Earth images sourced by Geoff Chapman of:
1. Building which was Colonial Bank of Australasia 1907-1919 then Bank of Victoria 1919-1927;
    CBC 1927-1942 when closed, probably as a wartime rationalisation measure.
2. Some time later CBC re-opened further down the street at 78 Main Street
    In 1956 they temporarily reoccupied the old branch while the 78 Main Street building was demolished and premises as shown in photo #2 built.  Branch closed post 1982
(Information provided by Mr & Mrs Robinson, current owners of 1907 premises).

2013 March David Jobson advised "we just did a trip down to the Otways and The Great Ocean Road. Drove through Willaura Vic on the way home and took another picture of the old Colonial Bank of Australasia to supplement the Google ones on the website. Interesting old premises and still in reasonable condition.  The Colonial Bank of Australasia was established in 1856"

1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1975 Listed in Annual Report

Photo from Current Accounts July 1960

Wodonga, The Mall, Stanley Street receiving office 1975 Listed in Annual Report
Cnr 1 McBride Avenue
and Murray Street



Wanthaggi is 132klm NE of Melbourne
1908 developed when Vic Railways mined local black coal
1910 Colonial Bank of Australia operated from a tent in the town.

1911 Bank of Victoria opened and operated from a small weatherboard building on the current site.
1915 Bank of Victoria built a new weatherboard structure on the same site, which still stands.  There are two photos of the same site, the second taken from the Town Walk article below showing the bank's position in the main street, with the clearer photo above it superimposed.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking
1942 6th July CBC closed due to War rationalisation, and the then manager L.G. Howsam bought the building.
1944 He sold the building to the Moyle family cartage business, after being transferred from Wonthaggi by the Bank.
1968 coal mines closed replaced by drop forging, cotton spinning & clothing manufacture
1980 letter from Melbourne Office reproduced at left and below.
1990 population 5344
2010 The property has remained in the hands of the Moyle family since 1944, recently leased to the Victorian State government as a DSE office for the Wonthaggi Desalination Plant.

Town Walk
THE BANK OF VICTORIA LTD. Corner McBride Avenue & Murray Street.
The first bank in Wonthaggi is thought to have been the Colonial Bank of Australia (1910 ) which operated from a tent in the initial tent town.
By 1912 there were four banks operating in Wonthaggi, including the Bank of Victoria , a small weatherboard building on this site which was later moved to Merrin Crescent, Wonthaggi.
The present building, built in 1915, is a weatherboard, single storey structure with the business counters and two offices at the front and a residence attached ( as was common with many businesses in the town). This served as the Bank of Victoria until 1935, when it became the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney.
After the closure of this Bank in 1944 the building was purchased by the Moyle family who ran their extensive cartage business, including fuel supplies ( CUR/ Shell/ BF ) which began with horse and lorry delivery. The family still own the building today.
Despite its use as the office of the owner's cartage business, a dress shop, a dressmaker shop, an antique and collectables shop, the interior remains virtually as the Bank left it, complete with high teller counters, strongroom and wire mesh security screens.

1980 17th March letter from David Kelly, Manager Marketing Southern to the Action Director at Wonthaggi:

Re: "Back to Wonthaggi"

We refer to your letter dated 7th March, 1980 and advise that we have very little information on hand regarding this point of bank representation.

Our Archives Department advises as follows:-

"The branch was opened during the first half of 1911 and a single storied weatherboard building was erected on property situated corner McBride and Murray Streets during that year.

Branch was closed on 6th July, 1942".

List of Managers:-

1911/26 John Robertson
1926-34 M. H. Gyton

1934-36 L. R. Roadknight

1936-37 W. E. Sutton
1937-42 L. G. Howsam

This is unfortunately the extent of our record.

We have also forwarded under separate cover a supply of promotion material and would like to wish you well with your venture.

2010 March lettter from Wonthaggi Historical Society:
Dear Mr. Chapman,
In reply to your letter to the Wonthaggi Historical Society dated 18th Feb. 2010.
There was an early small wooden building (with Safe) used from 1911 by the Bank of Vic. in Wonthaggi.
The building now at 1 McBride Avenue, Wonthaggi was built for the Bank of Victoria in 1915. It was taken over by the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney.
During the Second War all banks were rationalized and the Wonthaggi Bank was quickly closed. The Bank vacated the building leaving all interior fittings intact, the Bank vault with heavy slate shelves & heavy steel door, the complete Tellers Cage, with wooden cash bowls inset in two large drawers. The Tellers long counters, ledger press and Bank of Victoria money bags.
My parents purchased the building in 1944 from Mr. Howsam (the last manager) who had purchased it after the closure (about 1942) & sold it to my parents when he was transferred from Wonthaggi.
We have never altered the building but maintained it in good order. My family lived in the residence from the 1950s. & conducted their General Carrying business from the front Bank office. Its most recent use was by the Vic. State Gov. who have leased it (until Feb, 2010) for the last 2 & half years as a DSE office for the Wonthaggi Desalination Plant.
I am enclosing a photo taken recently.    Best Regards, Jack Moyle.
1927-06-30 Bank of Victoria location listed as Woomelang R E Pollock (Agent)".
1928-06-30 & later "Agent" changed to "Sub."

1934 Listed in Century of Banking
continued to be listed with name "T Daunt" followed by "Sub."
1939-06-30 "Sub." removed. Must have been converted to a branch.
1940-06-30 Listed in Annual Report as "Woomelang T Daunt"
Was one of the locations no longer listed following WWII closures.
2011 May Google photo of the site submitted by Geoff Chapman.  Now closed.

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