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1929 December 6 Listed in The Week, Brisbane advertising page 35.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

1975 Listed in Annual Report

2007 photo by Geoff Chapman

2009 photos by Kevin Greenaway.  "This was my first job away from home at the age of 16 in 1954".



2019 photos as NAB by Kevin Greenaway.  Here are some images I took of Orbost Branch in 2019.
I relieved here for 3 months 65 years ago in 1954.



1916 photo of Bank of Victoria in Farrell Street from Museum Victoria.

1918 photo in Current Accounts July 1965.
1929 December 6 Listed in The Week, Brisbane advertising page 35.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

1975 Listed in Annual Report

2008 photos by David Jobson who says: I took these of the old CBC Ouyen in November. A new NAB building is a few doors away.
You can see the outline of the bank's name over the door.

Oxley 8 July 1880 is date of letter from Bank of Victoria Oxley branch employee to his relatives in Scotland re shooting of Ned Kelly at nearby Glenrowan.

2013 October John Beer advises that according to the Ned Kelly site there was a branch of the Bank of Victoria at Oxley Bridge at one time.  The branch was known as Bank of Victoria
 Oxley as per letterhead that has just come to light from BOV Oxley staff member who wrote on BOV Oxley letterhead about the shooting of Ned Kelly.
20131009 Wednesday actual letter on BOV Oxley letterhead seen on TV.  The account was from Scotsman Donald Gray Sutherland who was working at the Bank of Victoria in Oxley when Kelly made his last stand 133 years ago.The previously unknown letter described Kelly as a "powerful man" who lay on a stretcher "quite calm and collected" after sustaining five or six gunshot wounds in the stand-off with police. Sutherland goes on to describe the famous armour - weighing about 97 pounds or 44kg - that caused police bullets to slide off Kelly "like hail"."They were firing into him at about 10 yards in the grim light of the morning without the slightest effect," he wrote. Sutherland had heard of an affray involving the Kellys while in Oxley and went to nearby Glenrowan, in northeast Victoria, to see the "desperados" who caused him "so many dreams and sleepless nights".He then documented what he saw in a letter to his family. Now, his descendants have handed that letter dated July 8, 1880 over to the State Library of Victoria. A lock of hair from Kelly's horse was enclosed with the letter. State Library of Victoria chief executive Sue Roberts said the letter is a remarkable document."This letter is a very personal account of events that have become part of Australia's folklore," she said."It will join Ned's armour, Jerilderie Letter and other important items in our Kelly collection - one of the largest and most significant in the world." The letter will be on display in its Changing Face of Victoria exhibition from Monday. It can also be viewed online with a full transcript on the State Library website. - See more at:
The Letterhead seen on TV:-
"Bank of Victoria" (printed on stationery) then in handwriting:- "Oxley"
...then report by BOV officer in his handwriting to his family in Scotland re the shooting of Ned Kelly.
The date the BOV branch was open was date of shooting of Ned Kelly. BOV was the only bank in Oxley.
Other things in Oxley included Oxley Shire Council Administration HQ.
Searches through records available back to 1900 did not locate any representation at Oxley.

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