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9 High Street, corner Napier Street


1881 Eaglehawk Bank of Victoria branch opened.
1929 December 6 Listed in The Week, Brisbane advertising page 35.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1975 Listed in Annual Report.
2005 photo by Kevin Greenaway

Australian Government Department of EWHA - Statement of Significance: Notable example of the architects Smith and Johnson where works epitomise the best qualities of conservative classicism. The form of the building and the first floor windows are typical of Smith and Johnson's style and bank architecture generally. A distinctive feature which makes this particular bank unusual is the ground floor motif with stilted segmental arcuated system and stylised pilasters. The bank is prominently located and an essential element of this interesting historic area. (The Commission is in the process of developing and/or upgrading official statements for places listed prior to 1991. The above data was mainly provided by the nominator and has not yet been revised by the Commission.)

Description: The CBC Bank, Eaglehawk was erected in 1881 for the Bank of Victoria. The architects were Smith and Johnson. The two storey brick structure has a rendered facade and is located on a corner site. The corner is chamfered and contains the principal entrance. The ground floor is composed of a stilted segmental arcuated system, each facade is terminated by broad stylised pilasters. The arched first floor windows have architrave and hood mouldings.

Condition and Integrity: The new ground floor windows are not compatible with the building, the building otherwise has an intact exterior. It is still in use as a bank and appears to be structurally sound.

Undated photo by David Heap, from DEWHA

622 High Street
since renumbered to
589-591 High Street






It is logical that a branch would be established in Echuca in the 1800ís due to its importance as a river port. 

1862 Bank of Victoria opened in temporary premises, then in 1863 moved to premises purchased at 591 High Street Echuca, built 1858/1860  (This property was originally numbered 622 but the street was renumbered in 1950ís). 

On Heritage Victoria website a branch of the Bank of Victoria is listed as located at 622 High Street Echuca. 

Notes on the Heritage Website provide the following information: 
It was the original Bank of Victoria which opened in 1863. Built between 1858-1860 the attractive building has double doors opening onto a wooden railed balcony.  French windows opened onto a brick paved, vine covered verandah at the rear. The front office featured a large cedar counter.  This is a two storey building with an upper floor wooden railed balcony. There was a residence at the rear and above the branch.  In 1864 cement rendering was applied to the building. (Heritage Victoria)

The first manager was E Gillies. Other managers were J L Archer (1868), A Boyd (1873), D Mills (1875), M F Condrick (1890). 

Due to the general recession, the branch was closed on 30/12/1894 and the business transferred to Elmore.

Following the closure of the Bank, a Dr Fowler resided and practiced in the early 1890ís. It was then used as a Church of England Girls Grammar School between 1902-1907.  The Rev Arthur Tress was responsible for the funding of the school.

1907 McKenzies and Co, Stock & Station Agents purchased the building.  After using it for some time it was leased to a private family and was then sold to become the Aerlex Factory in 1946.  1962 It was purchased by the Central Tyre Service. (Heritage Victoria)

The building now houses a cafe and 3 safes are still in the banking chamber which is now used as the main dining area of the cafe. 

2014 May: Above details from Heritage Victoria and from Echuca Historical Society, collated by Geoff Chapman.
2015 June: Geoff Chapman supplied a Google image of ex-Bank of Victoria branch, currently Courtyard Cafe.

(receiving office of Dunolly)
1929 December 6 Listed in The Week, Brisbane advertising page 35.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1959 Eddington was a receiving office from Dunolly.
1975 Listed in Annual Report.

Photo by Kevin Greenaway.

Kevin was there in August 2005 and the local he asked about it told him it had been demolished long before he arrived in Eddington and he had been there over 30 years!
Edithvale 1977 listed in Annual Report as receiving office of Chelsea.
Eldorado 1868 - 1879 the Bank of Victoria conducted an Agency at Eldorado from Beechworth, advised by David Jobson.

Receiving Office of Ararat


Elmhurst is 35Km NE of Ararat on the Pyrenees Highway

1929 December 6 Listed in The Week, Brisbane advertising page 35.
1930 Branch was operating;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

1975 Pictured in Current Accounts July 1975 as Receiving Office;
1975 Listed in Annual Report

2009 Google Earth photo sourced by Geoff Chapman.
2009 September Geoff Chapman advised
ex-Elmhurst branch is for sale at $205,000 search Elmhurst in price range $200,000 to $210,000


In the 1840's a small settlement developed on the Campaspe River servicing pastoral runs. The Post Office opened on 1/1/1849 as Bertram's Inn. On 1/1/1850 it was renamed Campaspie (sic). In 1864 when the township was established the name became Runnymede, and around 1882 the name was changed again, to Elmore.

1929 December 6 Listed in The Week, Brisbane advertising page 35.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

1959 Photo by Kevin Greenaway.

1975 Listed in Annual Report.

2009 August Branch has been closed. Building now houses a branch of Bendigo Bank
Comment: Geoff Chapman confirmed by comparison with CBC photo on file with Elmore2 photo of L/H wall roofline, windows and door

2019 August photo and two plaques by Kevin Greenaway, who says: This is Elmore in 2019. I relieved here in 1959 not long after the Manager had won £10,000 in Tatts.  That was a lot of money then. well over 10 times my wage.

51 Binney Street

2010 NBA 1

2010 ex-CBC
1969 Euroa Vic opened by CBC according to CBC 1969 Annual Report. 
1973 0326 Insurance & Banking Record on CBC Page lists Euroa Manager T J McArdle

1975 Listed in Annual Report
1981 CBC Branch Managers List does not list Euroa. Geoff Chapman advises: Closed post amalgamation.
2010 4th March 9 Binney Place Euroa Vic is listed by nab as a branch.  Google photo of 51 Binney Street.
2010 16th March Previous CBC branch identified as Cnr Binney & Railway Streets. Now the offices of Noel G O'Meara & Associates.  Confirmed by Bill Ely, long time Euroa resident
2010 October Google Earth Image of now closed branch (Opened 1969 Closed post amalgamation) submitted by Geoff Chapman, who states:  "Due to date of CBC presence (1969) the top image shown cannot have been CBC.  When speaking to the next door real estate agency last year, to identify CBC premises, I was told that the bank branch image shown is that of NBA Branch No 1. The much large NBA branch No 2 is next door on the corner of Binney & Railway Streets.  That building is now listed for sale by auction on 30/10/2010."

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