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Q - VIC Country

1st BofV           
78 Hesse St

2nd BofV/ CBC 
76 Hesse St


1. BofV 2010

2. 2010

76 & 78 Hesse St 2010
1884 Phillip de Crespigny was the Bank's agent at Queenscliff. Mr de Crespigny later held the position of General Manager of Bank of Victoria from 1914 until 1927 (from Current Accounts July 1962).

1929 December 6 Listed in The Week, Brisbane advertising page 35.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1975 Listed in Annual Report
1981 76 Hesse St. sketch from CBC calendar.

2010 Google Earth Image is of the two (2) branches of Bank of Victoria/CBC at 76 & 78 Hesse Street Queenscliff:
1. The building on the right (The Atrium Bar & Cafe) was the first branch of the BoV
2. The 2 storey building to the left was the 2nd branch, with residence above and to the rear.

The first building was purchased, and some years later the 2nd building was purchased from the same owner

I previously forwarded to you early images, history and a CD from Queenscliff Historical Society and you may be able to locate same to retrieve information.
 Forwarded by Geoff Chapman in November 2012.

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