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Ian FAIRJONES (2/2012)

  • Darryl Semmler advised: I only read it myself in the herald this morning and have not really spoken to him for 5-6years but I am a little in shock and will attend his funeral on tuesday.

  • Ken Ryan advised: I knew him but havent seen him for years.

Les FARRAND (2005)

  • Passed away in 2005. Les had only in recent months joined our Group. He lived over Greenwich way I think. Les spent a lot of time in HO (Bill Dept?) he was also on the relieving Staff for many years.   (7/05)

  • Noel Crowley spoke of him at the September 2005 meeting. He joined the bank on 8/3/1920 at Cowra and was married to Paula.

  • Les was born on 0/3/1920 and joined the Bank at Cowra and retired from Head Office Overseas on  10/04/1980. During the intervening period he saw service at Wingham, Bogan Gate, Werris Creek, Haymarket, Stock Exchange, Lane Cove, and Broadway.   During World War II he saw service in the RAAF – a “Fly Boy” – as a Wireless Operator/ Rear Gunner.  
    Once he retired he did “lots of travelling” – his widow, Paula – says he had a good retirement and travelled extensively within Australia.   Although Paula is not a CBC office she is the daughter of a banker – Bank of Australasia Ltd – and she tells us that her father had said if she or her sister married a “banker” he would shoot them, although she is unsure if he meant the proposed husband or the daughter. As her father had passed away before she married, she never did find out which one he meant!

Sidney Laurie FARRELL (15/12/1933 - 1/12/2022)

  • It is with greatest sadness that I inform you of the passing of Laurie. He has been unwell for some time and is now at peace and no longer in pain.
    He thoroughly enjoyed his 26+ years at Snap Seven Hills and will be terribly missed by us all
    Sharon Connell, Customer Service Snap Wetherill Park/Smithfield/Seven Hills  

  • Bob Handel wrote: Hi Garry.  am very saddened to learn of your Fathers passing. Your details have been passed on to me by Sharon.
    I personally had the privilege of working briefly with him at Parramatta at about 1974. 
    At this time I am a committee member of the CBC OFFICERS CLUB INC , of which Laurie was a Life Member, as a former officer of The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited.
    My further association with Laurie was his assistance with publication of a quarterly newsletter which he organised printing for the Club.There will be many of our colleague's most saddened with this news. With you and your family’s agreement we would like do notify our members and any details re funeral arrangements or any others matters you wish.

  •  Wayne Linnert, President, advised: I am saddened to advise that our Life Member, Laurie, passed away on 1st December at St Vincents Hospital.
    Laurie joined CBC at Lakemba January 1951 and served at eight branches culminating appointment as 1st Assistant Manager at Parramatta, thence Manager at Fairfield in 1974.  Then followed appointments at Pitt and Bathurst Streets and Mackay QLD.
    In October 1971 he left the service and conducted newsagency in Baulkham Hills.  Subsequently he acquired and enjoyed the Snap Printing Franchise at Seven Hills for past 26 years.  His business undertook the printing of our newsletter.  On behalf of the CBC Officers, our condolences have been passed to the family.

Denis FINSELBACH (14/10/2008)

  • Kerri Kleidon advised: It is with great sadness that I advise that Denis Finselbach passed away in the early hours of today (Tues 14 October).  His funeral service will be held next Monday at noon at the Buderim Crematorium.

Bruce Rollo FLEMING (11/2/1930 - 3/12/2020)

  • Scott Marnane, President NABROC NSW advised; Members, it is with sadness that I advise of the recent passing of our member Bruce Fleming; he was aged 90.  Bruce commenced his 40 year banking career with the CBC and was also a member of the CBC Officers Club.  
    As a Manager of an inner city branch in Brisbane during the 1980's, I worked with Bruce, when he was Chief Manager, Central Zone, Brisbane. Like many of my colleagues, I found him to be always approachable and his guidance was always appreciated. Two of Bruce and Joans' daughters followed him into a banking career.
    On behalf of the Members and Committee of the NAB Retired Officers Club of NSW, we extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to Joan and her family at this time loss and sadness.

  • President Wayne Linnert advised: It is with sadness that I advise the passing of Bruce who was a Life Member of our Club.Bruce joined the Bank on 03/02/1947 at Barraba then transferred to Neutral Bay. Subsequently he served at 5 metropolitan branches, 5 Head office departments followed by 5 other metropolitan branches. Bruce then reached Senior Lending positions in NSW and was finally transferred to Qld and retired as Chief Manager,  Central Zone, Qld on 01/02/1987. He then went to join Australia Bank with other CBC staff where Vic Martin was Chairman.
    Bruce was a great inspiration for younger staff with his comprehensive support for the bank directly and through the cricket club.
    Mike Hook has passed on the Club’s deepest condolences to Bruce’s wife, Joan and her family.  I thank Mike Hook and Richard Nott for their advices.

  • David Wyndham advised: So sad to see the note from NAB re Bruce's passing.  I was the first teller at Lane Cove branch where he was manager. Both he and Joan were very kind to me during my time there.  He was also the Regional Manager when I was appointed to Ashfield branch and told me it was a good test for me to show I could make the branch successful. We went from 6 to 9 staff in a fairly short period and he was always very supportive of my efforts at Ashfield.
    A good kind man, family man, good banker and always hard but fair. I always looked up to him and he was also a clerk on the 2nd floor where Mike Hook and I and others followed many years later.  I was fortunate to present him with his Life Membership award in my time as President of The Club.  Vale Bruce Rollo Fleming.  He will be missed.

  • Bruce Wood advised: I was saddened to hear of the passing of Bruce Fleming.
    It was January 1964 then as a raw 15 year old my Manager at Roseville Branch Bill Single drove me to Gladesville to play in my first cricket match for the CBC Bank in the City & Suburban Competition.

    It was here I first met Bruce who instantly took me under his wing. He made me feel at home and was an inspiration for all of the other members of the team. 
    I was a young bloke playing with other guys many years my senior but was treated equally by all.
    We had not crossed paths since those days however at one of the CBC quarterly luncheons about 5 years ago I got a tap on the shoulder from a chap sitting behind me and he said "Hello Woodsy".   It was Bruce Fleming who reminisced about the wonderful days & comradery in the old CBC Cricket Club.
    It was remarkable for Bruce to remember so clearly what happened some 50 years earlier.
    It was stated in the email correspondence that Bruce went to work at the Australia Bank where Vic Martin was chairman.
    Vic also played with us back in those days well before he became MD in the CBC Bank.
    Bruce was a credit to the Bank and was surrounded by a wonderful group of CBC cricketers.
    Sadly most of the team from back in those days are no longer with us.

Ian FLOYD (7/2/2012)

  • John Hutchieson advised on 7th February 2012 "I have some more sad news that I would like you to pass on to the CBC faithful. Ian floyd passed away this morning at home. Cause of death is unknown at this stage as an autopsy is to be carried out.  Apparently his son heard him fall in the bathroom early this morning and found him with a bad cut on the head from a fall. May have had a heart attack. Naturally brother John is quite upset. Notices regarding the funeral may not appear in the press until next week after the autopsy. There will be a lot of ex bankers who will remember both Ian and John the boys from Ouyen, particularly those who were around in the 60's and 70's."

Reginald Clarence FORD (14/10/2008)

  • 1916 / 1917 born
    1934 R C Ford joined CBCofS Lismore
    1936 to Queensland
    1940s 4 years in Army
    NSW relieving staff
    married Meg
    Manager 1954 Quilpie, 1956 Stanthorpe, 1959 Rockhampton
    Sub-Inspector Queensland
    Assistant Inspector HO
    1970 Divisional Mgr Melbourne
    19750801 Insce & Banking Record lists R C Ford Divisional Mgr Victoria
    19770108 R C Ford Div Mgr Vic retired to play bowls golf & do some fishing (19770701 Current Accounts Pg 79)
    19840227 died at hospital aged 67.
    (19840301 SMH Death & Funeral Notice)
    late of Port Macquarie formerly of Mount Albert Melbourne
    husband of Meg, brother of Bill, Betty & Colin
    19840302 funeral Northern Suburbs Crematorium

Graham Patterson FOULCHER (17/12/1999)

  • John Beer advised that Graham Foulcher's death notice was in the Sydney Morning Herald dated 19/12/1999.  He was late of Crescent Head, and formerly of Rose Bay.

Ken FOULCHER (6/4/1929 - 7/9/2017)

Kevin Nicol          Ken, of Burleigh Heads, passed away at John Flynn Hospital, TUGUN QLD. The Foulcher family was well known and respected with several generations serving in the Bank over many years.
(I worked for Graham Foulcher in Procedures Department and greatly admired him. I met Ken at an Apex meeting many years ago, and immediately liked him too.  Rowan)

Henry Thorne       Ken was a very popular fellow whom I first met in May1959.  (Reprinted from NABROC Newsletter)

(Ed. Note John Beer has compiled an interesting FOULCHER FAMILY HISTORY if you would like to know more.)

George FRAMPTON (12/12/1936 - 4/9/2019)

  • Wayne Linnert advised: It is with deep regret that we advise the passing of George who was a Life Member of our Club.
    George had been suffering for a long time with a heart related ailment.
    George would have been well known to members through his career in Divisional Inspectors Office.

  • Fred Harvison wrote on 5/9/19: That is such sad news. I remember George well from my 5+ years on the 3rd floor at HO (1964-1969).
    So much to say about him which I will later. I'm currently in Swan Hill with my daughter and my new (10th) grandchild. I would have been a starter for George's funeral service, but that's not possible.
    Could someone who is attending please convey my apologies to Jan and family. I, along with Tom Wilson and Surfy Banfield, like to think we had a hand in getting George and Jan together all those years ago, when we all worked on the 3rd floor.

  • David Bartholomew wrote on 6/9/19: George, like me, came from Maryborough Q., & was a year ahead of me at High School, being good at athletics (distance running). His home was at Grandville, Maryborough, & he was a well renowned hockey player in the Maryborough fixtures. I'm unaware where he came from in Queensland to Metropolitan Inspector`s clerk, eventually rising to the senior clerk there, after “Shortie” retired in that position. His marriage after some “quiet work” with a lovely lass (name escapes, unfortunately)from “Filing” surprised many in Head Office, as we all thought of George as a confirmed bachelor, who only had time for his extensive share portfolio. Many a lunch was spent by George at the Stock Exchange, & this was proven to be very rewarding- so his bank knowledge was not his only strength! George`s older brother, John, was on the Audit staff in Brisbane, as many will recall.
    Very saddened to learn of George`s passing & his quiet mannerisms, ready smile, & good sense of humour will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

  • Aldo Barnaba said: I worked with George for a few years in Head Office, and had quite a lot of respect for him.  Unfortunately over time I lost contact. Jan, (I think that was her name) used to work
    in the inspectors records department.

  • Don Reibelt advised: Thank you for your note about George Frampton. I remember him well from Goondiwindi Branch days where he was ledger keeper so many years ago. George had the most perfect handwriting that I had seen and yet to see better – and his headings on the manual ledger sheets was a real art. He was a thorough gentleman – may he rest in peace.

  • George Frampton recently passed way – former Inspectors Clerk on the Third Floor Head Office.  Bachelor – when I was introduced to him in the early 1960’s – married a woman who worked in the
    Records Room – Jan (cannot remember her maiden surname) with Glen Rhodes, Officer in Charge- Great golfer and sister-in-law to John Northcott. George’s luncheon time walks used to be
    to the Stock Exchange to view the listing board of the transactions along with another fellow officer David (surname should know) who was involved with the Officers Provident Fund.

Ian FURZE (11/1/1933 - 10/7/2018)

  • son of AVM Furze, who was Manager Head Office, later knownas Manager Sydney Office 343 George Street.

  • Opening Manager of CBC Macquarie University branch, State Manager WA, Corporate Banking NAB Head Office Melbourne
    Retired to NSW North Coast.  2018 July died after long illness

  • David Wyndham advised: It is with great regret that we advise Ian's sad passing as above. He passed away peacefully just hours before his 85th birthday.

    Ian had a long and successful career with the bank and then in the merged bank. He joined at Chatswood and then followed postings to Roseville, Manly, Coolamon, Elizabeth Street, Marrickville, Macquarie University which he opened, Hornsby, Head Office, Nowra, Moss Vale, Sydney Office, Corporate Banking Division Head Office, Chief Manager WA, NAB Corporate Banking Victoria and NAB Properties Melbourne.

    Ian attended our Port Macquarie "Out of Sydney" luncheon where he was presented with his Life Membership Certificate.

    He was a very keen rugby man and we have on good authority that when he opened Macquarie University branch. The banking chamber became the team changeroom because at that time there were no other changeroom facilities available.

    He will be remembered as a very good banker and a "damn fine bloke".

    We have written to Barbara his wife and the Family to express our deepest sympathies for their sad loss. There was a private funeral service held on 19th July. However, members and friends are most welcome to attend a Memorial Service to be held at 207 North Bonville Road, Bonville on Saturday, 4th August commencing at 12.00 noon. The Family have requested that those attending dress casually as was always Ian's preference.


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