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William Wallace "Bill" WADDELL (  /1/2012)

  • Sam Clough advised: In His 75th Year, Of Lorn, Maitland.
    Dearly loved husband of ANDREA, adored father and father-in-law of DONNA and MARK RYAN, MATTHEW and KRISTY WADDELL, doting Poppy of KATE and LEILA, brother, brother-in-law and uncle of JOHN, PETER, ANNE, MARGARET, ROBIN, KEN and their FAMILIES.
    Family and friends are invited to attend the Service to be held at St Joseph's Catholic Church, King Street, East Maitland on THURSDAY 5th January, 2012 at 12.30pm. In lieu of flowers donations to the Kidney Foundation may be left at the Church.

Henry WALKER (16/1/1890)

  • Henry Walker was born in London in 1844. His family arrived in Australia in 1853.  He was the eldest son and he became an employee of The Commercial Bank of Sydney.  In 1885, after rising to the status of manager, first in Bourke, then in Bega, he resigned from this bank in order to return to Sydney to educate his children. Some time later he joined the Queensland National Bank, serving in Ivanhoe prior to moving to Cooktown in 1890 just when the QN Bank was building its new premises. 

  • Click here for photo taken by Frank Maundrell of a plaque in that building.  Frank says "It incorporates history from CBC and QNB, both ancestor Banks of NAB.  QNB built the magnificent old Bank building in Cooktown, which features very elaborate red cedar counters and other fittings.  Following closure of QNB (long before merger with NBA), Bank of NSW bought the site for, if memory serves me right, about 500 pounds!  The building is now a museum, concentrating on the building history." 

Jeff WALKER (7/6/09)

  • Alan Holmes advised via Gwen McBeth: It is with sadness that I advise that Jeff passed away this morning after a long battle with Cancer, which started with Prostate and then spread everywhere. I am not sure when the funeral will be, but it will be in the paper. I will not be able to attend as we will be away this week.

Guy Cedric Hardwick WALSH (14/8/2015)

  • Lex Webb advised "I did see the brief Death Notice in the SMH and sadly was unable to attend the funeral.  Guy was a good friend to many in the C.B.C.  and a highly regarded colleague to all.  Guy moved from C.B.C. London Office in the late 1950's and was appointed Senior Trade Development Officer in the International Banking Division where I worked from 1960 to 1968.  In 1969 Guy took up a senior position in the English Trade Confirming House, Schofield Goodman in Sydney.  We kept in touch for a number of years.  Guy was an impeccable dresser and was always the True English Gentleman.  He was an office In The Royal  Air force during World War 2.  Guy was pre-deceased by his wife Sue."

Murray WALSH (31/7/2008)

  • Chris Rush advised that Murray Walsh of the Central Coast passed away 31st July 2008.

Arthur John WARRELL (30/8/1936 - 16/1/2022)

  • Wayne Linnert, President CBC Officers Club notified: We regret to advise that Arthur passed away in hospital last Sunday.  He had been in ill health and had succumbed to his difficulties.
    Arthur joined the Bank at MacLean 01/10/1953.  He served in fifteen Branches and Head Office, opened Drummoyne Branch in 1969, and retired at Dubbo Branch 1st June 1986. He was a member of the Bank’s rugby and cricket teams and a founding member of the CBC Golden Oldies.
    Arthur was a Life Member of this Club.
    He is survived by Patricia, a former CBC Officer, and three Daughters.  Our condolences have been relayed personally to the family on behalf of the Officers Club.

Bob WALTON (14/5/2010)

  • Gwen McBeth advised on 15th May:
    "Another sad loss from our CBC family.
    Bob Walton passed away yesterday evening.
    Bob had surgery on Wednesday for a prostate gland problem but suffered heart problems afterwards, was moved to coronary care but had a massive heart attack yesterday. It appears his heart was not in good condition but had not caused symptoms or been investigated."

  • Des Akers advised: "Some of your members might like to know that Bob Walton died here in Melbourne on 14th May.  Bob was a noted cricketer who was in the first Victorian to play Sydney at Petersham Oval during the 1960/61 season and later played Grade Cricket in Adelaide.  Unfortunately Bob did not recover from a Prostate operation that went wrong.  A very large contingent of former CBC staff attended the funeral."


  • John Searle advised that Tom Waterhouse died on 23rd August.

    Had I been present at the meeting I would have liked to say a few words about Tom, so perhaps you, or the President, might read the following.

    “Tom and I had somewhat parallel, though widely apart, lives. Born in 1919, he was 3 months younger than I, and no doubt would have joined the CBC Bank, and retired from it at about the same time.

    The records show his date of enlistment in the 2nd AIF, as 29th May 1940, one day after mine, but he had an Army number  3400 lower than mine - we were both drafted to the same unit –the 2/13th Infantry Battalion.

     We never worked together in the CBC Bank, and we were never close to each other in our war time days. There may be some members present who worked in the Bank with Tom -  I think his Bank service would have been very largely in the Sydney Metropolitan area.  He retired from Manager  MIRANDA Branch, and it was only in my last couple of years, in Personnel Department, that we came anywhere near each other.

    In the Army Tom was in our Mortar Platoon, and I was in a Rifle Company. However we knew of each other as having been in the CBC,  and  after the war, despite never being geographically close, became firm  friends.  I well remember Tom and his Wife, Mary, calling on us when we were in Mudgee – about 1960 it would have been.

     I had very few years in Sydney before I retired in 1982, and it was not until our Army Reunions after that time that we saw much of each other. Tom’s wife, Mary, developed mobility problems at a relatively early age, and Tom became her full time Carer for many years, which limited his movements greatly. Mary died 3 months before Tom. However we maintained frequent contact via the telephone, especially over the past couple years.

    With 5 other army mates of Tom I was able to attend his funeral service at Sutherland on Tuesday  August 30th, and at the invitation of the Family spoke on behalf of the Battalion and the CBC Bank.

Gordon John WATKINS (27/11/1931-5/3/2023)

  • We are most saddened receiving notification of the passing of  John Watkins, a Life Member of our Club.
    John served many years in Branch Securities, thence in Administration roles, finally as the Bank’s Secretary from whence he duly returned the Banking Licence of the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited to the Reserve Bank 31st December 1982.

    Condolences from the Club have been conveyed to his two Sons, Daughter, and their families.
    His Funeral is to be held at the Northern Suburbs Crematorium, North Chapel at 2:15 pm on Wednesday 22nd March. This will be followed by afternoon tea in the Sky Lounge at 3:15 pm.

Marjorie WATKINS (1/6/2019)

  • Wayne Linnert advised on 5/6/19: It is with great regret that we advise the passing of Marjorie Watkins, wife of Life Member John Watkins who was Secretary of the Bank prior to merger.

Ian WATTS (19/12/1924 - 18/9/2017)

Jennie Ruming advised: Ian joined the CBC in 1941 at the age of 17. His first branch was Warwick in Qld followed by Moree and Woodenbong in NSW. Whilst at Woodenbong Ian joined the Air Training Corps and then the RAAF in 1943. This lead to a period of service in England flying in Lancaster Bombers as a wireless operator/air gunner until the end of WW2 when he returned to Australia and the CBC. Ian went on to marry his wife Margaret Rose Watts in 1951 and they were together for 60 years before Margaret died in 2011. Ian was manager at Bundarra, Woodenbong, Holbrook, Forbes and Maitland, all NSW branches, before retiring to Soldiers Point, Port Stephens in 1984. Ian and Margaret had a wonderful retirement at Port Stephens and their 3 children {Jenny, Michael and Andrew} and grandchildren have great memories of beach holidays at the house in Visa Avenue, Soldiers Point.

Ian was a genuine CBC man for life. He accepted the merger with the National Bank but the CBC was the original and the best. As adults, we 3 children never discussed if we had defected to another bank.....we knew that he would take it a personal insult that we had left the NAB for an inferior financial institution. When Ian died his money was deposited in one place and one place only, the NAB of course.
Ian always read the CBC newsletters and as he became more frail I read them to him. They were always a source of joy for him.

Ross WEBB (1988)

  • See Clair Weir below.

Lindsay WEBSTER (23/9/2009)

  • Des Akers advised via Gwen McBeth: I have received word from Fred Laird that Lindsay Webster passed away in Mildura on 23 September and would appreciate you circulating this to our CBC Group.  Lindsay was a top guy who would be remembered by the oldies in particular.

Kevin WEIR (4/8/2023)

  • Des Akers advised via Gwen McBeth that Kevin passed away early Friday.

  • See Clair Weir below.

Clair WEIR nee Quelch (12/2011)

  • Many thanks for advising members of the passing of my dear wife Claire as Alan Holmes has notified you.
    Claire was a CBC Bank officer (secretary within Inspector's Department,Head Office ). Her maiden name was Claire Quelch. She married Ross Webb in the early '60's. Ross died in l988 and Claire and I have been married for 22 years.
    These are details that Alan may not know hence my reply.  Please feel free to pass on my email address to any enquirers, I would be happy to reply.
    God bless ,  Kevin Weir.

  • Kevin Meyer advised: Claire was the Southern Inspector's typiste in the early fifties. She later married the clerk, Ross Webb, who passed away some years ago.  Kevin Weir had been widowed about that time and Claire and Kevin later married.
    She was a very nice girl and I think she was originally from Sydney.

Alan WHITEHEAD (26/11/2018)

  • Alan joined the bank on 31/12/1977 and served in Corporate Banking Division, Sydney, Head of New York Office and CBC/NA. He left the bank on 1/3/1986.
    David Wyndham wrote: "He was a valued member of the club, a very fine man and, as I worked with him in the Corporate Banking Division of the bank for some time, a very fine corporate banker.  He will be sadly missed by all members of the club.  I visited him only a week ago at Montiefiore and we spent a very enjoyable time talking of our banking days".

  • Ken Ryan wrote: "I'm sorry to hear of Alan's passing David.  His birthday is the same day as mine." 

  • Brian Salter wrote: "Came as quite a shock to pick up your email this morning, but thank you for sending it out so promptly.  I caught up with Alan on the phone late last week and was aiming to visit him at Monteforie today.  He was a very dear old workmate - we had a deep and enduring friendship that extended well beyond being old colleagues.  My connection with Alan occurred rather late in the grand scheme of things following the industry mergers and takeovers of the 1980's.  Although both members of the CBC family from the mid-seventies, Alan with the Bank and me with CAGA, our paths hadn’t crossed until 1991 when I joined State Bank NSW.  Alan was then Head of Corporate Finance at SBNSW and I was Head of Regional Business Banking. He was subsequently elevated to General Manager Corporate and Business Banking and I reported to him for some years.  Suffice to say he was a passionate banker and very committed boss – we had our moments.  But above all he was ethical and supportive – of clients and staff alike.  Our mutual respect and personal friendship developed and deepened over the decades and has never waned.  It has been sad to witness his rapidly declining health over the last twelve months, however, he never caved in to his own physical deterioration.  Work and family were Alan’s lifeblood, never retreating from his business enterprise nor his support and love of wife Naomi through her health difficulties over recent years.  Farewell old mate.



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