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Gail Margaret NASH (3/9/1955 - 19/9/2022)

  • Gail joined the CBC in 1971 and worked at Auburn and Bankstown branches until 1982 when she left the bank to start a family.  She rejoined the bank and worked at Warragamba branch before being posted to St Marys branch where she worked for many years.  She retired in 2019 from St Marys branch where she thoroughly enjoyed working with great people and terrific customers.

Kathleen NELSON (27/1/1936 - 5/10/2021)

  • Scott Marnane (NAB Retired Officers Club) advised he got a brief note from Brendan Nelson that Kathleen had passed away.

John NEWMAN (17/1/2016)


    I first met John Newman on 22nd February 1985 when I was appointed to Chatswood Branch as an Assistant Manager & John was the Manager.

    I had joined the Old CBC in 1962 in London Office as a Junior & in 3 years worked my way up from No 80 in the Branch to No 75 & was in charge of the General Ledger. Because of its size London Office was in effect classed as a State Office.

    This was the last time I was in General Banking for many years as I & my family emigrated to Australia & I was appointed to the Overseas Department at Head Office. Over the next 18 years I progressed to various Managerial Levels as an International Manager – the First to be a CBC Manager IN NAB State Office.

    In August 1983 someone in the then NAB decided to remove me from International Banking & toss me into the General banking field. Not my choice. From that month until February1985 I was tossed hither & thither in retraining etc & relieving duties until I finally ended up in John Newman’s lap.

    Initially John was not overly impressed as I was still in the novice stage, but John being John he rolled his sleeves up, took me under his wing & became my Mentor. Thank God he did.

    His actions stopped me from resigning & were the start of a bonding that led to a lifelong friendship, not only with John, but also his Wife Sylvia & their Children.

    John & Sylvia welcomed us into their family & we have been strong friends ever since & continue to do so.

    After John’s accident in which he nearly died & his subsequent retirement, we have still kept firm our friendship, even when I also left the Bank in 1995.

    Despite the passing of a “Great Friend & Mentor” my Wife Noreen & I will never forget him & will continue with our long standing friendship with Sylvia & her family.

    John is & will always be sorely missed by Noreen & I, but will be forever remembered. Now we chuckle over old times & events & John is predominantly in our thoughts.

    He was one of the “CBC Gentlemen Bankers.”

David NEWTON (23/07/2010)

  • Joan Henderson advised Gwen McBeth: "You may already know but Ian has asked me to let you know that David Newton passed away this morning at 1.15a.m.
    Ian is really upset as he has been in contact with David and Joy on a regular basis and earlier this week Joy let him know that David wanted to go into Palliative Care when he left Box Hill Hospital where he had been for a few days.
    I am sure you will let the CBC list know. Such a nice man and we really are losing so many of our comrades. He is now at peace after suffering for some time."  Gwen advised "More sad news.  I first met David (and Joy) when I joined Western Branch as a junior. A mentor and good friend whose warm good humour and decent character will be sorely missed by all who knew him".

Adrian Wilfred NOTLEY (5/11/1930 - 27/8/2007)

  • Jennifer Hayne advised that Adrian had passed away on 27th August 2007.

  • Geoff Chapman advised on 29th August 2007 that a death notice appeared in Sydney Morining Herald for Adrian Notley.
    He worked with Adrian when he was Accountant at Wollongong. Adrian's first Managerial appointment was to (I think) Tumut, and he was later Manager at Five Dock and Mosman Junction.

  • He was a gentle caring and considerate man of high ideals impeccable habits and integrity who always conducted himself as a gentleman. His life was spent as a banker from the OLD SCHOOL of values and business ethics...
    Adrian was born at KEMPSEY on 5th December,1930 the only son of a Dairy Farmer and his wife at Austral Eden, in the Belmore River Valley about 11 Kilometres North of Kempsey, he had one sister and was raised in a very caring if somewhat austere environment due to the depression of the 1930s. He attended primary school at Austral Eden and then High School in Kempsey.
    Adrian met his wife to be, Joan, on a voyage to New Zealand in 1958 on board the Wanganella. A ship board romance followed and they kept in touch and met in various parts of New Zealand, had regular dates on their return to Sydney and later became engaged and married on 7th November,1959. They were married for 47 years which is testament to their enduring love and affection for each other. They raised two children Fiona born at Wollongong in 1963 and Michael born in 1967. Adrian was a very caring loving devoted husband to Joan and a most caring loving and generous father and father in law to Fiona and Paul, Michael and Fiona.
    He was very proud, loved and adored his grandchildren Sean, Jacqueline and Fred who knew him as PA. They will all miss him as much as we will and our deep sympathy love and affection is extended to Joan and her family.
    Early in his life Adrian suffered from Rheumatic Fever which left him with a slight heart murmur and this combined with severe floods which inundated his father's Dairy Farm and wiped out Adrian's small crops made him decide that farming was not the future life and occupation for him..
    As was the case with many boys with farming backgrounds he joined the service of the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney limited at Kempsey on 13th August 1949. He always maintained his love and affinity for the land and understood the problems of farmers.
    Adrian Served the bank for 44 years on a permanent basis and 6 years on a part time basis completing 50 years service of which 29 years was in management. He was a dedicated thoughtful caring Banker who was always prepared to do that bit extra for his clients many of whom owe their success and prosperity to him. He worked long hours and devoted his working life to the bank Adrian served his banking apprenticeship at many country branches both as a full time and relieving staff member, he served in places as diverse as Moree in the North to Beckom in the South. After a period of time as a Staff Trainer with the Bank's Training Schools at Kings Cross and Fernleigh Castle Rose Bay he was appointed Accountant at Wollongong in 196,2 Then came his first managerial appointment to Tumut in 1968 followed by Five Dock, Spit Junction and North Sydney. He attended the Bankers Administrative Staff College at Mt. Eliza in 1977 for a period of 8 weeks..,
    With the merger of the Bank with the National Bank of A,sia Ltd in 1982 Adrian was appointed a Regional Lending Manager. Then followed his appointment to the Bank's largest and most important suburban and regional branch Parramatta. This was followed by a return to Administration as Assistant Regional Manager Northern Beaches at Dee Why, then to Summer Hill, completing his .full time career in State Administration He returned to the bank for a further 6 years on a part time basis as a Manager, property valuations and inspection.
    He was a highly regarded compassionate and well respected banker by his superiors, peers ,his subordinates and all those who worked for him.
    He was a very active Member of Rotary for some20 odd years holding down many board positions at Tumut, Drummoyne, Mosman and Parramatta but mainly as was the case with Bankers as treasurer.
    He was a very keen a knowledgeable gardener and loved growing and propagating plants. As a testament to this there are a number of shrubs and plants in June's garden which Adrian had grown and given her.
    Adrian and Joan were very keen and passionate overseas travellers touring to many varied and interesting parts of the World. They loved the shipboard cruises and all aspects of touring. In retirement they always endeavoured to make an annual tour to an overseas destination some of which were inspired by the National Geographic magazine to which Adrian had been a subscriber for over 50 years.
    Adrian was a very brave and courageous man who fought very hard to overcome his serious and debilitating illness which started with a major operation in 2003 and then followed further surgery in 2006 finally succumbing last Monday afternoon to the effect of lung cancer. However Adrian had never been a smoker during his lifetime. He was never one to complain about his misfortune and illness, but managed to mask his pain and suffering.
    I will surely miss my regular telephone conversations with Adrian and our long and regular lunches together with Joan and June when we discussed many and varied topics such as how to right the world government policy and what was wrong with the bank we knew so well. We had many a chuckle over the places we worked and the Managers and characters that we had known together with our experiences in the bank.
    When I was recovering from major illness and surgery Adrian and Joan were always there to support and encourage me, June and I did appreciate this.
    I have personally known Adrian for over 50 years and in particular the past 25 years. He was always a good staunch loyal and compassionate friend who was more like a brother. June and I consider that together with Joan and her family, he was an important member of our immediate family.
    In closing I can only say goodbye old friend and mate we will all miss you.
    Rest in Peace.         Rex Ryan 31-8-2007

Alan ORR  (2010)

  • Des Andrews advised in September 2010 "Regret to advise that Alan Orr passed away earlier this year".  Both Alan and Des were at London Office.  

Pat O'SHEA  (14/7/09)

  • Geoff Chapman advised "I have been informed of Pat's death last week. He was living in Port Macquarie".

  • Jeff O'Sullivan Ph 07 3263 5266 also advised "What I am after is for inclusion in the web magazine the passing of a close friend of mine (Patrick O’Shea) and known to many other old CBC staffers. Pat passed away on Tuesday 14 July. Since retiring from the bank (NAB), Pat lived in East Maitland. Pat held a variety of positions in the CBC along with him being a good cricketer and represented the CBC bank."

Garry John OWEN  (18/9/1952 - 9/5/2023)

  • Chatswood RSL advised: It is with the heaviest of hearts that we are informing you of the passing of our Club President, Mr Garry Owen.
    Garry joined Chatswood RSL back in 1993, being a loyal Club Member for over 30 years. Garry has been on the Board of Chatswood RSL for over 25 years. Garry has served the Club in various Board positions including Membership Director and Finance Director. He was appointed as Deputy President in 2005 and then again in 2007 until 2020. He held the position of President in 2006. He was again appointed President in August 2020 and he remained in that position. Garry served on the committee of the Sub-Branch in the role as Treasurer.
    Over the years Garry has held active roles in the Chatz Social Golf Club and more recently been involved as Treasurer in the Chatswood RSL Social and Recreation Club.
    Garry was passionate about the Club, its future and ensuring Chatswood RSL was always a welcoming place for all members to enjoy.
    Garry will be sorely missed by his family and many friends. Thank you for your many years of service to Chatswood RSL and our members. Rest Easy our mate, our President.

  • Neil McManus advised that he died from cancer and had been crook for some time.

  • It is with regret that we advise the passing of our member Garry Owen.
    Garry passed away on 9th May 2023 due to cancer and had been unwell for some time
    Garry resided in Chatswood and was the current President of the Chatswood RSL where he has been an active member for 30yrs.
    Garry joined the CBC Bank in 1969 at Tottenham Branch. He served on NSW Relief staff, St Vincents, Divisional Managers Clerk, Managing Directors Clerk, Manly, Turramurra, 105 Pitt St, Double Bay, Oxford St, Pitt and Bathurst Sts, St. Leonard’s Centre, Crows Nest, Macquarie Centre, Business Banking and BBC Burwood, which was his last Branch in March 2006.
    A Service and a Wake is to be held at Chatswood RSL on Friday 19th May at 1.00pm.


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