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Alec JAMES (17/9/2007)

  • Kevin Meyer notes: There is an A.N.James of Cowra in the deaths of SMH today. I am pretty sure that is Alec James ex CBC and manager at Mona Valle and others including Marrickville.

David Layton JAMES (3/5/2017)


  • David Wyndham advised: On a personal note I knew David well and I am sure I can speak for members when I say he was held in very high regard throughout the bank for his knowledge, abilities and general good mate qualities. He will be sadly missed by all members. 

Sheila JAMES (8/2007)

  • Geoff McIntyre advised of Sheila's passing at the meeting on 3rd September 2007.

Douglas Eston JOB (2/1/2015)

  • Ken WOOD:   Many of our CBC'ers would have worked in Canberra branch during his long sojourn there in the 1950's and 60's. I attach a death and funeral notice. Perhaps you could advise all members of this.
    Jon BLISSETT:   Sorry to hear of the passing of Doug Job. I worked with Doug at Kingston Branch in 1963 He was accountant with Ian Middleton Manager.  Others on the staff included Ian Mckenzie, Charles Bastany and Ean Mackie. Have another family funeral in Sydney on the same day therefore will be unable to attend.

  • Rt. Rev Brian IVERACH:   Yes, Doug was a permanent implant at Canberra Office.  As the some-time coach and ardent supporter of Eastern Suburbs Rugby team, a rag tag collection of Barton House bank-johnnies and public servants, he managed to guide us somehow in the seasonal round wars against RMC Duntroon. Doug is dearly loved by all of us.  He encouraged all of us 'to give it a go’.

  • Max VARDY :   Remember him well in my first stint on the relieving staff in Civic Centre. Gentleman. Great guy.

  • Ralph BOOKER:   I was sorry to learn of the passing of Doug Job. During my time at Canberra Office (1959/63) he was very much part of all the many good times the staff shared.  Inter Bank cricket, tennis social drinks at the Civic and Canberra Hotels and a few Saturday night parties on the premises (provided all was A1 on Monday morning and the “Board Room Table” untouched). Doug’s mates had nicknamed him “Punchie” but he would never tell me why.

Graham JOB (10/3/2019)

  • Kevin Carter advised: I wish to advise the unfortunate passing of Graham Job aged 62, late of East Maitland. Graham passed away after an unfortunate accident in a cycling race in newcastle on 10/3/19. Graham joined the bank at Yeovil in NSW in 1973 age 16 after living and attending school in Parkes NSW.
    He spent time on relief staff during the seventies before joining the NSW CBC conversion team in 1979 to 1981, to convert the branches to computerisation.
    1981- September 1983 he was on NSW Relief Staff
    September 1983 he joined the NAB conversion team until March 1984, the to NSW Relief Staff
    1986 CBO at 239 Summer St Orange
    Mangement roles were :-
    CARE Program NSW Rural
    Gulgong NSW
    Quirindi NSW
    Moree NSW
    Maitland NSW where he resigned about 20 years ago.
    He is survived ed by his wife Joyanne , two daughters and one grandchild.  RIP Graham Job.

Gary JOSEY (14/2/2009)

  • David Lindsay advises: Will be attending the Funeral on Thursday 19th February 2009 of Gary Josey . Gary was a long time Officer in Brisbane and loved Sport .and was loved by many Customers.
    He will be sadly missed.   He organised the Melbourne Cup Syndicate competition for the past 30 years of which all members are ex CBC and his attendance at the last one in the first Sunday in November will long be remembered.

Joe JUDD (19/12/2015)

  • Stephen Judd advised on 10/5/2019: My father Joe Judd passed on the 19/12/2015, just 6 months after my mother June Judd 5/6/2015. . They met working as tellers at the Marrickville bank.
    He worked at Murwillumbah, Marrickville, Penrith, Delegate, Gloucester, Richmond, West End UK, Lane Cove, Sydney Office, Crows Nest, and Bateau Bay, as well as more than 180 branches as relieving staff.
    Joe started at the bank on 12/01/1953, retired from full time work on 2/7/1996, then after a few more years as a part time property inspections manager, finally fully retiring on 2/2/2005 for a total of 52 years and 21 days. It was the only job he ever had.

June JUDD nee Little (5/6/2015)

  • John Ramsay advised: Joe Judd rang me to inform me of June’s death today.
    She was in the Bank herself. Unfortunately I  don’t know her maiden name. The Funeral will be at Palmdale at Ourimbah next  Wednesday at 12 noon.
     She has been unwell for several years and for 12 months in a Nursing Home.  Her death is probably a happy release as she was suffering from Dementia.  Joe lives at Bateau Bay.  I will be attending the Funeral. 

  • June joined the bank at Oxford Street in 1957, aged 15.

Darcy KENNA (28/78/1932 - 25/190/2023)

  • Members, it is with sadness that I advise of the recent passing of our member, Darcy Kenna; he was 91.  Darcy passed away peacefully in Royal North Shore hospital on Wednesday 25th October.
    After completion of about 7 years service as an Engineer 1st Class in the Royal Australian Navy, Darcy joined the CBC and was appointed to 343 George Street Sydney where he became a well known member of staff.  In a time when banking was about having the physical delivery of documents and information as an essential part of business, Darcy was the staff member to know when delivery of important material was required.  
    Because of his easy conversation style Darcy developed friendships across many aspects of family and community life as well as his banking career.  After retirement from the bank in 1989 he was asked if he was interested in a role at a Leagues Club which he accepted and had many happy years with them.
    Born in Hobart, Darcy remained a proud Tasmanian although he shared his sporting support among Essendon for AFL and Souths for Rugby League.
    A resident of Ryde for many years, Darcy and his wife Anna are the proud parents of 3 sons and 7 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.  

  • CBC Officers Club added 'CBC/NAB - joined 06-04-1964  - Retired 07/05/1989        A Stalwart at 343 George Street ' to above.

David Ian KENDALL (27/10/2017)

  • John Ness advised: Ian joined the bank at Wollongong in 1962 and was Manager at Double Bay.Ian had kidney cancer 3 years ago which they got rid of but it metastasized to his lungs and at the end he was unable to breathe.

  • Bob Handel advised: His wife Evelyn will be known to many Officers who spent time in Mrs Russell's boarding house at Hereford Street, Forest Lodge. Evelyn was Mrs Russell's Daughter.

  • Mike Hook advised: Ian was the junior at Wollongong (I think he started there). He was true blue, a caring fellow. It looked like he had seen off those difficulties. R I P Ian.

Clarrie KENNEDY (30/11/1941 - 18/4/2012)

  • Regretfully I have to pass on the following message from Kerry Kleidon.
    Sadly I wish to advise that Clarrie Kennedy died in Lismore Hospital yesterday (18/4). Clarrie has been battling health problems for quite some years. I’m sure many will have stories to tell of their times or occasions with Clarrie – he was a character. At this moment, I don’t have any funeral arrangements.
    My thanks also to Kevin Nichol via Henry Thorne who mentioned that “I received a phone call from David Bartholomew a few minutes ago advising that Clarrie passed away this evening (Wednesday) at 6.30.”

  • I worked with Clarrie in the Overseas Department for quite some years. He was my Supervisor when I arrived from England in March 1965. I went to Royal Exchange Branch in 1975 & he was by then one of the Assistant Managers.
    Our paths re crossed in 1979 when I re joined the overseas Department.
    I also worked with his then Wife (Lorraine) for some years in the Mail Transfer section & various other sections of the Overseas Department.
    Clarrie was a character - that is an understatement. He was especially at his best at the Occidental or the Cosmopolitan Pubs just around from Head Office.Friday Night was when Clarrie had a few & he was the main reason the "Joints were Jumping".
    He was keen sportsman for the Bank.
    He had a cheeky disposition & was a great practical joker. He caught Norm Ruggins (when he was Manager Overseas Department) out quite frequently.
    Best one was the "Pregnant Cows being shipped to Okinawa" where the documentation had problems & over USD 500,000 was at risk. A lot of money in the 70's.  Norm had to contact the Bank of America in Okinawa & waited by the phone (no emails then in the 70's) all day, with no breaks. Suddenly his phone rang & he pounced on it - at the other end a Japanese voice stated - "U Mr Rugguns - U have preg cows problem?"
    Yes, Yes said Norm - & the reply was - They Stuffed up, like U. Then Clarrie laughed & Norm realised he had been had. He went berserk, chased Clarrie out of the Office & thank god did not catch him.
    Later the phone rang again & Norm answered to be an American voice stating "Mr Ruggins - this is --- from Bank of America Okinawa."
    Norm asked him to hold, walked around the whole office, pulling phones out of peoples hands & away from the their ears, listening in, to see if Clarrie was catching him out again.  Of course Clarrie was not & Norm finally sat down & started to sort out the problem with Bank of America.
    Thankfully some days later the matter was resolved, the Pregnant Cows arrived in Japan, the payment was made, Dalgety ( the exporters ) were paid & Norm could relax, until Clarrie thought up another way to fool Norm, which of course Clarrie did.
    Clarrie whilst a Joker, was an AI Overseas Assistant Manager, also a Larrikin & this rubbed up one particular person in the International Division who as soon as a problem arose in the Cable Department Authentification of Cables to London Office on one night, used this to have Clarrie removed from the overseas Department. It was vary heavy handed & had repercussions for Clarrie for quite some months.
    Overall Clarrie was a likeable, annoying, fun loving person who could get up your nose one minute & back you to the hilt the next. Great pity to see that his last few years were plagued by illness.

Audrey KENNY (25/9/2011)

  • Rowan Raymond-Jones advised on 26th September 2011: Sadly, I have to inform you that Audrey Kenny died yesterday morning. Bobby Smith informed me this morning, and said the funeral notice will be in the  Herald on 27th.  Audrey was a life member, and an avid supporter of our Club.

  • Sorry to hear of Audrey's passing.  I remember her very well as she was recruited from Waltons to work in the Bankcard Credit Control set up. She was one of a number who came to us from Waltons at that time when we were setting up Bankcard. She was a very well respected member of the team. I think it was the late Peter Hay who brought her to the Bank.  Regards Ian Holston

Edna KERR (24/10/1924 - 15/12/2020)

  • Christine Bailey, NABROC NSW Secretary advised: Sadly I received a phone call from Ednas' son Warwick today advising of Ednas' passing. He kindly gave me some background to Ednas' career.
    Edna joined the CBC Bank in 1946 and left in 1956 to start a family.
    She rejoined the bank in 1974 - until retirement in 1986 , Warwick recalled she has spent most of her career in the Health Society Division of the Bank.

Richard KERR-TAYLOR (22/8/1953-23/7/2010)

  • Eddie Smart advised Gwen McBeth on  30/11/2010:  More sad news. Richard passed away on 23rd. July last after a bout with cancer. After his death a brief service was held at Mulqueens Funeral Services Camperdown, chapel before his cremation at Ballarat on 27th July.
    Richard spent a lot of his career on the Relieving Staff mostly in the Western and the South Western parts of Victoria. He lived in Camperdown from the mid 1980's.
    Although I knew Richard rather well, I was not aware of his death until last Friday, he was a bit of a loner. I am sending you this email because I have not seen any prior notice of his death either through the usual emails or Newsletters since his demise.
    Although this news is old I am sure some of Richard's old CBC friends would not know of his death.

Ray KING (6/6/2021)

  • Ray died on 6 June after a long illness. Many ex CBC staff may remember him as a lecturer at the Fernleigh Castle management training sessions. After the amalgamation with NAB he became operations manager for Bankcard. Gone but not forgotten.  Norma King

  • Wayne Linnert, CBC Officers Club President advised: Ray began his banking life in the UK as a teenager with Midland Bank and then joined Standard Charter in London before transferring to Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. Ray’s family emigrated to Australia in 1980.  He joined the Bank on 02/11/1981 at Fernleigh Castle as a lecturer sharing his vast experience and skills learned in Central & Southern Africa banking. Ray was later appointed Bankcard Operations Manager and remained in that position until his retirement on 18/0/4/1996.  

Marwood KINGSMILL (1993)

  • Marwood Kingsmill resigned from The CBC Bank to join Western Power (now Synergy) in mid 1970 and later becoming a Commissioner for Public Servants WA. He passed away in 1993.

Esther Eva Maria KINGSMILL (10/9/2022)

  • Harry & Christine Deacon advised that Esther Eva Maria Kingsmill (Widow of Marwood Cleese Kingsmill) passed away 10/09/22. Mother of twins Nicholas and Nanette, (Nanette died 2020.) Esther’s Funeral Service was held at Karrakatta Cemetery in Perth on Thursday 23rd  September 2022 at 2.15pm

Mary KINSELLA (14/2/2020)

  • Kevin Nicoll advised "Mary's husband John retired from Lismore Branch in 1992. He previously managed Tamworth and Coffs Harbour Branches and was well known throughout the NAB network.
    Sadly, John is not at all well and as far as I know, is resident at BUPA Aged Care Facility, Pottsville.
    I first met the Kinsellas some 40 years ago when I managed the CBC Coffs Harbour. They were a lovely couple and well regarded by all who had the privilege of knowing them. Until their health failed, John and Mary were regular attenders at our NABROC Far North Coast luncheons.

Elva KNOX (4/2006)

  • Kevin Meyer advises that Elva Knox died aged 100. Elva was the widow of H. K. (Johnny) Knox who was manager Penrith for a lot of years in the 70s. She was the mother of Elaine (ex Branch Securities) and mother in law of the late Ian Cadell (ex Regional Manager).

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