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Mary WICKS (2/2008)

  • Mary’s funeral was held at Northern Suburbs Crematorium North Ryde on 08.02.2008. Although Mary would not have been known to many, she was a very special lady & a very loyal CBC officer. She was the wife of the late Ronald George Wicks who retired as Manager of 28 George St., Parramatta in January, 1972

  • Mary joined CBC at Goulburn in 1939, and due to shortage of staff during the 2nd war, was transferred to Head Office., where she met Ron.  In 1951, he asked for her hand in marriage which she gladly agreed too. Due to Staff Department’s rules of that time, that is, she could not remain at the same branch of her future husband, Mary returned to Goulburn.  Mary & Ron married in 1952, and had two children Jenny & Les.  Mary’s funeral’s was attended by a few ex-staff & partners – Di Mahony; Rosemary Emmett & Ken;¸Ted & Pam Elliott; John Williams and Henry & Yvonne Thorne who shared many good memories of Mary with Jenny & Les. (Thank you Henry Thorne) 

Ronald George WICKS (6/3/1988)

  • WICKS Ronald George Death notice 06 MAR 1988 Death late of Carlingford Sydney Morning Herald 07 MAR 1988


Robin WILLIAMS (25/5/2013)

  • Greg Thorp advised that Robin passed away on 25th May.  Robin was Greg's uncle, and was well known from his time in International Division at Head Office.
  • 27th May 2013 Richard Nott advised "He was the kindest and gentlest man I met in the bank. He and Eric Gillespie were great mates. He must have been well into his 90's."  He was nearly 94.
  • It is indeed sad to learn of the passing of Robin Williams.
    He was OIC Overseas Department at Head Office when I joined that Department in 1966 and was still OIC when I left the Department in 1972. I had the utmost respect for Robin, who I never heard raise his voice to anyone. His knowledge was extraordinary and he was always ready and willing to share that knowledge whenever it was needed. As all old CBCers know, the Bank was very formal when it came to interaction between senior staff and junior staff. "Sir" or "Mr." was the invariable mode of address! Robin was the first such senior - to me! - Officer to invite me to use his first name, which I proudly did, even though I had then been in the Department for several years. As we all learnt over time, just because you call someone by his first name does not mean you have no respect for him! That could not be more clearly epitomised, so far as I am concerned, than with the relationship I enjoyed with Robin Williams!
    If you are able, would you please pass on my sympathy to his family.  Vale Robin Williams! I salute you!  Frank Maundrell
  • I have vivid memories of Robin Williams.
    He was “The Manager Overseas Department Head Office 343 George Street” when I arrived from the UK, feeling very disorientated & apprehensive.
    This was the result of having arrived the week before from The CBC London Office (where I had worked for 3 years), with my family.
    I was allocated by Personnel Department to The Overseas Department Head Office.
    I had never worked in an Overseas Department before, & was then only 21 years old.
    So this was a new country, new job & I was not qualified to work in the Overseas Department,
    I had only worked in General banking & Cables.
    As well, I was a “10 Quid Tourist”, who had immigrated to this new country, whereas I had lived for 21 years in the old country.
    When introduced to Robin, I was made to feel extremely welcome.
    He was “The Perfect Gentleman” & really helped with my transition into my new environment - The Overseas Department.
    He was a great person to work with & under, & with his sidekick Eric Gillespie ran a very tight but happy Department.
    I was there for 10 years before being transferred to CBC Royal Exchange as the Bill Clerk & later Assistant Manager in charge of Royal Exchange Overseas Department.
    During my time working under Robin, he ensured that I was exposed to all aspects of Overseas/International Business & Procedures, which stood me in stead for my continued career in the International Field of Banking.
    As stated he was “The Perfect Gentleman & was highly respected by CBC Head Office Management, International & Corporate Divisions, & especially by his staff in The Overseas Department.
    It would be many years before someone of the same calibre as Robin would be found to replace him.
    As Robin moved to The Southern Highlands when he retired & then later to The Central Coast, I like many others lost track of him.
    I did meet Robin (for the first time in many years) at a CBC Luncheon last year & it was great to reminisce with him.
    I am only sorry that I will not be able to attend his funeral.
    My Wife Noreen & myself would be most appreciative if you could extend our condolences to Robin’s Wife & Family.
    Regards,   Tony & Noreen Panos

E. R. (Ross) WILLIAMS (8/11/2008)

  • Kevin Meyer received a call from Vic Martin advising that Ross Williams passed away.  Details will be in Monday's Herald, with the funeral on Tbursday at Balgowlah.

Malcolm WILSON (30/8/2006)

  • President Alan received an email from Norma and Mal's daughter Rhonda:
    We are all aware of how special you have been to him over the last few years.
  • Alan Pitt wrote in response:  We are all saddened to hear of the loss of Malcolm, myself in particular as I have known Mal for near 30 years, maybe longer. We both had a common interest in the affairs of the coastguard, he as the Commodore and myself as a yacht owner sailing up and down the coast using his facilities.
    We are having our quarterly meeting of the CBC Retired Officers Club this coming Monday when we will make mention of Mal and there will be many Members who will speak of their association with him over the years.
     Sadly, I was not aware of his passing and would have liked to attend his funeral and pay my respects.

Reginald John WILSON (18/10/2018)

  • Frank Maundrell wrote:  "I was saddened to learn of the passing of Reg Wilson.  He was, as I recall, the first CBC Regional Manager located in Tamworth and his appointment was not long after I became Manager at Manilla.  A notable feature of his appointment was that it meant I now had a local boss who I could readily relate to and could talk to very easily.  He always had good advice.  Prior to that, bosses were  always "Mr."!
    There are many anecdotes one could relate at this time, but one stands out in my memory.  At the time, about 1980, I was a member of the Manilla Pistol Club and Reg came along to visit on a day we held an annual "Banks v Police" event at our Range.  I don't think Reg had ever held a gun of any sort in his hand, let alone fired one!  Nevertheless, he took part and, as I recall, thoroughly enjoyed himself.  I don't think Reg contributed significantly to our score but it was a matter of pride on the Police part that they always won anyway!  But I do know he became popular on the day and often talked about it on future occasions!  Vale Reg - you were indeed a "good bloke"!

  • David Jobson said:  "Nice Bloke was Reg John.  He was my Regional Manager at one of my branches."

Norman Edward McCurdy WINCKLE (6/07/2007)

  • Pat Thorp advised that Mr. Winckle died.   He had been suffering from osteoporosis and was virtually unable to move around.
  • Norman Edward McCurdy Winckle was born at Mooroopna, Victoria, on 17/12/1918, the second son of Arthur and "Bessie" Winckle( formerly Mary Elizabeth McCurdy). His father , a teacher, ran the local single teacher school.
    In the early 1920's Arthur Winckle secured a move to Elwood Primary School in Melbourne. By working in the post office in school holidays and taking in private pupils after hours Arthur and Bessie were able to give their children a good education. Norman was sent to Caulfield Grammar before completing his schooling at the prestigious Wesley College. He learned to play the violin and showed an early aptitude for mathematics.
    For a lad of such a background there was no thought of going to the university when he left school at the age of sixteen in the middle of the depression. Instead he joined the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited at their Swanson Street branch. He studied accountancy at night and over the next few years worked in branches around Victoria before being promoted to the Melbourne Head Office at the age of 22.
    When the Japanese entered the WW2 he enlisted in the 2nd AIF .He was commissioned as a lieutenant and placed in charge of a mortar platoon where his mathematical skills could be used to great advantage. Norman served with the 8th Australian Infantry Battalion in Darwin, the Pacific Islands, especially Bougainville, and in New Guinea . He was discharged in April 1946.
    He returned to his old job with the CBC Sydney with whom he was to remain for the rest of his working life.
    Using the opportunities given to veterans he secured a place in Melbourne University and studying at night completed his Batchelor of Commerce Degree in 1949.
    Capable and gregarious he advanced in the bank and in March 1950 was sent to London. After eighteen months of travel and work in Europe he was recalled to Australia to set up the bank's first Economic Department at its head office in Sydney.
    In 1957 Norman was promoted to Inspector and was given the task of setting up CBC's first Savings Bank.
    In 1965 the death of the Victorian General Manager saw a transfer to Melbourne to head up that office but by 1968 it was time to return to Sydney and set up the bank's finance company...CAGA.
    His entrepreneurial career with CBC also included establishing their joint venture Merchant Bank, Commercial Continental Limited, and organising its first ever computer system at StLeonards. In 1972 he joined the Board as one of the three top executives.
    In 1976 the recession and property market collapse necessitated drastic changes at CAGA. Norman was sent by the Board to rescue the company he had founded. A slow but successful recovery was achieved.
    Norman was made Deputy CEO of the Bank in 1978 and retired in 1981 at the age of 63.
    He held directorships in several listed Companies and served for a time on the Board of the NRMA.
    Norm was of course a family man. In 1953 he married June Manning and together they raised three children...Judith, Gail and Philip. They eventually had 6 grandchildren. Like his father Philip has pursued a career in Banking while Gail is Deputy Head of Gordon Public School.
    Norm was a devout Anglican and served for many years on the management committee of St. Martins, Killara. He was typically to be found at the church door welcoming new arrivals.
    A keen Rotarian , a highlight of his career was the Presidency of Sydney Rotary in the early eighties.
    He was for several years on the Board of Royal Prince Alfred Hospital chiefly in, the capacity of Treasurer ( no doubt related to his position with the Bank.)
    He was interested in sport and in his early days was in the Bank's rowing team. In later life his passion was lawn bowls and he was for many years a member of Killara Bowling Club. Such was his esteem in the club that for several years he was made club Patron.
    He devoted his considerable talents supporting charities such as the Chatswood Sheltered Industries .
    And of course there was freemasonry!
    He was initiated in Lodge Elwood No 283 (Victorian Constitution) on 1st August 1946. Passed (7/11/1946)and raised (1/5/1947) in the same lodge he was eventually forced to call off (31/12/1953) due to his move to NSW.
    In Sydney he initially affiliated with Lodge Antiquity (No1) but called off in favour of Lodge Frank McDowell ( No789) which was much closer to home.
    His affiliation with Frank McDowell took place on 19/11/1956 and he remained in that lodge through it's various "Lives" ever since.
    His business commitments both in Australia and overseas had prevented him from taking the chair but finally settling back into Sydney in the late 1960's he was made Senior Warden in 1971/72 and Worshipful Master in 1972/1973.
    Following consolidation with Lodge Lindfield in 1989 (21/8/1989) he again served as WM for the 1990/1991 Masonic Year. Over the years Norm held several positions in the lodge and was always ready to fill in when required. He was responsible for the introduction of- The Toast to Absent Brethren- and was the first to volunteer when a Caring Officer was required.
    For his Services to the Freemasonry he was awarded the conferred Grand Lodge rank of Past District Grand Inspector of Workings on 8/3/1995.
    He remained an active member of Lodge Frank McDowell Lindfield until its consolidation with Lodges Kiffara and Saves in the formation of Lodge Ku-ring-gai( No1033 ). This occurred on 16/7/2004. He was of course a foundation member. Typically he became one of the Caring Officers.
    I should also mention that he affiliated with Sydney Lodge (No 1020) on 7/6/1997 but called off on 28/2/2005.
    But it was in Christian Freemasonry that Norman really made his mark....
    He was perfected in Avery Chapter on 25/8/1958. After completing his interstate commitments he was enthroned as Most Wise Sovereign of that chapter on 24/8/1970. He received the 30th Degree on 29/1/1972 and the 31st Degree on 16/2/1980.
    Then came a major promotion when on 27/8/1984 he was elevated by the Supreme Council to the 33rd Degree and appointed District Commander for the District of Sydney Northern. During his term of office the Sydney Northern SC was consecrated and naturally he was a foundation member.
    But higher duties awaited ! On 11/10/1988 he was elected to The Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Australia, the Order's Governing Body. Here he served for the next nine years successively occupying the positions of Grand Prior, Lieutenant Grand Commander and ultimately Sovereign Grand Commander (Head of the Order in this country ). In this capacity he travelled widely representing the Rite both here and overseas. His three year term completed he stood down on 30/6/1997 but was immediately elected an Honorary Member of that August Body.
    Norm remained a member of Avery Chapter through it's various consolidations (Avery/Vigil and now Mystic Rose No23 formed by the consolidation of Avery/Vigil with Sydney St James/St Ives). He was also a member of Collaroy Daylight Chapter(218) and of several Councils including Sydney Northern, Prince Charles Edward Stuart, Collaroy Daylight and Melbourne SC.
    Norm lived his Freemasonry!! It was so typical of him to be a Caring Officer and to initiate the toast to absent brethren.
    He passed away on Friday the 6th July 2007.
    At his request the family had a private funeral. He would not have wanted to make a fuss!!
    V Wor Bro Norman Edward McCurdy Winkle certainly lived respected. His passing is a loss to us all.
    Graham M H Piper PJGW
    Eulogy delivered at Lodge Ku-ring-gai on 16/7/2007

Kenyon (Ken) WINDEYER (21/5/2020)

  • Charles Wulff advised: It is with regret I advise Ken Windeyer died on 21/5/20. He had an unexpected heart attack whilst driving.

  • Scott Marnane, President, NAB Retired Officers Club NSW advised: Members, I am saddened to advise of the sudden passing of Ken Windeyer.  Ken’s banking career commenced in 1963 and many members may consider his time in the industrial relations area of the bank as one of the highlights of his banking service, although that could also be said of his other career highlights owing to his ability to put people at ease, and Ken’s enthusiasm to the job.
    Both Ken and his wife Jo are active Rotarians in Salamander Bay, and Ken has received several awards for service during his Rotary career.  However Ken’s involvement as a founding member and treasurer of the Port Stephens Suicide Prevention Network over the past 10 years will be a lasting legacy.  The Port Stephens community have a stronger awareness of the support systems available because of the work of people like Ken Windeyer.
    Ken will be sorely missed by so many who have been touched by his generosity to community involvement and participation.  At this time the details of his funeral have yet to be released.  Vale Ken Windeyer. 

  • Wayne Linnert, President, CBC Officers Club wrote: It is with sadness that I advise the passing of Ken, resulting from a sudden heart attack.
    Ken joined the Bank on 07/01/1963 and worked in both branches and Head Office departments where he progressed to senior positions of BNZ Chief Manager, National Irish Bank General Manager and retired from Channel Management Global on 17/11/2000. Ken was very active in his local community of Salamander Bay.
    Our deepest sympathy is extended to Ken’s family.  I thank Charles Wulff for the advice.

  • Dean Pitman advised: I'm very saddened to hear of the sudden passing of Ken Windeyer. I was extremely fortunate to work for Ken for a number of years. He was appointed Regional Manager in Parramatta in the late 1980's where I was the Senior Manager at 28 George St, Parramatta and somewhat later as District Commercial Manager.
    During my long career with the Bank Ken was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet, highly professional, extremely competent and always approachable. We had wonderful rapport and I'm pleased to say we enjoyed an ongoing friendship. My condolences to his wife Jo and their family. Why is it the good guys die young ?

  • Harold Wood stated: I am saddened by the death of  Kenyon Windeyer. I first met Ken after I was appointed Manager at Raymond Terrace. I got to know Ken when he came to RT to visit members of his family, and also through Rotary of which I was a member for 30 years. I always found  Ken to be delightful person you could ever meet.   Ken's uncle John (Known as Jack) I knew very well and he used to tell me of Ken's latest appointment.   The Windeyer family first arrived in the area in the early 1800s and settled on Kinross station and also on Tomago station. The home on Tomaga and a church  built by the family are still there and are classified by the National Trust.

  • Richard Nott wrote: I was more than saddened to receive this news. I met Ken initially at the tellers school Kings Cross in 1965 and later we were both on the Staff Suggestions Committee for years where Ken was the Secretary. Our biggest challenge then was to get agreement to dispense with blotting paper ! Ken was later in the O&M Dept. and I think he took over the branch data liaison from me in about 1974.  About ten years ago I was in Ireland and had a great lunch with Ken and Neil Peters.
    I think Ken came from the Maitland area and remember his wonderful wedding photo in Current Accounts with his formal gear. His uncle was Brigadier Windeyer a major player with the Australian troops at El Alamein.
    I would put Ken in the exceptional category of officer along with Chick Wulff who was also in the O&M team at the time and who brought us this sad news. Ken had the gift of a great family and we had a number of philosophical discussions on changing spiritual values and what we perceived life to be all about. My biggest regret is that diversity of location invariably impacts the time and tide one enjoys with such fine people as Ken and due to virus restrictions we cannot attend an appropriate farewell journey.

  • Tony Panos: Thank you for the advice, even though a sad one. I first came into contact with Ken when he was the Regional Manager in Parramatta.
    I  was the International Manager for the Region he was in charge of, & whilst in different buildings I reported directly to him & the State Manager International.
    For many years after the merger a good few of us used to meet under the auspices  of the "Horn of Plenty Club" & for many years Ken used to travel from Salamander Bay to Sydney CBD where we all met up.
    Those were very happy times.  Ken was a mine of information & reminisces, & processed a very good wit.  Before he left the Bank he held some very high & distinguished positions, which Wayne has listed. He will be sorely missed by all those who knew him.  Please give my best wishes to his Wife Joy & family.

Helen WINSLOW (18/11/2006)

  • Helen was the wife of Ray and an ex-officer.
    WINSLOW, Helen (nee Charles)- passed away November 19, 2006 aged 79 years.
    Beloved wife of Elton Ray
    Loved mother of Tim and Barbara
    Adored grandmother of Robert Thomas & Rachel
    Private cremation was held Wed Nov 22 2006 in Dubbo (SMH 23/11/2006)

Kevin John WINTER  (26/5/2000)

  • 1951 / 1952 born
    1968 joined CBC Mudgee; Junior Mudgee when Noel Crowley was working at CBC Mudgee
    CBC Cobar
    Audit Clerk
    Accountant CBC Gunnedah at which time Kev’s wife worked at CBC Boggabri
    Accountant CBC Newcastle West
    Manager Mandurama
    Kev was in car hit by train. Noel Crowley wrote :-
    “The motor vehicle that collided with the train, in which he was travelling, was driven by a local police officer and Kevin was left for dead.
    “He` spent close to four months in RPA - three of those was in Intensive Care where he would be adjust about lost and the come back again.
    “I visited him in IC at this time and I am not sure if he knew who I was but I stayed some five minutes and then as I left I told him to make up his mind what he wanted to do, because they wanted the bed!
    “I went back the following Wednesday (next week) and went to IC to see him, but upon enquiry I was told he wasn't there anymore (you can imaging what went through my mind). Anyway upon further enquiry I was told he had moved to a recovery ward upstairs and yes I could see him.
    “When I got there he was sitting up in bed as large as "LIFE" itself!
    “The following week (again Wednesday) I visited, and it was the day he was told he had lost the use of the right arm - they were going to amputate but he insisted he keep - and so he did.
    “This news, of course upset him no end. I did not see BIG KEV again although I used to talk to him on the phone on occasions (e.g. while relieving the Manager at Gunnedah)”
    John Beer advised that during audit of Moss Vale where Kevin was Manager. Kevin said he had no doubt about next life after he travelled through a tunnel after death then came back to life.
    From Moss Vale Kevin became Manager Agricultural Business Narrabri
    20000526 killed; died age 48 late of Narrabri formerly Gulgong
    20000527 SMH; 20000530 Mudgee Guardian20000530 North Western Courier (Narrabri)
    WINTER Kevin John Death notices 26 MAY 2000 Death 48 late of Narrabri, formerly of Gulgong Sydney Morning Herald 27MAY2000, Mudgee Guardian30MAY2000, North Western Courier (Narrabri) 30 MAY 2000
    Noel Crowley continued :- “
    Big Kev unfortunately used up all his lives back in May 2000 and all who knew him are the sadder for it.“

Ian WISDOM (28/10/2009)

  • Gwen McBeth passed on this message from DesAkers:
    "I noticed in Herald Sun of yesterday - 2/11/09 that Ian passed away on 28 Oct and that there is only a Private Cremation.
    Sad to see another of the “characters” go. Wiz was one of a kind. I can never forget the day when he was in Premises with me and one of those “dye bombs” exploded and covered him from waist up. He had 14 showers and still had marks on him for days!"


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