representing Officers and families of
The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited
and its subsidiaries & affiliates.





Annual Gathering at the Rugby Club, Crane Place, 31 Pitt Street Sydney.
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1953 Custom Credit was formed
1958 May 29 SMH reported allotment of CAGA shares "like a superior kind of lottery"
1958 June CAGA commenced
1958 November 2 Sunday Telegraph CAGA 5th place behind IAC AGC Custom Credit & General Credit
registered as Commercial & General Acceptance Ltd
1958 July Current Accounts extract:

1958 December 15 AGM

1979 ownership 77.9% CBC 22.1% Bank of America, CAGA employs 550 staff across Australia (from April 1979 Current Accounts Pg 4, 5)

1983 March 31 merger of CAGA and Custom Credit was effected by CAGA acquiring the whole of the issued capital of the Custom Credit Corporation Ltd (CCC)
1983 April 22 CAGA changed its name to Custom Credit Holdings Ltd
(from 1983 September 30  NCBCofA (National Commercial Banking Corporation of Austalia) Annual Report 11, 12)

See under "Branches" in various states for CAGA offices locations and photos.

Kent & Druitt Streets
443-451 Kent Street

CAGA offices were in this building until erection (on the site previously occupied by The Metropole Hotel) of the 40 level CAGA Centre building bounded by Bent, Phillip and Young Streets (from Current Accounts January 1976 first four pages) .

1960 A. Gittings appointed Manager, Kent & Druitt Sts (from Current Accounts January 1961 Pg 34).
1977 listed in Annual Report

CAGA Centre
Cnr Bent, Phillip & Young Sts



Bounding Bent, Phillip and Young Streets on the site of the Metropole Hotel of 1891.

1974 Sketch in Annual Report.



1976 photo from Current Accounts.



2008 photo of the corner where CAGA Centre and 44 Young Street branch stood.

CAGA Melbourne
Bourke Street
CAGA Melbourne, front left,  with 500 Bourke Street in the background.
From Australia the Timeless Continent produced by Ted Smart and David Gibbon  1988, sourced by John Beer
CAGA Perth,
Adelaide Terrace

1978 photo (from Current Accounts January edition).


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