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007-200 Customer Record



Automation planning involved searches world wide on best procedures so that final decisions can be made on selecting the best for implementation by CBCofS.

1951 David J Smith began 18 years in automation at Mellon Bank in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania culminating in Vice President of the Automation Division
1960s/70s Robert George (Bob) Taylor appointed Automation Officer
1967 Peter Dominish was appointed to Automation Research Department

1969 from USA David J Smith joined CBC as Administrative Officer Automation 
1970 July CA Pg 1 & 2 by Administrative Officer - (Automation) - Smith David J, on proof, clearings and current account ledger functions of four Sydney city branches being centralised to Sydney Proof Centre & Sydney Posting Centre
1970s Kerr & Smith Architects designed the ten-level St Leonards Centre Building with 30 space car park and four exterior towers containing passenger lift, freight lift, toilet blocks, air-conditioning ductwork.
1972 November St Leonards Centre officially opened by Sir Robert Askin
1973 Peter Dominish appointed Chief Systems Analyst

1973/4 CBC Bank could not sort out Unpostables including trace numbers etc so $30m was written off and responsibilities for Unpostables was sent back to the branches to manage so was this the reason to appoint:-
1974 DJ (Jim) Sharpe Chief Manager St Leonards Centre (NAB Group News # 5 1983 May Pg 14)
1974 David J Smith appointed Executive Chief Manager Automation
1977 Automation Research & Development Executive Chief Manager Smith, David J; Chief Manager, Systems Dominish Peter J (June 30 Annual Report). 
1977 Peter Dominish appointed CM Systems & visited USA UK Europe studying banking systems resulting in NCR terminals selected for "Operation All-On"
1980 September David J Smith was appointed to AGM Data Processing Operations (Current Accounts December 1980).
1980 Nov 7 1750 AGM DP Operations David J Smith switched off the Honeywell H6048 Computer to make way for DPS8/70. (1980 December Current Accounts Pg 2)
About 500 people were employed under David J Smith's administration, 300 of whom worked at St Leonards Centre,
the remainder scattered around Australian Capital City Offices and branches.

1980s Merger computer planning, claims:-
1. Honeywell would not be capable of running NCBCofA computer requirements,
2. Computer should not be run from one central operation like Honeywell did

 And through to integrations with IBMIsn't NAB Computer operations centralised in one location in Melbourne, same as Honeywell was? ---

1983 Chief Manager St Leonards Centre: Dominish, Peter J (Sep 30 Annual Report)

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