representing Officers and families of
The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited
and its subsidiaries & affiliates.




S - Suburban

Seven Hills
156 Best Street

1975 Listed in Annual Report.

2007 February photo of ex-branch by John Beer.

(Moore Park,
 now Fox Studios)



1947 CBCofS “Showground Office” began with Vic Bentzen in charge  (Vic was previously an Auditor who worked visiting branches with Auditor Mr Hedge, so they were known as “Benson & Hedges”)


1958 July Current Accounts page 29:-
       a total of 35 officers are involved in attending the show office
       for 10 days & 8 nights
       “Vic Bentzen has been in charge [of the CBCofS Show Office] ever since it started 11 years ago”


1969 July Current Accounts page 1 “new premises designed by the Bank’s Architects Laurie & Heath”. Photos from Current Accounts July issue.


1973 July Current Accounts page 17 :-
- seven views of Sydney Showground Agency,
- major article on the Show Agency and included several other aspects and indoor shots shown at left.



Frank Maundrell says: This is an interesting shot of Winsome Crowley (now deceased, but whom many will remember with affection) using the then latest in technology; the Chequemaster Automatic Teller Machine.  The story tells us that "...with this machine the teller has simply to verify the customer's cheque, key into the machine the denominations required, and the notes and coins are immediately dispensed..."

I wonder what staff from that era would make of to-day's ATMs!

1984 sketch from pamphlet.

Smithfield 1981 To open.
South Kensington 1934 Listed in Century of Banking
Spit Junction 1975 Listed in Annual Report.
St. Ives
1960 This photo of CBC St. Ives is reproduced from Current Accounts, January, 1961. The accompanying story says it opened in the (then) new St. Ives Shopping Centre on 17/11/1960, submitted by Frank Maundrell.
1975 Listed in Annual Report.
St. Leonards Opened 1886 (77th Report); operating in 1892
St. Leonards Centre

See under "Crows Nest" for St. Leonards Centre Branch.




1973 Annual Report

Staff Security badge - John Ness

1973 Staff Security badge - Phil Pitkin:
This photo is of Phil Pitkin when I working Night Shift (from 4.30pm to 1am or 2am - Meal Money was $2.20)at The Computer Centre at St Leonards Centre. This photo was taken in June/July 1973 when I was 19 yrs old. I was there for approx 20 months say 2 YRS. We put the 1st 3 smallest branches on the Computer which were Milsons Point, Willoughby, & St Leonards Centre. Next we put 3 Largest Branches on which were Elizabeth & Kings St, Crows Nest & North Sydney.

Computer Room, 1973 Annual Report

Photos from Annual Report 1973

2017 June Michael Lawton advised:
There is a lot of work about to commence around the immediate area of the SLC building, related to the new Crows Nest train station.  The Post Office will be demolished shortly along with Beaurepaires Tyres and the former Mitsubishi dealer on Pacific Highway.
However, I checked with the property managing agents of the SLC building who have confirmed that it will not be demolished and will remain in service as it is today.     I’d hate to see it go.

St. Marys

Photos by John Hadfield
St. Vincents,
376 Victoria Rd, Darlinghurst
 1965 photo in Current Accounts January page 30.
1975 Listed in Annual Report.
City Bank at Santa Sabina, The Boulevarde

1873 the first City Bank originally in Pitt Street Sydney.
Described thus on completion ‘This building which we may be pardoned for referring to as one of the architectural gems of Sydney, was designed and erected by Messrs. Mansfield Bros, (George Arthur and Ralph) who were also architects for The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney. The front which is composed of a rich coloured sandstone, is Italian in style, perhaps the term Italian-Gothic would more accurately describe it. A considerable ornament to the streets of Sydney." 
1890 October 2 fire consumed the block bounded by Moore, Pitt and Castlereagh Sts. and Hosking Place.  The City Bank was destroyed and the stone facade of the Bank was purchased by Charles Hoskins who removed it stone by stone to his building site on The Boulevarde where it was re-assembled to form the front part of his residence, and as the land faces the same aspect as the Pitt Street block on which the Bank stood the pattern of light and shade is as the Mansfield Bros. envisioned it
(facing west on the opposite side of Pitt St to where the General Post Office has been). Charles Hoskins added a landscaped area including a circular drive and trees. For sixteen years the Hoskins family lived there with the garage suite at the rear of the house, accessible from Jersey Road. The family moved in 1908. Hoskins Steelworks in Lithgow became AIS at Port Kembla. In 1911 William J. Adams bought ‘the City Bank house’ as it was locally known and his family lived there for twenty-five years, renaming it ‘Holyrood’.
1936 When the Adams family left Holyrood the residence was offered to the Dominican Sisters who had established Santa Sabina College in 1893 on a six hectare site next door. It provided dormitory accommodation for students and suitable for music and art teaching.  Photos by John Ness 2006
25 The Boulevarde


1975 Listed in Annual Report.

2007 January photos by John Beer of CBC branch, now a pharmacy at 25 The Boulevarde

and NAB opposite.


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