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P Suburban

458 Oxford Street





1838 decision was made to build new military  barracks on part of the Sydney Common.
After Victoria Barracks were erected and the soldiers were in residence, CBCofS purchased part of where barracks were before on corner of Barrack and George Streets Sydney.

Opened 1885 (75th Report);
operating in 1892;
1920 photo by Charles H. Wisehart, courtesy Kevin Meyer.
This early photo shows 458 Oxford Street premises on the corner of George Street.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

Paddington residence was above Paddington branch, which was like two terraces side by side sharing wall dividing the two buildings.

Residence was on upper two floors above the two ground floor shops (the Eastern one being CBC Paddington branch. The other shop was a pawn shop, with illuminated sign that said “Money Lent”.

1961 slide photo by Bill Morelli.
1969 photo by Alex Steel including the Pawn shop.
1972 Manager WD (Bill) BOYLAN
1974 fully computerised
1975 report by Noel Rose Accountant in January Current Accounts Pg 6-9
1975 Manager Richard Nott
1975 Listed in Annual Report.

Entrance to the residence was via 1st door in George Street so if the door was labelled it would be 2a George St because the Terrace next to the bank in George Street was No.2.

Enter the door at 2a George Street and you could go straight through the other door on that level to the small backyard, which was concreted and led to the car park used by Manager.

Up the steps to kitchen with gas stove and though to the large lounge with gas heater. The branch was effectively immediately below the lounge room. Down a hallway to sunroom. Up the steps to bathroom and adjoining bedroom with view to Harbour bridge. There were another 2 bedrooms on this level, each with doorway to balcony overlooking oxford Street.

Personnel advised around 19 January 1973 they needed the premises to alleviate the storage problem at the Macquarie Street store.  Notes by John Beer.

2009 January GoogleMaps photo sourced by John Beer.

2017 March nab locations enquiry for Paddington NSW revealed no nab service at Paddington. John Beer advised Google maps search revealed it used as something like a womens’ dress shop.

Padstow 1975 Listed in Annual Report.

Short history of early banking.

 1819 June 5 Savings Banks established at Sydney, Parramatta (conducted by Mr Hannibal Macarthur at the Court House), Liverpool & Windsor. Mimimum deposit was two shillings and sixpence with 7.5 % interest.
1832 Savings Bank of New South Wales established by Act of Parliament
1832 Savings Bank of New South Wales established at Parramatta
1854 ES&A Bank established at Parramatta but was unsuccessful and closed.
1861 CBCofS opened branch in Church St
1867c John Beer advised: the Manager took rat poison after Inspector found shortage in cash at Parramatta when he arrived to do the inspection.
1872 CBCofS began erecting premises after purchasing Red Cow Inn
1874 Bank of New South Wales opened in a room of Australian Arms Hotel Cnr Church & George Sts which it later purchased.
1875 Savings Bank of New South Wales had 601 depositors totalling 25,638 pounds.
1800s Government Savings Bank of New South Wales established
1800s Government Savings Bank of New South Wales established at Parramatta PO.
1901 photo of Church Street looking north shows Australian Joint Stock Bank imposing building of three stories on LHS of Post Office Parramatta (Pgs 71 & 86 of book on Parramatta held by Parramatta Heritage Centre)
1909 May Government Savings Bank opened NE corner of Church & Phillip Sts and took over business of the Savings Bank of New South Wales
1927 new premises next to PO were built to house Gov Savings Bank
Above information from "A History of Parramatta, Australia's 2nd oldest Settlement" by James Jervis, ASTC, FRAHS. This book is held by Parramatta Heritage Centre, north eastern corner of Parramatta River & Church Street.
Originally Church Street,
now 28 George Street

1800-1873 Red Cow Inn 28 George St image from eastern side

1861 Specimen Signature book  from CBCofS Church St

1862 water pump installed in CBCofS Church St then transferred to 28 George St


1873 Mansfield designed 28 George St banking chamber [above]
and residence [below]


1971 opening of rebuilt 28 George St premises


1800 established by Charles Walker was Red Cow Inn (on property which ran from George Street to Phillip Street), one of NSW's most colourful and romantic inns which flourished till 1873 on a site at the rear of what CBCofS built as Banking Chambers and Managers Residence at George St Parramatta.

1861 Branch opened (25th Report) in Church Street  premises until 1873, the first Bank to remain in Parramatta;

1862 Water pump used by bank staff and others, in 2007 on display in NAB 28 George Street branch. Photo by John Beer 2007.
John Beer has done research on Parramatta and some history books incorrectly show that CBCofS opened in Parramatta in 1873 after Red Cow Inn Hotel was purchased and demolished for building Banking Chamber. John B has been to Parramatta Library and Parramatta Heritage Information Centre.
It seems the Red Cow Inn Hotel was a leading early hotel in Parramatta from 1800. The hotel consisted of three buildings. Set in an orchard & garden Red Cow offered accommodation in the spacious low building & entertainment in the 2-storey assembly hall with the Long Room upstairs & stabling below. The bakehouse was at the rear between the 2 main buildings. John Creasey was licensee in 1872 when owner Andrew Payten sold to CBCofS for their banking chamber.
It now seems the Mansfield? Styled building must have been erected in the front garden of the hotel?

1861-1872 Nothing has been located to indicate where CBCofS branch in Church Street was from 1861 to 1873.
Books reviewed include "Parramatta A Past Revealed" by Terry KASS, where CBCofS branch and residence at the rear was located on Pg 288 with man or horse out the front indicating the photo was taken prior to 1910? Maybe the Mansfield? Styled building was erected in the front yard of the hotel?

1873 Premises completed (50th Report) after "The Red Cow" Inn Hotel [1800] was purchased & rebuilt into banking premises which was used almost unchanged until 1953.

1893 January Listed in 89th Report;

1924 NBA opened its Parramatta Branch

1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

1953 Building was remodelled;

1971 rebuilt George Street building opened 12th July.  Photo of rebuilt premises on original site of Red Cow Inn Hotel
.  Many of the convict bricks & part of the hotel dating from about 1803 were claimed in Current Accounts to have been preserved in the building and again in the 1971 building. * (from Current Accounts Jan 1972 Pg 15)  but in 2007 enquiries at information desk revealed no-one in 2007 is aware of such items except for 1861/62 signature book and water pump from CBC Church St on display at 28 George St

1973 Parramatta Travel Desk commenced (from Current Accounts January 1977).

1975 Listed in Annual Report.

2006 On December 20 John Beer visited 28 George Street where no-one was aware of any convict bricks display .*
He was shown (i) water pump installed in 1862, manufactured by W & B Douglas Pumps USA from 1832 until 1880;
(ii) specimen signature book from 1860s, meaning it came from original Church Street branch.
Above specimens are on display to whoever wants to see them. Enquire at the Help Desk. 
2007 August when at 28 George St NAB branch John B enquired at help desk re location of original CBCofS branch 1860s in Church St. In reply to the question "Did they have any knowledge where it may have been?" he was told they had a branch in Church St Cnr Macquarie St; business recently moved to 28 George St. JB said that was ex-NBA opened 1924 and they said they had no idea where any other founding bank was in Church St and to try Historical Society. JB said he been there & CBCofS building claimed to be CBCofS Parramatta is not Church St CBCofS before George St because it contains words The & Ltd which were not used by CBCofS prior to 1893. They said they do not know about that.

2011 September Frank Maundrell forwarded a photo reproduced from an advertisement in a publication titled "The Jubilee History of Parramatta". It was published in 1911 to commemorate the first half-century of Municipal Government, 1861-1911.  The advertisement notes that W.W. Bodenham was Manager at Parramatta.
The photograph with caption is reproduced from an advertisement in a 1938 publication, 'The City of Parramatta 150th Anniversary Celebrations'. The Manager at that time was mentioned as H.E. Brook. It is interesting because of reference to a Receiving Office being conducted at 124 Church Street, Parramatta (see below).


2019 June photos of 28 George Street as NAB by Kevin Greenaway.

124 Church Street
agency of 24 George Street
 2011 September Frank Maundrell advised that the 1938 publication "The City of Parramatta 150th Anniversary Celebrations" included a photo of the 1873 branch with a caption stating:
'Parramatta Branch (opened 77 years ago) situated at 24 George Street, near Church Street. H.E. Brook Manager. An Agency connected with this branch is also open daily at 124 Church Street. Hours: Mondays to Fridays 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Saturdays 10 a.m. to 12 noon.'
The number in George Street (24) is also different to the 28 usually listed. It is possible that the site covers several numbers.
2 Darcy Street
receiving office of Parramatta
1975 Listed in Annual Report.
2006 now Hungry Jack's.  Photo by John Beer
Parramatta District Hospital
receiving office of Parramatta
1977 listed in Annual Report.

2007 photo by John Beer of Hospital agency of 28 George Street which was at this location.

Parramatta South
314-317 Marsden Mall
Westfield Shoppingtown

1977 listed in Annual Report

2007 Westfield location now 2 ATMs and a chemist shop.  Photos by John Beer.

Pennant Hills
1 Hillcrest Road


1968 premises erected by CBC.

1975 Listed in Annual Report.
2007 Photos of front and rear by John Beer.

2009 September 4th branch closing and business being transferred to nab 1 Castle Hill Road, Castle Hill unified branch.  Advice shown at left.

2010 July 15 John Beer advised 1 Hillcrest Rd is now Pennant Hills branch of St George Bank who have :-
ATM at street level,
Changed natural colour bricks to PAINTED dark grey,
Installed doorway accessible to wheelchairs on northern side of the building

2020 John Beer advised St George Bank 1 Hillcrest Rd closed and moved to Cherrybrook.  2019 approx 1 Hillcrest Rd was occupied by Ray White Real Estate

338-340 High Street

Cram Place
former CBC
Opened 1878 (60th Report);
Built 1879
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
Monochrome photo from Govt Printing Office collection.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.
Cram Place Heritage Listed:  current use as Architect's office.
Locally significant as a well built and maintained example of substantial late Victorian commercial premises.A large two storey building erected in 1879 as the C.B.C. Bank. A Victorian building within a commercial precinct along High Street. It has retained much of its original detailing to the façade and a well built example of substantial late Victorian commericla premises. The coach house still stands at the rear of the building. Garden features include an old well and pump and a cast iron boundary fence. Fox * Associates 1987, p. P-22).  Photo NSW Heritage Office 2000.  Former coachhouse, well and pump also Heritage Listed.

Opened 1906 (117th Report);
1920 photo
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1975 Listed in Annual Report.

2007 November branch is being converted into a restaurant.  Photos by John Ness

1114 Pacific Highway


1975 Listed in Annual Report.
1981 - 1982 branch manager was John Grandsden, following Ivan Drury who moved over to Rose Bay. Previous managers included Alan Stevens and Stan Bottrill. 
John's photo shows the building on the right as the Pymble Police Station and the building to the left is Petersons of Pymble which was a well known general store. 
John says that underneath the Manager's office at the rear was a chocolate factory and the aromas in the afternoons were something else! 
After the merger with NAB the business was moved acrosss the railway line to Grandview Parade.
1985 White Pages under National Australia Bank Ltd the following appears: -
Pymble 103 Grandview
Pymble 1114 Pacific Highway
2006 November site pictured at left by John Ness - shops demolished to become home units - alongside the old police station which became a Count Accountants Office - vacant in 2008)
2006 Nov 5 Sunday nab internet search for Pymble branch returns no representation at Pymble.

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