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G-K Suburban


1919 opened 23rd September (from Current Accounts January 1962).

1920-45 This photo is in the National Library of Australia collection and was taken some time between 1920 and 1945.  It may be in the Gladesville/Ryde area as other photos in the series are from there. John Beer visited the site in May 2008 and believes the cladding on the present site may be Gladesville 215 Victoria Rd. clearly shows how CBC GLADESVILLE building is positioned on block and how front facia is positioned hiding things like eaves, although John Ness feels that the bricks appear to be newer in the colour photos and he cannot identify any eaves on this photo.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1975 Listed in Annual Report.

2008 photos of front, right side and back by John Beer, who reports it is now nab Gladesville; had sun other side of cladding which revealed nothing behind right hand side, where there are bricks enclosing apparently steps to next floor residence also visible from the carpark rear yard, leading him to believe that it is the same building as in the earlier NLA photo.

Pacific Highway facing west






1958 Branch Opened (from Current Accounts July 1958) On page 20 there is a sketch of branch with the building closed up as much as possible to keep out glare and traffic noises.  Gordon was CBCofS's 349th branch - Ipswich took the 350th title the following day.

1975 Listed in Annual Report.

2005 photo by John Ness of the same building in NAB livery.

2018 June Gordon branch to close at the end of the month.  For lease in December 2018.

2019 March Gordon branch stripped of all identification - for auction.  Photo by John Ness

2020 March Gordon branch now a real estate office - still looks like a NAB branch.  Photo by John Ness

Cnr 44 South St & Mary Street




1883 premises - 2007July 4 John Beer is following up prospect of obtaining info / image of
original Granville premises-this is follow-up of queries of what appears to be Mansfield designed CBCofS building claimed to be CBCofS Parramatta prior to Mansfield building erected on Red Cow Inn site in George St

1883 opened (71st Report); 1880s is when established in South and Mary Streets.
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
John Beer is investigating claim CBCofS was at 8 Mary St Corner Lumley St prior to 44 South St Corner Mary St. Mary & Lumley Sts Corner is one corner block to the west of Mary & South Sts. 2 (6/7/2007)
1900 8 Mary St Corner Lumley St which in 2007 was Vietnam Veterans Assn
1914 reopened in newly built premises according to “Parramatta A Past Revealed” by Terry Kass pg 287.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1960 photo by Bill Morelli.

1975 Listed in Annual Report.
198? site including CBC Manager's Residence, to where NBA moved from Good & Cowper Streets to unify as NAB Granville.
2007 January photos corner Mary Street from South St (now real estate agency) and of back steps area by John Beer (which has CBC steel grill door for staff entry) .
Gymea 1975 Listed in Annual Report.

1920 b&w photo.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1975 Listed in Annual Report.

145 Ramsay Street bank and residence Heritage Listed.  Last sold October 1998 and now an Italian restaurant.

2008 July photo by John Ness.  John Beer reports 'I think Managers included Roy Young who opened a branch in Perth then came to Haberfield 1970s. At managers meeting he said "Why be perfect - look at the bloke who was perfect - they crucified him!"'

68 Parramatta Road

1930-06-30 CBCofS Report  states "Branch opened Homebush".  Advised by John Beer.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking
Unlabelled building between buildings labelled "Factory Outlet" & "Hotel"
Sydney Telephone Directory under Commercial Banking Co of Sydney :-
1940 listed
1944 not listed
2010 Google photo of the site sourced by John Beer, who believes it to be a branch that closed during World War II and never reopened.
17 Florence Street
1975 Listed in Annual Report.

2007 January photo by John Beer of where CBC used to operate Hornsby branch from before CBC Hornsby unified with ex-NBA Hornsby.
Hurstville 1975 Listed in Annual Report.
Kingsford1960 photo by Jim Skinner.
1975 Listed in Annual Report.




1909 Opened (123rd Report); First rented premises were occupied for about 6 months, then moved to other rented premises which were occupied until 1914.
1914 the present site was purchased, and the building occupied until 1956.
1915 photo from Current Accounts July '70.

1930 photo in Current Accounts July 1972

1934 Listed in Century of Banking

1956 The building was demolished and new premises erected

1970 photo in Current Accounts July '70

1975 Listed in Annual Report

2011 July ex-CBC branch which was located at 86-88 Railway Parade Kogarah. It is now 2 retail shops, a deli and a jewellery shop, with a beauty salon/beauty school upstairs. Photo by Frank Piccoli.

Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education receiving office of Lindfield 1975 Listed in Annual Report.

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