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19th C - Historical

Pulteney Hotel
Bent & O'Connell Streets, Sydney
where the Proprietors of the bank held their first meeting in 1834 (from Current Accounts October 1978 issue).
The Colonnade can be seen in the middle.
Original Banking House
Bridge St from George St in 1835.  The bank opened in the Colonnade at left on 1st November 1834. In 1974 Annual Report.
Sold on 18/7/1854 for 10,500.
Head Office
388 George Street


1842 the bank's first premises in George Street, near Moore's corner, are marked with an "X" (3rd building from right). From A Century of Banking.  John Beer has identified it as 388 George Street, although he says buildings were not numbered in those days.  He found a historical article on Trove which apparently mentions that  Moores Corner appears to have been corner of George St & King Street and that the article states Moores Corner area was where Commercial Bank was born.

1848 Bank in George Street. This picture is also reproduced in "Select Documents of the Nineteenth Century, Vol. 1" edited by Harry W. Nunn.

2018 August John Beer advised "388 George St I think was sold by CBCofS for 16,500 pounds or thereabouts around about the time CBCofS moved into 343 George Street. It took ages of examining maps and land titles records & old photographs & old magazines, and newspapers etc.  It was in that building that Thomas Dibbs visited to join CBCofS so it is a significant record to reveal as much as possible of its history and what it is today.
John Ness advised that in the 1980s CBC had intended to move into the building they built behind 343 George Street in Barrack Street where the old Lotteries Office had stood, but NCBC decided to use a couple of floors in the American Express building at 388 George Street instead.

Head Office
343 George Street









Present site purchased for GBP3,900 in 1851. 3 storey building erected in 1854.

1858 Sydney University archive.
It is also reproduced in a book, "Sydney - The 1850s The Lost Collections" by Barry Groom and Warren Wickman.  The publishing notation stated: "Published in association with the exhibition 'Sydney - The 1850s, The Lost Collections' held at the Martin Place Branch of the C.B.C. Bank, Heritage Week, 22nd - 28th March 1982. "Sponsored by the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited and the Historic Photograph Collection, The University of Sydney."
Caption of the photograph reads: View looking up George Street towards junction of present day Martin Place.  In the centre stands the original C.B.C. Bank building, the facade of which was re-erected within the grounds of the University of Sydney in 1931.  Across Barrack Street is the first David Jones' building with its iron balcony, in front of which a carriage stands waiting."  Credit for the photograph is given to W. Hetzer, 1856.

1859 with Head Office 2nd on left.

1863 adjacent shop premises acquired permitting the extension of two extra bays in the fašade to five and one extra storey on the building.

1866 the building adjoining Head Office converted (35th Report)

1867-1907 photo as Head Office appeared between those dates. The facade was donated to Sydney University in 1924.

1870 photo by Charles Pickering (also from Government Printing Office collection) in State Library.

1875-1899 photo from State Library of NSW ascribed as 1880s by C. Bayliss.

1892-3 photo from State Library of NSW by Fred Hardie of David Jones, Head Office and Bank of NSW Head Office in George Street.

1902 (107th Report) the Bank purchased three adjoining buildings in Barrack Street which "will give a fair return" until needed. 

Early 20th Century
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