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Barrack Street

Barrack StreetHistoryJohn Beer advises: "Robert Campbell was a wealthy merchant widely known as "The Merchant of The Wharf" & The Father of Australian Commerce".
Robert Campbell serviced his large fleet of ships at the wharf.
"The Wharf" was later known as Circular Quay.
18190605 Governow Lachlan Macquarie chaired meeting to form Government Savings Bank.
18190717 New South Wales Savings Bank opened in the old court houses in Parramatta & Liverpool, at Hobartville near Windsor & in Sydney in Robert Campbell's residence "Wharf House".
The Government Savings Bank was also known as known as "Campbell's Bank".
1832 Savings Bank of New South Wales was formed to take over "Campbell's Bank.
1914 Savings Bank of New South Wales had its Head Office in Barrack St opposite entrance to CBC's Barrack House.
19140430 Commonwealth Bank merged with Government Savings Bank
1871 Government Savings Bank of New South Wales opened in competition
19330701 Goverment Savings Bank became Rural Bank of New South Wales."

Barrack Street notice opposite lifts states:

1851 CBC moved to Barrack Street
1860 CBC building was separated by 2 shops then Bank of NSW Banks bought these shops
1881 Banks joined buildings against each other by building where the shops were
1921-23 Barrack Street part of the Bank was built
1925 343 George St facade went to Sydney Uni
1923-25 George Street part of 343 George St was built
1980s CBC became subsidiary of NBA
1980s NBA became NAB
2001 NAB moved out of banking chamber.

Barrack Street
Barrack House




20 Barrack Street, colourised by John Ness



20 Barrack Street for Lease



Ad in Financial Review 19/8/1985



2006 photo by John Ness of Barrack Lane, with turntable for armoured trucks to turn around on after delivering cash



2018 June photos by John Ness of a new bronze statuette outside the Barrack House entrance, and another of the Barrack House vestibule and liftwell


David Jones
Cnr George & Barrack Street, opposite 343 George St


"50 years after white settlement of Australia, Mr David Jones, a Welsh-born immigrant opened 'large and commodious premises' on the corner of George and Barrack streets on May 24, 1838"  SMH 4/4/2013
Those staff of the bank who worked near the windows facing David Jones had a good view of the changing rooms opposite.  When the DJs store was demolished, NAB and BankWest had branches there on George Street.
2017 November DJ's christmas Heritage Biscuit Tin shows their branch on the corner of George & Barrack Streets and a glimpse of the old CBC Head Office corner, the building of which was re-erected at Sydney University in 1925.  Queen Victoria building is in the distance along George Street at the left.
2018 the same photo is on the front of a bag they are selling.
State Savings Bank2021 June photo by John Ness.  Opposite the CBC's Barrack Street side doors. Originallyu the State Savings Bank of NSW, it later became a branch of the Commonwealth Bank, then the Cricketers' Club, and ion 2021 an upmarket Greek restaurant.
Lotteries Office
site bordering Barrack Street, York Street and Barrack Lane

Originally the Bank wished to build on the corner to house overflow Head Office departments.
John Ness advised that in the 1980s CBC had intended to move into the building they were to built behind 343 George Street in Barrack Street where the old Lotteries Office was.
DA approval was received by CBC to develop this site. Vic Martin told a CBC staff meeting that NBA said NBA did not have significant building to house merged bank so do not cancel Barrack York St proposal. NBA then decided on 255 Geo St development so Barrack & York Sts was not developed by the Bank but sold by the Bank with DA approval.  Notes by John Beer

2006 photo by John Ness

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