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Hobart Office
56 Elizabeth Street



1967 photo of banking chamber in Current Accounts January issue.
1975 Listed in Annual Report.
A photo also appeared in Current Accounts July 1975.
Interestingly, it looks to be on the same site as the photo I took in Hobart recently (corner site, with narrow side road), but is clearly not the same building. It would be interesting to know when the site was redeveloped, i.e. before or after it ceased to house the Bank.

2007 site by Frank Maundrell who states:
It seems obvious to me that the site has been redeveloped since the 1967 photo on our website. Whether that was by the Bank or since sale of the site I do not know. From the design of the building, it would have been possible it was built as a Bank. It is now occupied by Rockmans. Perhaps a member who worked there around the time of the merger could enlighten us.
The modern Hobart Office of NAB is in the ex-NBA building in Elizabeth Street, on the opposite side and well within sight. It still bears clear reference to "National Bank of Australasia"!
Burnie, Tas
1975 Listed in Annual Report.

2008 photos by John Ness.  Premises now house St. Lukes Health facility.
Devonport, Tas
72 Rooke Street



1962 CBC Devonport opened by John V Cotton
1964 January Current Accounts p10 Devonport staff included Warwick G Liddle, Allan G Howard, John V Cotton Mgr;
with a population of 15,000 & 9 banks Devonport had more banks than any other country town in Australia.
19680701 CA p 10 staff included John V Cotton, A Des Johnston, M E Commane

1971 photo from Current Accounts Pg 63; new CBC Devonport branch building.

1975 Listed in Annual Report.
1975 photo from Current Accounts July issue; magazine also has a photo of staff including manager Bruce Howard.

1983 January  Crick P C Mgr, Liddle R A Acct

Launceston, Tas
96 Brisbane Street

1975 Listed in Annual Report.
2007 Frank Maundrell notes:
There are many old bank buildings in Launceston, some identified with plaques, most not. A cousin of mine, an ex-banker (not CBC) who has lived there for over 30 years could not really remember but thought it might have been on a site now used as a car park.

2009 Photo from Leon Payne who advises: This is the photo of the old Launceston Branch as it is today. It is now Stannards Camera Shop.
The two windows in the upper story was the staff lunch room.  The position of the door remains about the same but the large window to the right used to be a solid tiled wall that contained the Night safe and the name of the bank done in metal lettering.
Moonah, Tas 1977 Branch opened 1st August (Current Accounts January 1978)

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