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Canberra Branch,
London Circuit


1927 Opened 17th July in London Circuit.
From National Archives of Australia:
The land for Canberra Office in London Circuit was purchased at an auction of leasehold land held in Canberra on 12/12/1924.
Due to disputes over lease terms and conditions, it was not until
2 May 1927 that these issues were resolved. Notwithstanding this plans were lodged and construction undertaken during this period.

2011 January Ken Wood advised:
"Please find attached photo taken in 2002 of the complete destruction from fire of the interior of Mooseheads nightclub, which has since been rebuilt.  Original façade kept.  This is part of the London Circuit Sydney building.  It was the original Canberra Branch.  (We had no Canberra Office in this building).  I worked here in 1955/56.  In 1955 I alone, ran the full time receiving office at Manuka and in 1956 ran the bank’s busiest receiving office at Kingston. (Even had my own adding machine!)"

Canberra Office,
16 Petrie Street

1958 Petrie Place premises erected September.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking as in  Federal Capital Territory;
1961 photo by Bill Morelli.
1975 Listed in Annual Report 
1 Hobart Place, Canberra
1975 Listed in Annual Report
2011 January Ken Wood advised: Please find attached photo taken of Hobart Place Canberra.  Ground floor AMP building on the left is where the branch used to be. It closed some time ago.
Australian National University (receiving office of Hobart Place) 1975 Listed in Annual Report

1981 Ken Wood was appointed Manager.

1982 photo of Belconnen ACT branch - by Ken Wood (Member) from Flickr, spotted by Geoff Chapman.

1983 internal photo by the CCTV maintenance man (in centre) contributed by Ken Wood February 2011.

(receiving office of Manuka, ACT)
 1975 Listed in Annual Report
Dickson 1975 Listed in Annual Report
Fyshwick 1976 opened 2nd March (from Current Accounts July 1976)
Jamison Centre
1970 31st August branch opened (Current Accounts Jan 1972)
1975 Listed in Annual Report
1980 approx. Jamison Centre became a sub-branch of Belconnen.

1983 March 8 internal CCTV photo submitted by Ken Wood February 2011, who adds: "Jamison Centre was opened in late 1970. I was accountant Kingston A.C.T. Branch at the time. Always in the past the senior accountant in A.C.T. was appointed to Manager of a new Branch in town. I watched my branch and my Managers residence being built. I came a gutser when Geoff Blundell from interstate was appointed Manager. Shortly after in April 1971 I was appointed Manager Culcairn N.S.W. Then Manager Gilgandra N.S.W. In the late 1970’s Belconnen Branch was opened, with the then Manager of Jamison Centre appointed to Belconnen Br. As was normal he threw money around, resigned and I was appointed Manager Belconnen (1981) to clean the place up. Jamison Centre had been previously downgraded to a sub-branch of Belconnen branch.

Following the so called merger of the NBA & CBC, Jamison Centre sub- branch was closed with business transferred to ex NBA Jamison. So instead of me opening Jamison Centre, I closed it. Belconnen branch was closed 2 months later. There I had the dubious distinction of losing 2 branches in 2 months."

1955 Kingston Receiving Office by Ken Wood in
1957 Branch opened (from Current Accounts January 1958)
1975 Listed in Annual Report
Kippax Centre 1976 Receiving Office attached to Jamieson Centre Branch opened in September (from Current Accounts January 1977).
1977 Opened July 18th with Gary Adnum as Manager (Current Accounts January 1978)
(receiving office of Dickson, ACT)
 1975 Listed in Annual Report
Photo in Current Accounts July 1963
1975 Listed in Annual Report
Bouganville St Receiving Office

1955 Photo by Ken Wood sourced from Jenny Wood, his daughter.  This building no longer exists.

Geoff Chapman says it was run by Canberra Office until the opening of a branch there some time later.

Pearce Opened 11/3/1974, it previously being a Receiving Office of Canberra Office.
1975 Listed in Annual Report
Phillip South 1976 May opened with Manager Mr Douglas Glenn Williams to serve the Southern parts of ACT. (Current Accounts January 1978)

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