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Hello John,

 I’ve been given your email address by Kerri Kleidon from Brisbane and I’m hoping that you may be able to help me.

 My name is Rondel Brown and I started work with the CBC Bank, 19 Sydney Street Mackay on 23/11/1978 and remained with the NAB until I resigned in 2007.  I am also a member of the NAB Retirees – Central Qld Sub-Branch.

 I am currently organising a CBC, NBA and NAB Bank Reunion to be held in Mackay on 27/8 for any females who worked in Mackay branches over the years.  I have currently been able to come up with 300 names and invitations have gone out to all of

those ladies with the exception of approx. 20 who I am unable to track down.   It’s probably blown up into something much larger than I ever anticipated, however hopefully we should get a nice amount of ladies attending and should all have a lovely day.

 I would really like to get my hands on an old CBC uniform that I could borrow to display for the day if you are aware of any out there (I should’ve keep mine). 

 I’m also chasing a little bit of history/memorabilia.    I have done quite a bit of research and for some I’m going by memory but I’d really like more if possible.   There has to be a lot more significant dates out there than what I’ve been able to come up with. What I have so far is:-


                              21st May 1981                   - An announcement was made that the CBC and NBA would merge.

                              June 1981                           - Marsh and Webster’s Store, operated by David Jones closed their doors at the corner of Sydney and Victoria Streets.

                              1st October 1981               - CBC and NBA merged but it wasn’t until 1st January 1983 that CBC and NBA adopted the short name of “National Australia Bank”. Star logo of two stripes signified the two banks.

                              4th January 1983               - The name was changed from The National Bank of Australasia Ltd to National Commercial Banking Corporation of Australia Ltd.

                              1983                                    - The Marsh and Webster’s, David Jones building was demolished to make way for the NAB building.

                              1984                                    - The name was changed to National Australia Bank Ltd (NAB).

                              September 1984               - The first sod was turned on the site of the Mackay Branch of NAB.

                              16 August 1985                 - The NAB was officially opened by Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen – and opened for business the following Monday, August 19.

                              1999                                    - After Frank Cicutto became Managing Director, the Bank was known as ‘The National”.

                              8 February 2006                - The logo was revised and commencing being known as ‘nab’.


Also, one of the ‘older’ ladies who was ex-NBA has some memorabilia, however would you know where or how I could get some ‘significant dates’ information on the old National Bank?


Anything you can help me with would be very much appreciated.

 Kind Regards,

Rondel Brown

Business Co-Ordinator

Farleigh Mill – Armstrong Street, Farleigh


PO Box 5720, Mackay Mail Centre, Mackay QLD 4741

P: +61 (0)7 4953 8421 - F: +61 (0)7 4953 8888 


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