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There is now a new page on the Website under Clubhouse/Recent News where small items that pop up in between newsletters will be displayed.

 We now have a dedicated NABRECwa website.  It is hoped that it will allow Members, not residing in the metro area and those who are housebound for a variety of reasons, to keep in touch with old workmates and friends. There is a supply of activities on the Site and suggestions for other items would be welcomed, bearing in mind the website is open to the whole internet world.

·         Suggestions from our lady members would be appreciated and necessary.

·         Please spread the word that those without a computer could possibly enlist the assistance of family members or visit the local library, which generally have public internet access available.

·         Contributions are required, please. To present new memories, items etc in the Newsletter and Website.

1.       Newsletter downloads:

a)       Club website This is intended as the main download source. Either click here or navigate to Website/Downloads/Newsletters/Select Month and format of your choice/ and it should download to your computer.

 b)      If you are unable to download a copy please activate this link (left mouse click on the word link and it will generate an email back to me and just send it, that’s all)

2.       Adobe Reader (PDF reader) can be downloaded from here.

3.       Photographs and cartoons can be viewed at the photo gallery.

4.       Membership applications and other items can be downloaded from the Website.

a)       Requirements are a minimum of 15 years service within the NAB or NBAL and the Officer left in good standing either by Retirement, Resignation or Redundancy

Kind regards

David Ammon

Newsletter Editor/ Website Administrator


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