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Alexander Mackie College of Advanced Education
Agency of Paddington & 35 Pitt Street
 1977 listed in Annual Report
60 Botany Road

Opened 1885 as Waterloo (75th Report);
1888 Heritage Listed: Two storey Victorian Italianate style building by Mansfield Brothers
operating in 1892.

1934 Listed in Century of Banking as Waterloo & Alexandria;

1975 Listed in Annual Report as Alexandria.

2008 three photos by John Beer showing front, rear and side views.  Currently Chicken Express, with a Bank of Queensland ATM.
Records Store
53 Huntley Street

1979 records moved from Macquarie Street Store 35 Macquarie Street East Circular Quay.
1970s (late 1970s) Management was faced with major decisions what to do about lack if storage space when it was decided to sell Macquarie St & lease premises.
1979 November the move was done to Alexandria Records Store.
1980 December Current Accounts Pg 24 reported above history of the store.

2008 GoogleMaps photo of 53 Hunley Street sourced by John Beer.
92-94 Hampden Road

1977 listed in Annual Report

2007 January ex-CBC branch now only a NAB Flexiteller by John Beer

266 Liverpool Road

1977 listed in Annual Report
2007 January photo of ex-branch premises by John Beer.
2007 September 8 NAB Location search revealed only NAB facility is ATM without deposit facility at Ashfield Mall Shopping Centre 260A Liverpool Rd Ashfield.  J.B.
4 Auburn Road



1958 Auburn branch opened (1959 Annual Report).

1968 Branch is erected at 4 Auburn Road on the site occupied for 58 years by John T Lang (Premier of NSW) as an estate agent and auctioneer (Current Accounts January )

1977 listed in Annual Report

2007 1 Feb John Beer reports:
4 Auburn Rd had Real Estate business thereon with original plaque still intact.

John Beer states: "it seems that CBC extended from # 4 to # 6 and made whole building look the same including tiles all same colour. This period included when plaque was erected at # 4.  Later:-
1. the Bank confined itself to # 6
2. Real Estate occupied # 4 and changed tiles colour.
3. Covering above balcony to make #s 4 & 6 look same building was removed.
NAB is at 6 Auburn Rd with blue tiles similar to the blue tiles the plaque was originally applied to. It seems substantial upgrading of 6 Auburn Rd by CBC has since been undone."

2009 May GoogleMaps photo of nab 10-14 Auburn Road supplied by John Beer.

Avalon Beach
1977 listed in Annual Report

2009 May GoogleMaps photo of 41 Avalon Parade NAB sourced by John Beer.

1977 listed in Annual Report

1985 list of Managers and Premises details supplied by David Jobson who was
second officer here for a few years under three managers, Paul Whiteman, Bill Waldock and John Gall.

Photo 1990 by David Jobson

Branch opened 1865 (34th Report);
1975 Listed in Annual Report.

Photo Feb 2006 by Lyn Ness

Bankcard Centre
515 Pacific Highway
Crows Nest
 1974 Centre Manager D John Hadfield (from 1975 January Current Accounts Pg 24-25)
1982 in Yellow Pages
2007 Feb John Beer advises that 511-515 Pacific Highway is now Capt'n Snooze
Bankstown 1929 Opened
1930 Closed with business transferred to Lakemba Branch.
1949 Re-opened (from Current Accounts January 1968).
1977 listed in Annual Report
Baulkham Hills
26b Old Northern Road
& NAB 28 Old Northern Road


1966 designed by J A & P Kerr; Builder Mr C L Robinson of Parramatta (Pg 97 "Baulkham Hills a District Second to None" by Pam Trimmer 1990)
1966 Baulkham Hills branch under construction opposite Bowls Club.  Note the large paddock corner block where horses grazed in 1967 - Now Stocklands Baulkham Hills Shopping Centre

Opened 20 March 1967 at 26b Old Northern Road (which is now a toy shop) with Laurie V Paull, John Beer, Bob Anderson, Donna Crawford.
Savings A/c No 1 went to E Horwood who lived in one of the first houses opposite in building later occupied by Creasey Car Sales and later displayed Pioneer Building Products. Ted Horwood (member of long established Horwood family butchers Daniel Horwood in the 1870s had the hotel where Bull & Bush Inn now stands) was councillor & long time supporter of CBC.
First cheque account was Group Garages.

NBA (initially opened 1938 as Receiving Office of Parramatta in Ex-NBA Parramatta Manager Mr Black's Newsagency Cnr Seven Hills Rd and Windsor Rd) moved from next to bowling club (2007 a 7 Eleven store) to 28 Old Northern Road under management of Mr Clay to where CBC unified as NAB 1984.
The site where Stockland Mall is was then an open paddock. Text newspaper clipping (note how CBC in name was then highlighted - this was early days of CBC adopting naming branches as CBC Bank) Text and photo by John Beer.

1977 listed in Annual Report

2008 CBC Baulkham Hills was at 26b Old Northern Rd which was recently vacated by childrens toy shop.  Present / proposed occupiers have made council application to operate a brothel from 26b Old Northern Rd!
2009 April / May  application for establishment of brothel at 26b Old Northern Rd declined by Council & Land & Environment Court
2010 September Bob Handel reports: I was at Baulkham Hills Branch the other day and notices appearing that the premises was closing and transferring to Stockland Mall. So a little bit more of CBC hits the dust.
Belmore 1934 Listed in Century of Banking as Receiving Office of Campsie.
Blacktown is 22 miles west of Sydney GPO.  Shire population was 36,000 in 1957.

1957 Monday June 10 branch opened 10th June Manager W George Carmen ex Accountant Parramatta (from Current Accounts January 1958)

1963 photo from Current Accounts July 1963.
1977 listed in Annual Report
1984 December 18 NAB General Circular 2385 NAB unified Ex CBC & Ex NBA to new premises at 63 Main St Blacktown


1909 Opened (123rd Report);
1911 Bondi (for Mr Thomas Stacey to be occupied by Commercial Banking Coy) by Alfred Allen Mansfield.
1912 Bondi Manager Mr. R.A. Stewart on the beach, forwarded by Peter Beaumont who noted: Here is a photo of my old branch manager!
Well not really it was 50 odd years before Paul Brett and I worked at Bondi Branch.
Ewan Garrard was the manager in our time followed by Bob Robson. Gerry Connor was our Accountant.

1920 photo by Mr. Wisehart courtesy Kevin Meyer.
1934 Listed in Century of Banking;
1955 ME Graham retired from Manager.
1977 listed in Annual Report

Bondi Junction
See also Waverley.

1960 photos by Jim Skinner

1977 listed in Annual Report

1100 Botany Road

1910 Opened (125th Report); Opened 29/8/1910 in room of a cottage at 1353 Botany Road. 

Branch transferred to 1397 Botany Road on 30/8/1910 (from Current Accounts July 1965).

1934 Listed in Century of Banking;

see Current Accounts July 1967 p39.

1977 listed in Annual Report

2008 GoogleMaps photo of 1098 Botany Road sourced by John Ness. GoogleMaps photo of Bay Street side sourced by John Beer.
Peter Beaumont, who worked there in the 1960s described the location as per the diagram. Peter states: "The photo of number 1098 is the old CBC Bank, Botany. This is on the north western corner of Botany Road and Bay Street. The end terrace is where John Rowlings and his wife (and girls) lived (rented from the Bank). At the time John was at Royal Exchange Branch. I later went to relieve at Newtown branch for a couple of weeks and John was Manager there at that time.
When I was at Botany Branch, from June 1964 to around mid 1966, it was known as 1100 Botany Road. Jack Lynch was my Manager and Alan E Potts was second officer. Alan married Chrisanda Kay Claydon from Aberdeen Branch in the Hunter Valley. Alan left the bank and was CFO of a mining company in the Hunter Valley and Chairman of the Hunter Valley Discussion Group at CPA Australia.
On the other corner (1102) is the Endeavour Hotel which was owned by the Ashtons. I believe that cousins, also Ashtons, owned the Captain Cook Hotel which was about five to ten shops down from the Endeavour Hotel. I guess with the rationalisation of pubs/poker machine licences, the Captain Cook Hotel was sold if it's not there now. "
690 Pittwater Road

1977 listed in Annual Report
1984 December 18 NAB General Circular 2385:  ExCBC & ExNBA Unified by NAB as 082-146 at ex-CBC 690 Pittwater Rd
2009 GoogleMaps photo sourced by John Beer
113 Burwood Road

1977 listed in Annual Report

2007 photo of 113 Burwood Road now a food store, by John Beer

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