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Main Street



1880 Opened August (65th Report);
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.



Photos 10/2005 by John Ness. 
Now overgrown with bushes and used as a private dwelling.

Heritage Listed.

Orient Point
 1977 listed in Annual Report as Receiving office of Nowra.


1910 Opened (124th Report);
1911 listed in 125th Report;
Early photo courtesy Kevin Meyer.
1927 Inspector's Report:

B.D. McAndrew, Manager. Capable, energetic.  Gets about and well liked.  Should progress.

F.W. Dunkley, Junior. A fair stamp of lad. Willing.  Fair penman. Only just arrived. T. Robertson, predecessor, good.

Business work very light indeed Not enough for staff

Office clean and tidy.

Town has grown considerably, but overbanked with 3

1934 Listed in Century of Banking

1973 photo from Yahoo sourced by John Beer

2005 photo by David Jobson.

2018 May
The Finance Sector Union (FSU) said the National Australia Bank was shutting offices in Grenfell, Lockhart, Culcairn, Ardlethan and Barham.

Obley Street






1906 Opened (116th Report); Branch opened 28/04/1906 in Royal Hotel, McLaughlin Street, Cumnock.
1908 New premises erected in Obley Street.
1911 listed in 125th Report;
1934 Listed in Century of Banking.

1971 Converted to a Receiving Office from Molong Branch 22nd March.
1977 listed in Annual Report as receiving office of Molong.
Heritage Listed

List of Managers:
1906 E.O.Hanson
1915 E.P.R.Freestone
1920 R.D.Gray
1924 E.Pitt
1929 G.C.Job
1934 N.H.Pirie
1939 R.M.levick
1942 M.J.Kelly
1946 A.McConaghy
1949 E.A.Dart
1954 F.R.Noble
1957 A.K.Gill
1962 D.J.Yates
1968 - 1971 D.R.Metzler

2001 Photo by David Jobson. 

2015 April photos by John Ness.  The clock still keeps good time.

2021 January photos by Margaret Powell.  Original Bankcard logo still on the front window.

Cundletown Cundletown is 6Km North of Taree of the northern bank of the Dawson River
1885 Opened latter half (75th Report);
1893 January Listed in 89th Report;
1893 closed (91st Report).  According to NAB archives the branch closed on 31st January 1894 and the business was transferred to Taree (Circulars).

Managers were:
1885-88   J. Colley
1888-94   E.F. Ward

Currabubula (receiving office of Werris Creek)
Currabubula is 24Km N/E of Werris Creek.  Werris Creek population in 1911 was 1083, 1921 was 1540, 1933 was 2247, 1947 was 2348 as a result of expansion of Werris Creek Railway Station.

1934 January Currabubula Receiving Office opened

1934 in Century of Banking and June 1934 Report both listed Currabubula as  Receiving Office of Werris Creek branch
1935-02-12 Currabubula Receiving Office closed (NAB Archives Melbourne)

1960 photo of township by John Beer, Receiving Office not identified therein.

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