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Tony SAWYERFeb 2006  I will be at Phillip Island for the World Superbike Races. Apologies.
Frank SCURRAugust 2005 Partner has gone back to school so I have to do the cooking and mow the lawn myself.

Can't imagine Frank doing either of those things, although I suspect he is a Microsoft Whizz! Ed.

John SEARLEMay 2005  was the oldest member present at the March meeting with a birthday in the Quarter and John told us a little of his wartime experiences.  He went to war on the Queen Mary and disembarked at Bombay, then went on a smaller ship to the Suez Canal.  He trained in Palestine and in 1941 our troops were undertrained and underequipped to fight Rommel’s Afrika Corps.  He was in Syria in 1942 and came back to Australia in early 1943.  John related a lot in the short time allocated and held the interest of all who attended the meeting.
Ingrid ScharenguivelFeb 2006  I am very busy at Legal NSW & ACT and unable to take an extended lunch hour. Will be on Jury duty on 6th March.
John SHARPFeb 2006  I enclose my Notice of inability to attend the March meeting, and also offer some brief comments in relation to items in you latest Newsletter.
John GorryI both worked and boarded with John at Bellingen branch in 1957/ 58. He was transferred there from his home town of Grafton. He was an affable fellow and a good friend, and through a mutual friend, I was aware that he was ill. Sadly, I have to report that he passed away early December 2005.
NAB establishment date: As a small NAB shareholder, I support Warren Ebbeck’s sentiments, and would be prepared to include my signature on such a statement as suggested.
Re Letter from John Roberts: Would there be any of us who have not, at some stage, suffered at the hands of the modern banking system, a frustration similar to that described by John? Inflexibility which transcends any semblance of common sense!
With reference to President Alan’s comment regarding declining attendances; should this trend continue, one wonders if it may be worth investigating the feasibility of holding an occasional meeting (say one every year or two years) at a major centre outside Sydney. Just an off- the-cuff thought – not a request.
Congratulations to all members of the Committee, past and present, for a job well done, and best wishes for your election.

August 2005
joined the Club.
Graham SHORTFeb 2006  Really enjoy receiving the excellent newsletters. Keep up the good work, Committee. Many thanks.
Neil SILVERFeb 2006  Sorry, off to Borneo again to walk part of the “Death March” trail.
Lindsay SINGLEAugust 2014 John Hughes advised:
Lindsay Single would have retired about 1960 and he purchased a grazing property south of Cooma, where he resided.
He was a very large man about 6 ft. 7 inches with a personality and voice of the same size.
I went to Cooma in 1961 as Ledgerkeeper/agency officer and left in 1963.
I got to know Lindsay Single whilst I was there as he visited the branch on a regular basis.
One story he told me was when they were demolishing the old large branch and building the more modern premises at the same time was that working conditions were so cramped that he wrote to head office telling them that one day he almost had accidental intercourse with the typist. I don't know of their reply.
I returned to Cooma as Accountant in 1972 and Lindsay took me under his wing to tell me of his past experiences in the bank.
One story he related was when he was at Wilcannia branch in 1917. Australia was in the midst of world war 1 and our manpower was used towards that effort. There were only him and the manager at the branch and they would sit on the front verandah in rocking chairs with the branch doors closed. They would partake of the odd beer and the manager would smoke his pipe. Should they get a customer who wished to make a deposit or cash a cheque they would open the branch, strong room and safe and put the transaction in the safe and take out the necessary cash. Every Friday afternoon the safe would be emptied out and the week's transactions processed. Apparently they never received head office visits or, if so, they would hear about it on the grapevine that they were coming.
Another funny story he told me was that prior to direct credits the aged pension was paid by cheque and he complained that he didn't close his letterbox on his property and one of his cows ate the mail which included his cheques.
Lindsay Single was a humorous man with a great personality and I thoroughly enjoyed his presence.
Regards John Hughes
Jim SKINNERFeb 2006  Jim Skinner phoned John Beer 6 April 2006 on his way in to Bungle Bungle Range.
The Department of Conservation and Land Management has responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the park.
Jim has been travelling in his 6.5 ton 4WD motor home named SWAG.
North has had bug wet season, where Boorooloola had to be bypassed, as well as Normanton and Burketown on recent trips.
Jim sends regards to all. He will not be in Sydney area prior to 2nd half of 2007
Jim said anyone coming in to Bungle Bungles while he is there to bring a freezer with plenty of Magnum Ice Cream which is not available in Bungle Bungles.

August 2005
Currently on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland and hope to be heading north by next month for a couple of years travelling the “Top End” of Australia
          nee MARSHALL

Feb 2006  I am happy to match Mr. Condon and Mr. Cook’s $100.00 donation towards housing the CBC Archives in a recreated banking chamber.
Nov 2005 
Have just enjoyed looking at the photos of our country branches. 

I will be in touch with my husband's brother in Coonamble, Terry Rutledge in Pt. Macquarie, Pat Cox in Grafton asking if they could supply me with a photo of the aforementioned branches.  Grafton Branch in heritage listed, the banking chamber is wonderful with cedar counters etc.

  The photo of Wee Waa Branch shows the parade on Anzac Day, I was there at that time of year and was most amused by the combination of musical instruments used as a band for the march.  Also watching our Manager and the Wales Manager fight over who would start the record player to play the recording of the Last Post!!!  Thanks again...Regards...Kaye.

I would like to generate interest for Frank Condon's project.  May even prompt some of our members to write of some of their interesing and amusing experiences while serving in the Bank.

I refer also to Frank Condon's letter to the Editor published in the last Newsletter, in which he suggests,  perhaps housing the CBC Archives and Memorabilia in a re-created building at the Pioneer Village, situated south east of Inverell N.S.W. 

I think this is a great idea and I am willing to pledge my time and $100.00 to the project.

I am well placed here in Canberra to do some lobbying, I know quite a few pollies. Liberals of Course!!!!!

I have, and still do, feel "miffed" that The National Bank "took over" the CBC.  I was with the CBC for fifteen years, resigning to be married in 1970, at which time, my fellow officers and I, considered the National and ES&A to be less important than the CBC.

  I do concede however, that the CBC's strength was in the country areas.  So establishing a Branch at Inverell would be most appropriate.

 During my service on the Relief Staff I worked in the lovely branch buildings at Grafton, Coonamble, Young, and Cowra. 

I also spent a really amusing relief at Wee Waa branch which was housed in an old style weatheroard building.  I was billeted with the family who owned the local hotel, as the main part of the hotel was full of Italian workers extending the local jail!!!  I was informed by the publican, that there were no locks on the hotel room doors.  I was also prevented from leaving the town for several days, due to flooding, and in the absence of the Manager and Accountant was senior officer for three days.

Finally I was posted to our lovely Fernleigh Castle as Bill Oakley's assistant in 1968.  During my time at "The Castle" I was pleased to meet quite a large number of our Managers and Accountants. 

 I recall how the Accountants would usually find an excuse to come and talk to me when I was typing their reports.  I would always hide my work, when leaving my desk,   in an old seat nearby.  Which had a lift up seat.  I would check to see no one was looking, before hiding the papers in the seat.  I don't think anyone ever found my hiding place????

 I have lots of happy and amusing memories of my fifteen years with the CBC, was nice to be part of a "Large Family"!! 

 I hope we can, as Frank Condon says, preserve the CBC name for posterity.          Regards...Kaye Slack-Smith (nee Marshall). 

Bobbie SMITHJuly 2005 Our Treasurer.. Had a wonky knee prior to the last meeting and was actually on crutches and of course not in a position to turn up at the meeting. She has had a complete knee replacement on the 9th June which has been most successful. Still in a little pain which is slowly diminishing. Will be at our next meeting but minus her crutches.
Feb 2006  Apology – can’t make it down to Sydney for the March meeting. Thank you for the newsletter which continues to be informative and interesting. Regards to all members.
August 2005
I learnt of your website (and hence obtained your contact details) through Kerry McCracken, following advice from Kerri Kleidon, Secretary of the Qld Retired Employees Club. 
I shall be grateful if you would forward to me a application to join the Sydney CBC Officers Club. I will be delighted to become a member; although the  tyranny of distance between Brisbane and Sydney would limit my attendance at meetings.  
Congratulations on the website which I found most interesting. Scrolling through the list of members brought back fond memories of my 33 years in the CBC/NAB and working with so many great people. I look forward to renewing the many friendships formed over the years.   
Briefly, I joined the CBC in Ballarat in January, 1962 and worked at Kaniva, Hawthorn, Melbourne Office, Mitcham, Gosford, Cessnock, Tamworth Regional Office, Royal Exchange Branch Sydney, Canberra Regional Office, NSW Administration, and finally BSP Secondment). I took early retirement from NAB in April 1995 after NAB sold BSP to a local consortium. I retired from banking on 31 December, 2003 after 12 years in PNG. The growth and prosperity of BSP and also the economic development and political machinations of the country is a great story. Perhaps your members would be interested in hearing about that some time.
I look forward to learning of the future schedule of your meetings and would endeavour to arrange Sydney visits to coincide with your meetings. 
Among the many names I know and which were recently covered on your website are John Alpen and John Searle, both of whom I worked with in Melbourne Administration, during the mid seventies when they ran the Bank in Victoria. I still occasionally visit John Alpen when I am in Canberra to see our elder daughter (Megan Hogan) - she is currently Manager of NAB Belconnen Shopping Centre. In fact John arranged for me to speak to your Club circa 1990 when I was Chief Manager Lending & Operations in Sydney and involved in the establishment of the Credit Bureau concept in the Bank. 
Neville STANBROUGHFeb 2006  On a number of occasions, I have purchased a draft, or bank cheque and, upon informing the counter staff that retired officers are fee exempt on these and certain other transactions, am always met with the disbelieving/ skeptical gaze!  Is there a current reference, letter, internal memo or something we can carry or at least refer staff to, to confirm our claims?


Feb 2006  Bobbie, since you took over Helen’s office as treasurer I have been wondering what the “R” stood for. Now I know following Alan’s remarks in his report. As a kid I was known as “Bobby” but that all changed when I went into the army and I was referred to at times by names that do not allow me to repeat here (or anywhere for that matter)  So from now on its Bobbie to Bob – I don’t think we will ever meet but keep up the good work and my best wishes to the assembled company. Regards.
May 2005
Sends “the usual apology for the usual reasons” and asks to let him know if he is paid up.
        Ed: balance of account shown on front page this time.

Nov 2005 Have been looking at the CBC Website, congratulations to all involved in putting this together.
Have attached a photo of the original Bonalbo Branch where I was Second Officer from July 1967 to August 1968 with the Late Ainsley Freid as Manager. The photo shown in the website was the Bank of NSW building when I was there.

Pam Strykowski

Feb 2006  I’m a WIRES carer and have too many babies in care to leave for too long

Keith Sullivan

Feb 2006  On web site – branch photos “Barradine” should be Baradine. Also incorrectly spelt “At Gwabegar (Agency of Baradine.)
Fixed thanks, Ed.

King Sullivan

Feb 2006  Regrettably distance and mobility prevents me attending, however I will be wish you in spirit. 

Doug SYKESAugust 2005 Too many waves to be caught. Too many roads to be ridden on (motorbike). Too many bush tracks to ride on mountain bike – before they put a 4 lane highway though it!
Graham TARRANTOctober 2006  At our last CBC Annual Reunion in Brisbane Geoff Chapman told me you were looking for a photo of the Oberon branch.  Enclosed is this sketch for your records.  We were presented with same before we left in 1977 as we requested a copy from D. P. Wyatt who did a wonderful version of our Branch.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time (4 1/2 years) in Oberon before moving to Brisbane.  You can view it on" NSW branches - O"  Ed. Graham was Security Clerk Tamworth 1959 and Manager Murrumburrah


May 2005  Visiting family in Queensland.

Alan TOWNSENDFeb 2006  I have enclosed copies of two old photographs I recently came across in our family album. They are of the old C.B.C at Tullibigeal (NSW – my birth place). From memory it was an agency run from Ungarie branch.
 Photos were taken between 1935 and 1940. My grandparents were customers. My mother used to clean the Office. Might be of some interest. Kind Regards.
Now up on NSW Country - T page Ed.
Geoff & Liz VERCOEMay 2007 Geoff and I have been having a bit of a "clean out" and have found some treasures.
Geoff was the Officer in Charge of many agencies of the CBC Savings Bank Limited at Scout Jamborees and Jamborettes throughout NSW in the 1960's and the Australian Jamboree at Dandenong [Vic] 1964-1965.
We have two scout scarves [which Geoff wore as part of his scout uniform] - one with the bank logo and the other with "C B C" embroidered on it.
Also there are many badges with the CBC logo on them - one was made for each individual event.  We also have a Pass Book rubber stamp with CBC Savings Bank Limited on it.

I was in the bank also in the 1960's and early 70's and have two badges which I wore with my uniform - one with the old maroon uniform and one for the "newer and more modern" blue uniform.
The question is: Would the CBC Officers Club like these items for their archives?
Kind regards
Lizzie Vercoe [nee Collie]
Trangie Branch 1962 to 1968
Savings Bank Admin 1968 to 1971
Bill WALDOCKSept 2005 Thank you for the note regarding the C.B.C. R.S.L. contact - I have found out that Mr A.R (Bob) Owens, 103 Wicks Road, North Ryde (phone 9878 4245) is the man - just in case anyone else ever asks you again.
Cheque for $24 enclosed for this and next year’s membership fees--and if I do not make it till the end of next year I’11 be back to expect a refund – or something …..
Our e-mail contact was changed due to unresolved problems with "bigpong" service and also unsolicited and unwanted mail from a member, with enclosures of doubtful value which clogged up our system. We now prefer to stay "OFF the AIR..."
We do enjoy the newsletter- saddened by the names mentioned in the dispatched section.
We did enjoy a Capt Cook cruise Cairns-Thursday Island-Cairns earlier this year- fantastic snorkelling, reef viewing- highly recommendable. Keep up the good work, cheers to all.
Bill now lives at Pipers Bay so why he needed to go to Cairns is a good question.   Ed.

Murray Walsh

Feb 2006  Bev & I will be holidaying in South Australia

Colin WARE

August 2006

I hadn’t seen the May Newsletter and was sorry to learn of the death of John Culf. He was accountant Stock Exchange Branch in 1957 when I was security clerk. He maintained that I taught him a lot about securities and all I could think of was that he mustn’t have known much as I certainly didn’t!

August 2005

I have just had my first look at the web site. Congratulations to all concerned. Looking at the branches brought back memories. I will delve into my old photos as I may have some:-  Dubbo, Gundagai and an earlier one of Blayney before the addition on the side. I used to park my bike under the window on that left hand side. I recall one winter’s day, there were icicles there at 0830, still there at 1230 when I went back to the boarding house for lunch and also at 1700 when I rode home! That day there was frost on the coal all day up the back (I used to have to stoke the fire!) and it had had the sun on it. It even snow all new year’s day in 1956. Ah memories.

Ian Watts

Feb 2006  Enjoyed reading February Bulletin. The photo of Casino Branch brought back memories. My application to join the CBC Bank was submitted through Casino Branch in 1941 and my first appointment was Warwick Q. Branch Subsequently, in 1960, I was appointed Accountant Casino Branch, where I spent 4 happy years – My apology for March meeting.

Kevin  WEIRNovember 2006 After receiving the November News letter and visiting the Web site, I realise that the photograph that appeared in the August Newsletter of Managers Training Course, Fernleigh May l970 was of a Group for which Ray Grooms and I were on the Directing Staff. Ray was at that time was a Branch Manager in Canberra and during the Course received a promotion as Manager Bowral N.S.W. He was succeeded in Canberra by Joe Butt ( one of the trainees on the Course). At the time I was Manager at Mildura, Vic.
I have some difficulty in recalling the names of the attendees from N.S.W but do recognise those in the photograph as follows:-
Front L to R:- Audrey Roth , Jim Dorward (vic) Ray Grooms , Bill
Oakley(Principal) , Kevin Weir (Vic),Don Reibelt (NSW-I think),Ralph Sandy (vic0
Back L to R:-Joe Butt (NSW),David Newton (Vic),--------,------,------,------,-----,John Muxworthy(Vic),-------.
I do hope this is of some interest to our members, I am sure that anyone who attended Fernleigh will recall enjoyable and rewarding moments.

The Newsletter and Website are great to keep up to date on many friends and past workmates, keep up the good work.
I have not been able to get to one of the quarterly meetings for some time now but organising a trip to Sydney around the meeting dates remains very much on our future agenda.
Kind regards.
Norm WHITEAugust 2009 While hailing the achievements of the Burke and Whiddon Cups let us not forget that from 1964 (pretty sure !) we had a 3rd team in the JUDD CUP.
In fact in 1964 it reached the Grand Finals, held at Drummoyne Oval, playing PENNANT HILLS . PH won 20-12 on the day.
I played in 1964 and 1965. Bob Ellicott can probably remember more of our players than I can.
Brian Bartley who later went to W.A., George Harding, two Del Grande’s (one in the bank – the other a cousin from outside – both very good).
Remember well travelling all the way to Five Dock Oval where the toilets and change rooms were locked to us, and the trip afterwards to the Haberfield Rowing Club where 10/- got us a feed of party pies and sausage rolls, after a shower downstairs. (& a few beers).
We minor players looked up to John Gall and his team of course.
Look forward to talking about it further. Unfortunately the only material record I still have is the small blue Players Card we were given in 1964 which entitled us to free entry at any Sydney Rugby match. I will try and dig it out.

Ross Williams

Feb 2006 Not mobile enough to go to town. Best wishes.

Bob Wilmot

Feb 2006  Distance (over 1000 km) is always a problem – however hope to make it one day. Keep up the excellent publication. Regards.


Joined the club Feb 2006. Joined the Bank in May 1940 at Muswellbrook, from there to Grafton, Head Office, Merriwa, Bourke, Newcastle, Accountant Moree, Manager Baradine. Allen also saw War Service – he enlisted when he turned 18 in 1942.


Feb 2006  Distance from Sydney is a problem. The Newsletter keeps getting better all the time – congratulations and thanks to the Editors and contributors. Kindest regards to all.

Reginald John WILSONOctober 2018 Frank Maundrell wrote: 
"Reg was, as I recall, the first CBC Regional Manager located in Tamworth.
Reg's appointment was not long after I became Manager at Manilla.  
It meant I now had a local boss who I could readily relate to and could talk to very easily.  
Reg always had good advice. 
Prior to that, bosses were  always "Mr."!
At the time, about 1980, I was a member of the Manilla Pistol Club.  Reg came along to visit on a day we held an annual "Banks v Police" event at our Range. Reg took part and, as I recall, thoroughly enjoyed himself. I don't think Reg contributed significantly to our score. It was a matter of pride on the Police part that they always won anyway!

David Jobson said:  "Nice Bloke was Reg John. Reg was my Regional Manager at one of my branches."
Reg died 18/10/2018 aged 80.

Ray WINSLOWFeb 2006  Congratulations on the content of the CBC website.
I have some photographs of Dubbo branch showing a large signage reading "Celebrating 140 years of service at Dubbo. This is particularly significant to Warren Ebbek`s bind in the newsletter relating to the nab`s reluctance to acknowledge that CBC was launched in 1834.  I also photographed the plaque bearing the message -"FIRST BANK IN DUBBO OPENED FEBRUARY 1865 ETC.."  This means of course that the NAB lads out here in the West have cottoned onto getting some good PR from the earlier founding Bank. Have been informed from their CEO here that this was approved from Sydney Executive.  This would seem to be a newsworthy item so if you will email to me an address I will mail the photos ASAP.
Mentioning newsworthy makes me comment that your latest scribe is a gem.  With best wishes to all.

Harold WOOD

May 2005  Going from the North Coast to the South Coast for a wedding
Ed: bypassing Sydney on the way, no doubt
August 2005
Joan & I will be packing the van for a trip to Port Macquarie and the over the mountains Warialda for the 25th Change Over of the Rotary Club were I was a Charter Member. My how times fly.
Then over to Moree for a few days in the hot pool and then home again.
We can't stay away any longer as we are too involved. I don't know how I ever had time to work.

David WYNDHAMFeb 2011 I found this website during a trawl of Google.
I joined CBC in 1963 and left in 1991. Both my brother, John Ross Wyndham and our father, George Adrian Wyndham, were members of the CBC staff. John is still alive, also lives at Mosman NSW, our father passed away some years ago
I worked in branches and relief staff in NSW and went into administration as an inspector’s clerk then worked as the AGM Branch Banking’s clerk- Vic Martin, then worked as the MD’s clerk- Geoff Bowen and subsequently Vic Martin when he became MD.
I went back to branches-Ashfield as manager then assistant manager Bankstown, then back to HO and into Corporate Banking. I left there in 1991 as I was headhunted into merchant banking- Martin Corporation in 1991 which subsequently changed its name to CIBC Australia. Worked with them here in Australia and also in London and New Zealand. Left to joint ABN Amro Australia then left there to join Societe Generale Australia. Subsequently got into private banking with UBS, Deutsche Bank, St George and ANZ. Currently on gardening leave but for some reason still want to get back into the private bank market and am in conversations with a number of players in this market.
Good to see so many familiar names in the list of the committees executive and of course members of the club.        Regards     David
Ian WRIGHTFeb 2006  I am planning a visit to the UK for a month in May 2006. In August 2006 I am planning to take 4 months long service leave on full pay and 8 months on half pay.
August 2005
still with the National, and have survived the latest round of redundancies. I am now in Tendering, within Sales, Strategy and Service. I enjoyed catching up with a number of members at the CBC Golden Oldies Cricket Club dinner last month

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